01/01/2017 Points West


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the West of England.

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Good evening - the news here in the west tonight.


The cost of crossing the Severn Bridge and Second Severn


Crossing has increased - it's now ?6.70 for cars.


Both bridges are due to pass into public ownership soon,


which could lead to a reduction in toll prices - something home


buyers are responding to, as Catherine Powell reports.


To commemorate the first crossing of the Severn Bridge,


I have great pleasure in unveiling this plaque.


The first bridge was opened by the Queen in 1966.


But for people like these in Chepstow,


who commute into the west, the annual price increase


And my partner does, so we are playing ?13 a day


I train over in Portishead a few nights a week.


It becomes a struggle, getting back and forth,


The Government has already said it could halve the fees to cross


the bridges when they come back into public ownership -


although drivers may have to pay both ways.


Estate agents believe that could result in more people


from the west looking for homes over the bridge.


70 to 80% of all our buyers recently have been


from over the bridge and, of course, that to bridge coming down in price,


people are assuming they are going to be able to work over the bridge


The Government is still considering plans to alter the way


we pay to cross the bridges, and says it will confirm


Now, Clevedon is a popular spot for a bit of cold water swimming -


you might have seen some of the town's keenest on one


Well, today, a group welcomed in the new year


It's a tradition going back 30 years.


But this year it was rather more low-key, as Martin Jones reports.


But for three decades, a New Year's dip in Clevedon seawater has


I fancied something completely different


start the year afresh, so going to jump in and have a dip and


This year, the event was smaller though,


because organisers had pulled out, saying it had grown too big.


I felt the liability was getting too much,


too many people were coming and I just felt there were too many


people who have been drinking overnight and going in the water


I just didn't want that responsibility.


it's a bracing start to the new year.


But it gets rid of the hangover really


And cold is a description everyone seemed to agree with.


To rugby - Tom Varndell became the Premiership's joint-top


try-scorer of all time to help Bristol overcome Sale for a second


And Gloucester Rugby sit 9th after today's 12-13 defeat


To football, a New Year goal-fest at The New Lawn,


Keanu Marsh Brown and Christian Doidge both scored twice.


And Somerset's defending darts champion Gary Anderson has just


booked his place in tomorrow's PDC World Darts Championship final.


Anderson, from Burnham on Sea, is seeking a record third


He beat Peter Wright 6-3 earlier this evening


Well, the bulk of the rain is clearing out towards the south now.


It's still a bit damp towards the south coast.


Further north, we have got largely dry conditions and clearing skies,


so certainly rurally, we could a frost, but most


so certainly rurally, we could see a frost, but most


towns and cities, though, just that little bit above freezing,


so it does mean a chilly start to the day tomorrow but a bright


start and on the whole, a beautiful day.


We should see a lot more sunshine tomorrow than we did this weekend.


Dry, bright, light winds, but it's those temperatures


that you will notice, they are going to be struggling


a little bit so it is going to feel noticeably colder.


And that says has upgraded for a very chilly start


of the day on Tuesday, the Tuesday itself should


Largely dry through most of next week but with more cloud


And that's it, we'll say good night - a very happy new year to you.


We will be back tomorrow. Happy New Year.


For many, New Year's Day was a shocker with all of that rain


around. Tomorrow will be sunny, but it is getting colder. This is rain


clearing from the south-east. These specks of white as snow mixed in


with showers across parts of northern England, particularly


across Scotland, low levels here. I say that they hazard in northern and


eastern areas. I would not rule out slippery areas almost anywhere by


the morning, by which time temperatures will be close to or


below freezing in many places. A bright and sunny start, but still


wintry showers, sliding down the North Sea coast. Some snow down at


quite low levels to the north of Scotland. Here, the snow will turn


to rain. Something milder creeping in off the Atlantic as it clouds


over. Further south, despite that sunshine, it will feel cold. 3-5 is


the best I can offer you, briefly, through the afternoon. Then


temperatures fall away like a stone. Through


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