19/02/2017 Points West


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the West of England.

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Bristol Rovers' chairman has called for a full investigation


into the conduct of police and stewards at the match


At least two fans ended up in hospital, as Lee Madan reports.


Violence in the away end at Vale Park.


I think it's disgraceful that a steward is punching supporters.


These images were filmed by Bristol Rovers fans.


It just got more and more aggressive and hostile as the game went on.


What started as a row over a lack of a seating soon escalated.


By the 60th minute of the match several had been hurt,


Stewards are meant to be there to act safely and in a safe


manner protecting the fans, but when you're throwing punches


and headbutting a woman, I think that's totally unacceptable.


After the match problems continued outside.


This is Andy Williams - who has MS - and got caught up in the chaos.


I came out the ground and policeman swung this person round and hit me


in the chest and I went down and cracked my head


People have been sprayed with pepper spray and they were their eyes


St John's Ambulance were rinsing their eyes out with water.


Tonight Bristol Rovers chairman called for a full investigation


into the conduct of stewards and the police.


We'll do our damnedest to make sure it never happens again.


You don't go on a Saturday to watch a game of football


and support your team and end up being pushed


to the floor and punched and headbutted and pepper-sprayed.


So it's something you never want to hear.


The BBC has asked Staffordshire Police and Port Vale Football Club


Steve Hamer wants a full report from them on his desk by Thursday.


There's been criticism of the government for delays


in creating the role of our local metro-mayor.


Voters in Bristol, South Gloucestershire and Bath


and North East Somerset go to the polls in May.


But legislation has only just gone through Parliament.


On the streets of the West, campaigning's under way.


Labour brought in Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell,


to help their candidate Lesley Mansel.


It came days after Parliament formally approved the creation of a


Powers will include transport, with the


Liberal Dems keen to focus on railways.


But they've got little time to get their message across.


For the individual candidates, whether it's


me as a Liberal Democrat, or the other party candidates,


this will be the biggest challenge that any individual


has faced in the whole history of west country politics.


Voters know little, some confuse it with the new Metro bus system.


Metro-mayor. Not metro-mayer.


Just made a real mess at the moment about metro-mayor.


The candidates have ten weeks to enlighten voters.


It's a very large region, covers over 900,000 people,


nine constituencies, three major councils,


so when we look at like that it shows how significant and


All parties are stepping up their campaigns to tell people what's


happening, but perhaps what will make the biggest impact is the


information booklet being planned by local councils.


It will include details of who is standing and


It will go out to all voters a few weeks before polling day in May.


Paul Barltrop, BBC Points West, Bristol.


There were a fair few extra dogs on the Bristol to Bath cycle path


this weekend where a charity fundraiser was in training


to walk a hundred miles with a hundred different dogs.


Marc Aplin begins his non-stop dogwalk


It's to raise money for dog rescue centres, where he says 20 dogs


a day are put to sleep in the UK because there are not enough


And he's still looking for would-be companions!


It's already rather murky out there, we've got widespread mist,


low cloud, hill fog and I think we'll see a bit of light rain


and drizzle over the next few hours, too.


So a murky night but a very mild night.


These are the values we'd expect by day.


Temperatures tonight getting down to eight or nine degrees.


That sets us up for another grey start to the day tomorrow again.


Cloud will be thick enough, mainly over the higher ground,


There should be some breaks, partiuclarly


into the afternoon we should see some decent bright spells.


A very mild day, one or two spots could well hit 14 degrees.


I think it will stay mild, certainly for the first part of this week.


A lot of cloud, though, and those winds tend to pick up


with some outbreaks of light rain at times.


Thanks for watching, have a great week.


Good evening. It has felt more like spring and winter this weekend. We


had 14 Celsius in North Yorkshire today, purely down to the wind


direction. The south-westerly will continue to bring in mild there on


Monday. If anything, temperatures will be a little higher. It does


come with a lot of cloud, and already, it is misty out


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