05/03/2017 Points West


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the West of England.

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First tonight, burglary is on the rise again


in Avon and Somerset and in Wiltshire.


In recent years there's been a downward trend,


but latest figures are showing an increase in some areas.


Here's our Home Affairs Correspondent Charlotte Callen.


We have been doing some revisits on burglary visits today.


This is real neighbourhood policing, the kind the public


These police officers are responding to another report


They are determined to catch a man or woman,


All services are having to deal with less but burglary


But it is also about the public helping us in taking a bit


of responsibility for themselves by making sure their


Even if you try the odd front door, they are always open,


so it is a polite reminder for people to review their security.


Avon and Somerset have seen a 36% increase in burglaries.


But in Gloucestershire, the figures are down by 10%.


An increase in crime has put pressure on local teams like these.


All our forces say they are feeling pressure of years of


The thin blue line is being stretched ever further here.


20% of their budget has been cut since 2010.


They also say they have fewer front line officers than other similar


forces because of the way funding is shared out.


Wilts police also claimed the Government's funding


formula is bad for them, meaning they can't afford as many


And like in Avon and Somerset, both Wilts police and Gloucestershire


police have seen real terms cut backs in their funding.


These two are off to meet another family who have been burgled.


This kind of policing remains a priority for many.


The consultation on proposals to make changes to the A303 past


The controversial plan is to create a tunnel past the ancient monument -


it's part of a ?2 billion government scheme to upgrade


sections of the road - campaigners say a tunnel could do


irreparable damage to the historic landscape.


Laurie Fisher's future as head coach at Gloucester Rugby is in doubt


after he referred to "making room for someone else"


It follows Saturday's dramatic 30-27 defeat by Harlequins at Kingsholm.


The club says it's aware of the tweet but can't comment further.


Bristol's bid for Aviva Premiership survival suffered a crushing blow


at Sixways as their relegation rivals Worcester cruised


There were three tries from Bristol - including this -


Tom Varndell caught up the intercept to run in from 70 metres,


but the damage had long been done - Bristol now seven points adrift


A mixed martial arts fighter from Somerset has won the biggest


Mark Godbeer from Bridgwater scored a unanimous judges' decision


in a one sided contest against American Daniel Spitz at


the Ultimate Fighting Championship 209 event in Las Vegas


The former plasterer has already excelled on the British circuit -


Finally a look ahead to an Inside Out West item


coming up tomorrow - meeting the family of


a Bristol-based playwright, who have come from Canada


Alfred Fagon was also a poet and actor - he was honoured


for his accomplishments with a statue in the


He also has a prestigious award named after him.


His family said visiting the memorial was a truly


guess the true cliche is you are bigger than yourself after you die.


And this is a true testament to the legacy of Alfred Fagan.


Good evening. We have seen all sorts today. Some rain, some hail, some


snow and even a bit of sunshine. Things are calming down for the most


part but still a bit damp in some eastern counties overnight and some


showers in the western side of Scotland with a touch of frost


already here. And another weather system bring rain and snow towards


the south-west by dawn, it's quite chilly 3-5 will be fairly typical. A


little snow to be had over the tops of the moors in the south-west of


England but generally a lot of rain. Not a great commute. Some might


fringe nooted south of Wales. But generally speaking through Wales,


Midlands, and south-east a reasonable start. Although for many


eastern counties a fair bit of cloud and pockets of light rain and


drizzle. Further west that bit brighter. A decent start in Northern


Ireland. Maybe a


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