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First tonight, the family of a Wiltshire teenager


they will continue to work tirelessly to support the Air


Ambulance charity that tried to save her life.


Hundreds of friends and family gathered to celebrate the life


of 14-year-old Hannah Cubin, who died


Paramedics from Wiltshire Air Ambulance tried to save her.


Now, her parents want to raise money and awareness to say thank you.


A candle for a life snuffed out too soon.


But friends and family of Hannah Cubin are determined


something good will come out her death.


Hundreds came to a gathering today to celebrate her life.


Since the 14 year old died last month, over ?50,000 has


Many from anonymous donors to go to the Air Ambulance Service that


We were just totally dumb funded this service existed on public


donations. It is essential, particularly in the countryside.


Her dad has made this video. Hannah was fit and active. She had gone to


a sleepover at friends Just before 11pm,


she stopped breathing. But supporting Wiltshire air


ambulance, the charity which tried so hard to save their daughter gives


them some comfort. It is the huge positive that's come out of the


worst tragedy. It is the only way that we could see going forward,


because it was a dark place without any positivity. Her dad's motorbike


has been renamed, but her memory will live on in her family's


fundraising. Rescue teams in Wales searching


for a missing paramedic from Bristol David Skeen was last


seen on Tuesday. The 51 year old had recently moved


to Wales from the west. The body found hasn't yet been


formally identified but David's family have been informed


of what's happened. The Royal United Hospital in Bath


today renewed an appeal for people to come to A E only


in a real emergency. of demand have put local health


and care services right across the area under


significant pressure. Many of our hospitals have reported


similar challenges as winter bites. The RUH has been rescheduling some


non-urgent appointments and operations, brought in extra


staff, and found extra beds in care homes so frail and elderly patients


can be discharged more quickly. Finally, Somerset explorer


Sir Ranulph Fiennes is preparing to embark on his latest challenge


right now - to climb the highest mountain


in South America. It's the latest adventure


in his ongoing mission to become the first person to cross both Polar


ice caps and climb the highest mountain on each continent -


all to raise money for the charity We spoke to him via


Skype this afternoon, and asked him how things


were shaping up... We're acclimatising for a day, maybe


two days, depending on how we feel, Then we start the really difficult


stuff, if you want to put it that The summit day will be the worst day


of all and it includes a drop immediately below.


near the top, with a 2,000 foot It is just a massive,


massive challenge, and we're so grateful that he's chosen


to do it for Marie Curie. And the fundraising he's


doing is just incredible. It's raised over ?300,000


so far, and so he's just loving the fact that people


are really behind him and supporting Good evening. It is turning


unsettled through the working week. We have some cloud out there. Murky


conditions as well, mist and hill fog as well as rain and drizzle.


Seven or eight Celsius. A grey start to Monday morning. The breeze will


lift up the murk. Eventually something brighter coming


through for western areas, at least. The risk of a few showers. These are


our top temperatures. It will be chillier as the wind comes through.


Turning colder from Thursday, with a risk of something more wintry across


the hills. Good evening. Rain around for all of


us over the next 24-hour. Then it will turn colder later on this week.


There will be frost and some snow around. I must stress this cold


spell will be nothing out of the ordinary and nothing in comparison


to the severe cold that other parts of Europe have experienced over the


last few days. A wet start today for Northern Ireland and Scotland. Wet


and windy. The rain will head its way southwards and eastwards across


the UK during the course of the day. Turning up across the southern and


eastern areas. Not a nice end to the day. Heavy bursts of rain in the


south-east and east Anglia in the afternoon that this is three


o'clock. Still relatively mild. Further north and west it will


brighten up but it will turn chillier as well. Some


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