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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the West of England.

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Good evening. for the late news at 10:10pm.


Police are issuing an appeal for information about an unsolved


Paul Kelly was stabbed to death outside the Longacre Tavern


in the early hours of New Year's Day, 2007.


Now, ten years on, they hope someone might


Ten years ago this pizza place was the Longacre Tavern.


At midnight partygoers here wished each other a happy New Year.


Within hours that goodwill had turned sour.


A fight that broke out inside the pub spilled out


Paul Kelly, a father-of-two, was brutally stabbed.


A decade later, and his murder still hasn't been solved.


Paul Kelly was 32 years old and originally from Glasgow -


his parents travelled to Bath on several occasions


Police say at least 20 people witnessed the fatal stabbing -


but none of them ever identified the killer.


Why are they not coming forward and saying to the police,


I mean, there's a saying in Scotland, "You're


You're doing the honest and decent thing.


In a chilling twist, poems supposedly naming the murderer


Now, ten years on, police hope someone will finally


I would like to think that after ten years those people


know that what they saw, they know how important that is.


And I would stress that even information they are not sure


if it is important to us or not, I would much rather


The murder weapon has never been found.


But officers say with so many witnesses someone


We've reported on the pressure many of our hospitals have


Today a leading GP in the West says doctors surgeries are also


struggling to cope with the number of patients this winter.


The NHS says it s providing more funding and upgrading buildings


and equipment to help with the influx of patients.


But Dr Peter Swinyard from Swindon, who chairs


The Family Doctor Association, says people should try recovering


from a cough or cold at home before visiting their GP.


This sort of unexpectedly nasty cold virus, which means more people


have to be seen by us, is just the straw that is breaking


the camel's back, and it is meaning in some circumstances,


and in some surgeries, that especially where they have


terrible difficulty in recruiting doctors, that they are having to put


off people who are coming in for routine appointments.


Bristol City were in FA Cup third round action at Ashton Gate today,


but face a replay after failing to get past League One


In League One, Ellis Harrison scored four times, including a hat trick


in just seven minutes, as Bristol Rovers trounced


Elsewhere Swindon drew 1-1 at home against Shrewsbury,


And in the National League, Forest Green Rovers


To rugby - victory for Gloucester at Kingsholm this afternoon.


They ran in seven tries to beat Worcester 55-19.


And Bristol picked up a losing bonus point as they lost 32-26


Mitch Eadie and Jason Woodward scored the Bristol tries.


Woodward kicked the rest of Bristol's points.


Finally, the church bells were ringing out across Cirencester


this afternoon to celebrate a moment in history.


It's 250 years to the day since the first peal of the 12 bells


of Cirencester Parish Church took place.


It's the oldest church with that number of bells


12 bell ringers from across the country came this afternoon


to echo the peal of 1767 - each bell rung 5000 times.


Let's check on the weather - here's Holly Green.


It has been pretty grey for today, and unfortunately all of that low


cloud, mist and murk tends to sink its way back down again.


So some poor visibilities for tonight, some splashes of rain


But all of that cloud does act as a blanket,


It keeps us fairly mild with lows of six or seven Celsius,


and a frost-free start to tomorrow morning.


For many of us, though, tomorrow once again starts on this


murky note, a little rain and drizzle in the mix as well.


But I think for tomorrow, fingers crossed, slightly better


chance of seeing some brightness coming through.


Highs getting up to nine or ten Celsius.


Change in store though into the new working week.


A spell of rain come the afternoon and we we'll


Good evening. Our weather can be exciting, just not today. A


predominantly grey day and a murky night to come. If you're on the moon


on the roads, through tonight into the morning, it could be misty and


foggy again in places, especially over the hills, but really just


about anywhere. The cloud is the enough to produce patchy rain or


drizzle, quite a damp night. Clear skies to the Easterling and


anti-stall Scotland and it's here the greatest chance of a touch of


frost, but for most, mild great, dismal start to Sunday morning. The


mist and fog will lift. There will be a few breaks in the cloud, east


of Wales,


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