12/02/2017 Points West


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the West of England.

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The news here in the West tonight and first, a new service has been


launched in Somerset to reduce hospital admissions and relieve


the pressure on accident and emergency departments.


The scheme involves GPs responding to some 999 calls.


It's one of the first places in the country to try out the idea


and it's led to 80% of those patients being treated at home.


The GP 999 is online and we are available for any jobs.


This is one of two first responders running at the weekend


But they're only sent out to selected emergencies.


People with more complicated problems such as mental health


problems," life problems all medical conditions that involve ongoing


health problems. It's not long before such


a call comes through. An elderly woman in


a state of confusion. As a GP, he can do more


than a paramedic - prescribe drugs and look


up medical records. It means he can treat


this patient at home. This lady would have been taken to


an emergency Department for an assessment by the emergency doctors


there, which would have been distressing for her and might have


made her confusion worse and then she possibly would have been


admitted from there. And in two months, 80%


of those seen by the service It has improved patient care, good


for the use of the re-sources in the local NHS potentially, frees up


hospital beds for other patients. Leaving GP 999 free


to respond to another call. Police are investigating


the death of a woman Police believe she may have


been hit by a vehicle - they're trying to trace it


and want to hear from witnesses. Officers were called to the area


an hour previously after reports of a woman walking in the road,


but they couldn't find her. A vigil was held in Stroud last


night for an army gunner Family and friends of 24-year-old


Jack Mitchell gathered at the baptist church


until the early hours. He was based at Larkhill


in Wiltshire and died following an alleged fight


at the Warehouse Researchers and leading aerospace


companies have come together at the University of the West


of England this weekend for a world first


drone-racing competition. For the first time, enthusiasts


were flying autonomous drones controlled by software,


not manually from the ground. The challenge was to build machines


and systems that work well And finally, Bristol has


a brand new site of special Pen Park Hole has a deep lake


which supports a nationally important community of blind


shrimps, would you believe! The BBC's Laura Rawlings


has been exploring, braving the tight spaces


for Inside Out West. It is well. I just have not got to


feel terrified of this very closed space. I can touch every single bit


around me. I know that I couldn't make it out if I wanted to, Kizzire


don't know the direction. And you can follow Laura's journey


down under on Inside Out West, Time for a weather check now


with Jennifer Bartram. Quite a cloudy night to come up with


the few showers for a time. Gradually as we head through the


night, the showers will fade away. Quite a breeze blowing from the east


and temperatures overnight down to three degrees. Tomorrow morning we


should see plenty of dry and fine weather but it will be windy. That


easterly wind blowing throughout the day, temperatures of ten or 11


degrees but with the wind it will feel cold. The rest of the week we


stay fairly mild with temperatures in double figures. Plenty of bright


spells. The wind dying down by the end of the week. We are back


tomorrow morning. Thank you for watching. Good night.


I'm sure most of us are glad to see the back of this weekend. It's been


cold, bleak and at times wintry. It provided some beautiful weather


Watchers photos, like Sheffield earlier today. I suspect some of the


lying snow will be blown around by strong winds starting to develop.


The odd spot of drizzle into the far north-east. The wind strengthening


here. Already signs of something a little bit miles, temperatures


climbing up.