11/03/2017 Points West


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the West of England.

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Good evening. Eddie Jones, about to win the Six


First tonight, more than 60 prisoners


were evacuated from a jail in Dorset last night after a large fire


It's believed he climbed onto the roof of HMP Guys Marsh,


near Shaftesbury, after complaining about a change


The fire began around eight last night.


We understand a lone prisoner climbed onto the roof,


ripped off some tiles and then took off his clothes


64 prisoners in the block affected were taken


Emergency services were called and the prisoner was brought down


He has not been arrested and the police have described this


Guys Marsh houses some 600 prisoners,


Last year, mobile phone pictures appeared showing


inmates enjoying alcohol, drugs and steak dinners that


At the last inspection in 2015, inspectors said the prison staff


here had all but lost control and the prison was in crisis.


They said that gangs operating openly and that


there was a very high level of violence associated with the drug


50 fires are reported each week at prisons in England and Wales,


Opposition politicians blame cuts in prison staff.


One of the biggest and quickest things they


need to do is get prison officers in.


Whilst they are trying to recruit them, they are not


A member of the independent monitoring board at Guys Marsh


told us that the arrival of a new governor last month


and extra funding had led to improvements.


She described this incident as sad and not reflective of what's now


Police are hunting a hooded man after a female shop assistant


in Swindon was threatened with a knife.


Officers say they were called to Tesco Express in Abbey Mead


last night after a man, armed with what looked like


He then left the store with some cash and went left into Elstree Way.


An airline which operated from Gloucestershire Airport


CityWing offered flights to the Isle of Man, Belfast, Jersey,


The firm which flies planes for the company, Van Air,


lost it's route licenses last month, and CityWing says it's been hard


All CityWing fights from today have been cancelled,


advice about ticket refunds will be released soon.


To football, in their crucial match at the bottom of the Championship,


Aden Flint scored an 88th minute winner as Bristol City edged past


And Bristol Rovers also celebrating after seeing off


Southend 2-0 at the Mem, Billy Bodin and Rory Gaffney


with the goals as Rovers close the gap on the top six.


Also in League 1, Swindon's Bradley Barry was sent off


as they lost 3-2 at Port Vale, a result that sees them drop


Yeovil won 3-1 away at Morecambe in League two.


Cheltenham were beaten 2-0 by leaders Doncaster.


And in the National League, Forest Green Rovers lost 2-1


at Dagenham and Redbridge, Christian Doige with their goal.


Harpury College Rugby are championship bound


after becoming the National League Division One Champions


and Bristol Ladies' Danielle Waterman played her part


in England Women's 64 points to zero win over Scotland Women


with her 25th try in 25 Six Nations tests.


Not to mention Bath's Jonathan Joseph's hat trick for England.


A runner from Somerset will have completed 15 half marathons in a row


between now and tomorrow morning and then he plans to do another one!


Johnny Reynolds, from Radstock, has been running to raise


Today he was in Glastonbury and Bristol and tomorrow he'll


finish off with the Bath Half to make it a record breaking 16


Good luck to everyone packing in the carbohydrates tonight,


the Bath Half will involve some road and footpath closures from 9.45


until mid afternoon, full details of those on the


GWR trains will run more services to cope with extra


Here's Holly Green with all you need to know.


We have outbreaks of rain coming our way, but we have got


Overnight tonight our cloud is lowering.


It is giving us mistiness, coastal fog, as well as some


Temperatures generally 8 or 9 degrees as we


head into tomorrow morning and there is a bit of a murky, damp start to


We see some sunshine coming out for a time, but around


the middle of the day, around lunchtime, another weak weather


front comes in bringing us thicker cloud and a few spots of rain.


For a time around the middle of the day,


before a game skies tend to Brighton later on in the afternoon.


Temperatures will be a bit lower than today because the air's bit


Sunshine for Monday, but cloudy after that.


We're back tomorrow with another update for you, enjoy your evening


Good evening. Some of us managed to get some decent weather today, not


everybody but some of us. Lovely picture from a weather watcher in


Northern Ireland, Enniskillen, and in Northern Ireland we have the


warmest day of the year for Northern Ireland, 16 Celsius. The Southeast a


little warmer weather cloud broke up, 18 Celsius, but we have also had


some light rain, and if anything this coming even in the clouds will


thicken up again in some areas, so for a number of us it is going to be


a cloudy and damp night. Mild at around nine or 10 degrees. Tomorrow,


a mix of a day, rain in the morning across


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