18/03/2017 Points West


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the West of England.

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Pressure's mounting for tighter controls on wild boar in the Forest


of Dean after villages and towns have had their parks and playing


pitches ripped up by the animals rooting about for food


The Forestry Commission says a record number is being culled,


but some residents complain it's not enough to reduce


The Forestry Commission estimates there are now more than 1,500 wild


That's a tenfold increase in less than a decade.


The green fields of Edge End, the latest to become


the boars using their snouts to rip up the football pitch


Pretty much all over this football pitch.


So, the local community has got together and we'll see what we can


Removing the torn turf, raking in top soil and reseeding,


but a solution divides the community.


There are those who are pro- and anti-cull.


Others favour a fenced off area within the forest


But why not just fence off the playing area?


It would be a shame really to fence off such a beautiful area


Other green spaces, including a graveyard


in Cinderford, have suffered recently.


Locals hope the widespread damage will prompt a stronger response


from the authorities about how to control


-- for dinner. for sinner at Edge End anytime.


More than 100 soldiers from Wiltshire have arrived


The 5th Battalion the Rifles, based at Bulford Camp on Salisbury Plain,


are the first of 800 UK troops that will eventually be deployed.


The Nato operation is to reassure its eastern European members that


they'll be defended in case of any aggression from Russia.


Police are still questioning an 18-year-old man on suspicion


It follows the death of 25-year-old Jordan Taylor from Hilperton,


who died from stab wounds last weekend after he and


Police have also urged people not to speculate on social media


To football and Bristol City fought their way out


of the relegation zone in style last night after producing one


of their best performances of the season, beating Huddersfield


Lee Tomlin opened the scoring before Tammy Abraham here made it 2-0


in first half stoppage time - his 22nd goal of the season.


Aden Flint superbly flicked in City's third before


Bristol Rovers are just three points off the League One play-off places


after beating Chesterfield 2-1 at the Mem.


Clark and Gaffney scored for the home side inside


Swindon conceded twice in the last six minutes to lose at Bradford.


Nicky Ajose looked to have won the game for Swindon before


the home side fought back, leaving them third from bottom.


Cheltenham, without Gary Johnson as he recovers from heart surgery,


lost 1-0 at home to Cambridge, but Yeovil equalised in the 74th


minute to get a point against ten-man Accrington.


And, in the National League, Forest Green won 3-0


at home against Wrexham to keep their promotion hopes alive.


Finally, they've been celebrating wild daffodils at Kempley


The small native daffodils that grow freely in fields and woods


all around the area have been celebrated for decades.


This weekend, visitors have been able to take part in organised walks


The daffodil festival continues at nearby Oxenhall next month.


Time for a weather check and, with the latest, here's Dan Downs.


A cloudy and breezy weekend so far with some fog and mist patches


around. Outbreaks of rain and drizzle as well. Tomorrow starts off


much the same. Rather cloudy with outbreaks of light rain and drizzle


at times. One or two brighter breaks a possibility but most hold onto


cloud and brisk winds. Temperatures are fairly mild. Not a great deal of


change into Monday but by Tuesday it turns colder. Brightness with heavy


showers. We're back with an update


tomorrow evening. Hello, the mild areas going to be


with us into next week. Things set to be cooler with a return to


overnight frost for some. This evening and overnight will be mild


across the board, a messy picture, looks


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