19/02/2017 Points West


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the West of England.

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Good evening. on the BBC News Channel,


First tonight, some Bristol Rovers fans have


complained about heavy-handed stewarding and policing at


Others have told the BBC how police used pepper spray on the crowds


and one man with MS claims he was forced to the ground


We've contacted Port Vale and Staffordshire Police


for a response - so far we've heard nothing back.


We'll have more on this in the ten o'clock news.


An investigation is underway after a man was found in Bristol


with serious injuries - he later died in hospital.


He was discovered yesterday in the Pennywell Road area.


Police are treating his death as unexplained


There's been criticism of the Government for delays


in creating the role of metromayor for the West of England.


Voters in Bristol, South Gloucestershire and Bath


and North East Somerset will go to the polls in May.


But the legislation has only just gone through Parliament.


On the streets of the West, campaigning's under way.


Labour brought in shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell,


to help their candidate Lesley Mansel.


It came days after Parliament formally approved the creation of a


My Lords this order brings to life the Devolution


Bill which the Government agreed with the West of England


Powers will include transport, with the


Liberal Democrats keen to focus on railways.


But they have got little time to get their message across.


It does present a big logistical challenge,


particularly as it is such an enormous area.


For the individual candidates, whether it's


me as a Liberal Democrat, or the other party candidates,


this will be the biggest challenge that any


individual has faced in the whole history of west country politics.


Voters know little, some confuse it with the new metro bus system.


I don't know anything about metromayor.


Just made a real mess at the moment about metromayor.


The candidates have ten weeks to enlighten voters.


It is a very large region, covers over 900,000 people,


nine constituencies, three major councils,


so when we look at like that it shows how significant and


So, yes, there is a lot of work to get out


there and meet as many people and talk to as many people as we can.


All parties are stepping up their campaigns to tell people what's


happening, but perhaps what will make the biggest impact is the


information booklet being planned by local councils.


It will include details of who is standing and


It will go out to all voters a few weeks before polling


Onto football - here's a look at all the weekend's goal action.


Swindon were held to a goalless draw with Oldham. Despite having the best


of the chances. This shot in the 90th minute was just off target.


Bristol drew with port Vale. Cheltenham beat Yeovil two anyone.


Forest Green's were beaten at Gateshead.


Judd Trump is battling away in the final of the Welsh Open


Going into the evening session, Bingham is leading Trump


by 5 frames to 3 in the best of 17 contest in Cardiff.


He raced into a 4-0 lead, before Trump, the world number four, fought


winning a dramatic eighth frame on the pink to cut


There were more dogs than usual on the Bristol to Bath cycle path


this weekend as a charity fundraiser practiced his challenge


to walk a hundred miles with a hundred different dogs.


Marc Aplin begins his non-stop dogwalk


It's to raise money for dog rescue centres, where he says twenty dogs


a day are put to sleep in the UK because there are not enough


I think it's going to be tough, I think it will be quite mentally


tough. I hope that every mile the incentive of meeting a new dog I


think will keep me going. And Marc is still on the look out for more


dogs to help him with his challenge. Time for a look at the forecast


as we look ahead to a brand new week A few breaks in the cloud today.


Further mist and fog patches tonight. For most dry, but murky.


Temperatures mild down at eight or nine degrees. Tomorrow, it is a grey


start, with some mist and low cloud. There will be the odd spot of


drizzle. But in the afternoon the cloud could lift and break and it


could be one of the mildest days we have seen for some time. Some spots


could hit 14 degrees. It stays mild but breezy through the week.


Finally congratulations to Joan and Ken here -


We featured their love story on Points West.


Both in their 80s, they met in 1975 in


Gloucester City Centre - Ken was homeless at the time,


and Joan took him under her wing when she found him


We're back later on in the Ten O'Clock News - join us again.


on and on. It is because of the direction of the wind. Tomorrow's


temperatures might be higher than today by a couple of degrees. There


has been a lot of cloud. But we had some lovely pictures coming in. Some


sunshine, but predominantly the clouds have been -- the skies have


been cloudy. This will continue as well as a smattering of rain. For


all those reasons it isn't going to be a cold night. In fact a night's


temperatures will be higher than the daytime maximum averages for this


time of year. A murky grey start in the morning. Hill and coastal fog.


Rainfall western Scotland and Northern Ireland and a real


buffeting from the winds. East of the Grampians could be particularly


nasty on the


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