12/03/2017 Points West


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the West of England.

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Good evening. stories on the BBC News Channel.


First tonight, search and rescue teams have been


training in Wiltshire this weekend in a huge exercise to


test how they respond to a missing-person operation.


Recent figures show police in England and Wales receive


a call every 90 seconds about a missing person.


This is a mock up of a search for a high-risk missing person.


He's a 46-year-old man with a history of depression.


The police have traced him here, Coate Water Park in Swindon.


More than 100 members of the emergency services


and voluntary organisations have been called out.


They are searching land and also this vast expanse of


water, this huge lake here in the park.


To narrow down such a search, they rely on statistics and research.


One in five missing people have mental health problems.


We are using an international database to look at what they are


likely to go in the areas they are likely to be found in.


We can target resources in the right place as best


Calls about missing people are rising.


Wiltshire's Chief Constable is the national police


There is a lot more people who are trying to pull young,


vulnerable people away from their families.


There are certainly more pressures on people in society.


The hardships of people living in deprivation, suffering from


financial burdens, that all adds up to a toxic mix of pressures on our


society and that is probably the reason why we see a huge


increase in the number of missing people.


With a higher demand on rescue teams, they're aiming


In this practise exercise, the fake subject's found just in time.


They hope as a result real lives will be saved in the future.


Police in Wiltshire have launched a murder inquiry after a man


in his twenties was fatally injured in a serious assault in Trowbridge.


It happened in the early hours of this morning


in the Timbrell Street area near Trowbridge Community Hospital -


a friend with him also received minor injuries.


Police are calling for any information.


A rugby player from Cheltenham who was told he would never walk


again after a tackle left him with a broken neck,


24-year-old Zac France was playing for the Cheltenham Phoenixes


He also suffered a bleed on the brain.


He was paralysed from the neck down but with tremendous


determination and training, he's back playing


I have played rugby since I was six years old and I can't imagine my


all the time and I was in hospital. all the time and I was in hospital.


Talk about it my family every day. And you can find out


more about Zac's journey And more than 15,000 runners took


on the Bath Half today. The fast flat course makes it


one of the most popular Cool and dry, perfect conditions


for trainers on tarmac! There were a record number


of charity fundraisers this year, This year's winning woman


was from Wiltshire. To have all this crowd here,


the shouting, the clapping, I can't It makes you feel like you have


to crack on, finish the race and hopefully inspire some younger


female athletes to go out and give It was the end of a 200 mile


challenge for one Bristol man. John started on Thursday and has run


15 half marathons in a row! Very, very tired, but so happy


and I've met so many happy But with more people managing


to finish the race than expected Organisers have apologised


and promise they will Here's the late


forecast now with Holly. After having quite a cloudy day,


it'd actually clearing up Starry skies overhead


and a dry night on the way. It actually gets quite


chilly, we could get some spots getting a touch


of frost perhaps. Although although these


are typical temperatures in Certainly, a nippier start


for tomorrow morning then we have Good spells of sunshine to be had,


but gradually a bit more cloud. So some hill, coastal,


sea fog a possibility. It is mild, we are looking


at highs of around 14 or 15 As we head into Tuesday


and Wednesday, more cloud, A bit damp, but mostly


dry and staying mild. We're back tomorrow,


have a great week! But from all of us here,


have a good night. Good evening. For many places it was


a fairly cloudy day on suspend but there was sunshine for western areas


during the afternoon, and here are the clear skies at sunset in


Northern Ireland. Thanks to weather watcher Robin for this picture,


those clear skies have been making their way further east ward.


Temperatures are dropping away, we have seen temperatures of freezing


in parts of Northern Ireland. More cloud rolling in during the latter


part of the night but towns and cities down the five and six m the


countryside many of us will see the temperatures a degree or so above


freezing, so a slight touch of frost across the rural parts of England


and Wales for instance, Scotland too. We will see more cloud on


Monday edging south-east wards across England and Wales, the far


south and south-east holding on to more in the way of sunshine and here


the highest temperatures 15 or 16, also


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