25/02/2017 Points West


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Three men have appeared in court after police discovered a cannabis


factory in a disused nuclear bunker in Wiltshire.


They've been charged with drug and slavery offences.


Police raided the bunker on Wednesday night, acting,


Inside they found 20 large rooms kitted out with equipment to help


grow cannabis and places for people to sleep.


Today, in court, three men appeared charged


30-year-old Ross Winter from Bristol,


45-year-old Martin Fillery from Bridgwater


and 27-year-old Plamen Nguyen from Bristol.


The three men are also charged with conspiracy to keep a person


in slavery or servitude and conspiracy to steal electricity.


The nuclear bunker in the wiltshire countryside was built in the 1980s


to house government officials in the event of a nuclear attack.


It's no longer owned by the Ministry of Defence.


Police said the cannabis inside had a street value of around ?1 million.


None of the three men made any application for Bale and all were


They will next appear at Salisbury Magistrates Court


A petition has been set up calling for a pedestrian crossing


at a Swindon junction where a woman died this week.


The 32-year-old woman from north Swindon died after being hit


by a road sweeper outside Arkells Brewery on Beechcroft Road.


It happened on Thursday afternoon as she was on her way


Now, more 1,500 people have signed an online petition calling


for a pedestrian crossing at the busy crossroads.


There are just over 1,500 signatures so far which is amazing.


Justin Tomlinson, the MP for North Swindon has been in touch


also on my Facebook page to say that Councillor Keith Williams


who is the councillor for highways and roads I believe in Swindon


is on the ball and hoping to get something done.


Olympic champion Lizzy Yarnold has won bronze at the Skeleton World


The 28-year-old, who trains at the University of Bath,


was fastest in the first of today's two runs to climb


She then held her position in the final run.


Lizzy returned to competition in December after taking a year


out and will attempt to retain her Olympic title


This is what the whole two years has been about,


coming back and this major stepping stone to the top three.


I'm on the verge of crying but it means more than I can


All our football teams have been in action today Bristol City fans


made the long trip to league leaders Newcastle managing to draw 2-2.


In League One, Bristol Rovers were at home to Scunthorpe


but could only pull off a 1-1 drawer.


In League Two, Cheltenham managed 1-0 away to Leyton Orient.


But it was a no-score draw for Yeovil away to Notts County.


In rugby, Bristol winger Amy Wilson-Hardy scored a try


as England women beat Italy in the Six Nations.


Amy, who was one of seven Bristol players in the match day squad,


England eventually won 29-15 to make it three wins out of three and top


Let's get the weather now with Dan Downs.


Staying mild but often breezy for the weekend. Rain crosses the region


this evening. Behind that a lot of low cloud and hill fog. Tomorrow,


maybe one or two holes in the crowd and maybe some brightness but for


most cloudy morning and showers around, ahead of more rain in the


afternoon. Still fairly mild. We hold wind, though. Gusting to 40 mph


in exposed areas. Colder for the start of next week and turning and


settled on Monday. Sunny spells and heavy showers and maybe some hail


and thunder as well. Staying at -- quite breezy also.


That's all from the Points West team for now.


For now, from me, have a lovely evening.


Good evening. Starting with a quick look at the satellite sequence from


earlier. We started under a big blanket of cloud but Scotland and


Northern Ireland brightened up as the day went off. Underneath the


cloud in England and Wales, quite a bit of rain at the moment, drifting


southwards and East. It will continue to do so. In the small


hours the rain will become patchy, and most will give way to the


continent. There will be some breaks, particularly to the East of


Scotland, where there could be a touch of frost. Next batch of rain


into the western side of Scotland first thing, moving east with a


little snow over higher ground. Another pulse of rain coming towards


the Irish Sea area and with that comes really strong winds, blowing a


gale, and into Scotland it could get to 50, 60 mph. A lot of rain to go


with that but not too much for East Anglia and the south-east,


relatively mild. Double digits in Twickenham for the six


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