12/02/2017 Points West

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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the West of England.

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Good evening. on the BBC News Channel,


A new service has been launched in Somerset to reduce hospital


admissions and relieve the pressure on accident and


The scheme involves GPs responding to some 999 calls.


It's one of the first places in the country to try out the idea,


and it's led to 80% of patients being treated at home.


Just to let you know the GP 999 car from Taunton


is online and we're available for any jobs, over.


This is one of two first responders running at the weekend


But they're only sent out to selected emergencies.


Often people with more complicated problems,


such as mental health problems, end of life problems,


or complicated medical conditions which involved a lot of different


It's not long before such a call comes through.


An elderly woman, in a state of confusion.


As a GP, he can do more than a paramedic -


prescribe drugs and look up medical records.


It means he can treat this patient at home.


It's very likely this lady would have been taken


to an emergency department for assessment by the emergency


doctors there, which would have been distressing for her potentially


and might have made her confusion worse.


Then she possibly would have been admitted to hospital.


And, in two months, 80% of those seen by the service


It's improved patient care, good for the use of the resources


in the local NHS, potentially frees up hospital beds for other patients.


It's being funded for another year and extended to weekdays.


In this case, social care took over, leaving GP 999 free


Police are investigating the death of a woman


Police believe she may have been hit by a vehicle.


They're trying to trace it and want to hear from witnesses.


Officers were called to the area an hour previously after reports


of a woman walking in the road, but they couldn't find her.


A vigil was held in Stroud last night for an army gunner


Family and friends of 24-year-old Jack Mitchell gathered


at the Baptist church until the early hours.


He was a gunner based at Larkhill in Wiltshire,


and died following an alleged fight at the Warehouse


Researchers and leading aerospace companies have come together


at the University of the West of England this weekend for a world


For the first time, enthusiasts were flying autonomous drones


controlled by software, not manually from the ground.


The challenge was to build machines and systems that work well


It's been a frustrating weekend of football for our league clubs -


More joy in the National League though.


Bristol City went 3-0 up in the first half at Derby.


Matty Taylor scored his first goal, in red,


But Derby hit back with three of their own, to draw.


Bristol Rovers went in front too, through Chris Lines,


but were pegged back by Bradford and had to settle for a point.


Swindon's poor run continued with an away defeat at Bury.


This penalty in the first half was the only goal of the game.


In League Two, Yeovil looked like they'd got all three points


at Huish Park against Leyton Orient, after Francois Zoko


But the visitors levelled with just two minutes to go.


And Cheltenham lost 2-1 at fellow strugglers Notts County.


This consolation goal three minutes from time was too little, too late.


Finally, Forest Green kept pace with the National League leaders


Gloucester were the only one of our rugby sides


in action yesterday, but were well beaten at Leicester.


The home side ran in three tries and a penalty try to win 34-9.


Defeat ended Gloucester's five-match winning run and left


And finally, Bristol has a brand new site of special


It's a 200 million-year-old cave, far below the streets of Southmead.


Pen Park Hole has a deep lake which supports a nationally


important community of blind shrimps, would you believe!


The BBC's Laura Rawlings has been exploring, braving the tight spaces


It is wow, I've just not got to feel terrified of the enclosed space.


We are in a very enclosed space right now.


I can touch every single bit around me.


And I know that I couldn't just make it out if I wanted to.


And you can follow Laura's journey down under on Inside Out West


Time for a weather check now with Jennifer Bartram.


Quite a cloudy night to come tonight with a few showers


in the forecast at first but, heading through the night,


Temperatures overnight dropping to around two or three degrees


Monday looks much better than we've had over the weekend with plenty


of dry, fine weather and some bright sunshine for a time,


but it will be windy from the east, taking the edge off


the temperatures, which should get up to ten or 11 in some spots.


The rest of the week looks like it will stay mild.


There will be a few showers in the forecast


The wind easing down by the end of the week.


We're back after the Baftas tonight, later than usual.


Good evening, dull, grey, cold, miserable. And that's just me! The


weather hasn't been great leader for most of us, it will be chilly out


there with this nagging easterly breeze, wetter weather for Northern


Ireland, by the end of the night most of the dampness across parts of


Eastern Scotland and North East England, most of the high ground


Luus will have faded away as well. But not warm, another chilly