18/02/2017 Points West


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the West of England.

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A protest march has taken place in the centre of Bristol today


against the ?100 million of cuts


Councillors will vote on a final savings plan -


Cody may only be four years old but the message


People here are bemused why a Labour mayor


is overseeing budget cuts of more than a 100 million pounds


over the next five years while an expensive arena is being built.


If he wants a more equal and a fairer city as he campaigned


on then he has to refuse to make these cuts, services people in this


city rely upon cannot stand the strain these cuts will put


It's tragedy. protest on a smaller scale


Here this local centre could be shut in the cuts.


It's a place people pay their rent money and meet


If it closes down people tell me they're worried


It will revert back to the old days of the 90s when it just gonna be


left derelict and people get so disheartened that's when problems


It was a no-go area years ago we don't want it to go back.


nobody wanted to help, not even doctors.


I came to this place they got me a food bank to give me


The nearest centre like this with machines people can use to pay


rent for their council homes is in the city centre.


Bus prices are extortionate, why should I have to pay an extra ?4


to go to central Bristol to pay my rent?


It's basically putting my rent up by another ?4.


are to blame for the cuts and if he doesn't make savings now,


the city could fall off a financial cliff.


Two international rugby stars - the Vunipola brothers -


returned to their first rugby club today to thank them


for kick-starting their careers.Mako and Billy answered questions


and then led a training session at the Thornbury Rugby Football Club.


That was where their talent was first spotted.


Thornbury were probably the first club to give us that platform


to push on to higher and the good things and it's always nice to come


back and show our face and the fact that they'd played a big role


It's good because they are coming back to their old team and he's


really inspiring me to be an England player.


We are both very proud of the boys doing this and giving something back


to the community as a thank you and make people happy.


On to rugby and big afternoon for Bath -


they beat Quins 22 points to 12 at the Rec.


Max Clark scored Bath's only try, Rhys Priestland kicked


Bristol conceded eight tries as they lost 50


Rob Hawkins and Jamal Ford-Robinson scored Bristol's tries.


To football - in League One, Billy Bodin scored a late equaliser


to earn Bristol Rovers a point away at Port Vale.


Meanwhile, Swindon drew 0-0 against Oldham at the County Ground.


Gary Johnson was up against the club where


he enjoyed so much success - Yeovil Town - in League 2


And his Cheltenham side earned a precious


three-points thanks to second half goals from Tin Plavotic


And in the National League, Forest Green failed


to close the gap on the leaders as they were beated 3-1 by Gateshead.


Finally, a Bristol artist is the brains behind a huge treasure


hunt up in Scunthorpe that started today - Luke Jerram has created five


golden works of art which have been hidden around the town.


To find and keep one, would-be code breakers need to study


paintings at a local arts centre which have encrypted


The gold objects are worth a thousand pounds or more each!


Time for a weather check - here's Bee Tucker!


Some of us have been lucky enough to see some sunshine today


and it's been mild and as it heads through tonight, we will


keep quite a lot of cloud cloud, it will tend to lower so we'll see


perhaps some mist, some hill fog, perhaps a bit of drizzle, too.


Temperatures similar to last night, many places getting down as low


as six or 7 degrees and that does mean, tomorrow, quite a grey start.


I think the cloud will be thick, low, some mist.


Fairly poor visibility and I think the cloud


will always be thick enough, particularly


towards the West for a little bit of light rain and drizzle.


Not as much sunshine, compared with this afternoon


It is staying mild as we head into next week.


An awful lot of cloud about, it could give some light rain


at times and those winds pick up, as well.


It has been a mild day to day and some of us have seen some spring


sunshine. Blue skies and sunshine here above the River Thames. It has


not been sunny everywhere, though. We have got more cloud around across


more northerly parts of the country. Some rain to come tonight across


Scotland and northern England, all clearing away by the time we get to


Sunday morning. And it will be


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