19/03/2017 Points West


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the West of England.

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Good evening. Jose Mourinho jumping for joy


A scaffolder from Somerset who had to have his hands and a leg


amputated after being electrocuted at work has told his brother


he won t be giving up on his sporting ambitions.


Jamie Mines is recovering in hospital after the


His family were speaking at a football fundraiser for him,


Former Bristol City star Scott Murray in action in Frome today.


And one time Man City and Rovers midfielder Martin Phillips.


In all 12 teams - with one thing in common.


Jamie Mines has played for all of them.


Once called the "goal machine" - he has become so tragically


I played with him a few times. He used to score three or four every


game. He is a pretty solid bloke. It is going to knock him back quite a


bit, but he will get through it. The accident in Swindon


last December is still Jamie is being treated


at a hospital in Oxford. Where he's undergoing four


hours of physio a day. It is amazing. He has talked to me


about the Paralympics and things. We had a few interesting chats about


breaking Oscar Pistorius's records. What matters most right now to Jamie


are those closest to him. When I bring in the twins he is so


happy. Considering it was only a few weeks ago he was in a coma, it is


happy and smiling. He can do most happy and smiling. He can do most


wings now without prosthetics. When he has then, he's going to be


normal, he will be fine. More than ?100,000 has


already been raised. And former school mate


Jenson Button's donated this Grand The goal machine may be


missed on the pitch. But his team mates will


always be there for him. A Trowbridge man has been charged


with the murder of Jordan Taylor - Jordan died from stab


wounds in the early hours of last Sunday morning -


and there's been a large police presence in the town


over the past week. Eighteen year old Hayden Maslen


remains in custody tonight - he'll appear before


Swindon magistrates tomorrow. A string of cash machines were


vandalised overnight in Bristol. Half a dozen in the Westbury


on Trym, Henbury, Brentry and Southmead areas were struck


with a blunt instrument A man's been arrested and police


are still appealing for witnesses. To football - we've celebrated


Bristol City's fantastic 4-0 defeat of Huddersfield on Friday -


here's a look at this First-half goals from Lee Clark and


Tariq Gaffney were enough to earn Bristol Rovers victory over


Chesterfield. They're just three points off the League 1 play-off


places. Swindon conceded twice in the last six minutes to Luther


Bradford. They look to have won the game with this, before the home side


fought back, leading them third from bottom. Cheltenham, who were without


manager Gary Johnson as he recovers from heart surgery, almost scored in


the opening minute against Cambridge. The visitors intervened


and took and held the lead with their first attack. Yeovil equalised


in the 74th minute to get a point against ten man Acklington. Forest


Green moved level on points with National League leaders Lincoln


city, after a comfortable home win over Wrexham. Felt from Dale


Bennett, Liam Noble and Kristian Deutsch.


Bristol artist Luke Jerram's 'museum of the moon'


artwork has been installed in the Wills Memorial Building


to welcome the University of Bristol's new Chancellor.


It's huge - seven metres in diameter - and was made by Cameron Balloons.


It features detailed NASA imagery of the lunar surface.


The Great Hall here will be open for the public to come


in and see it for free - next weekend.


On Inside Out West tomorrow night, Seb Choudhury will be looking back


at the life of the Gloucestershire kite-maker Peter Powell -


whose stunt kite even outsold Lego in the late 1970s!


The Kite was named Toy of the Year in 1976 -


but despite selling in their millions - the business ran


into some problems - and Peter's sons remember


He had a big bonfire and he burnt everything to do with the kite. He


said to me, whatever you do, do not start up business back up again. 15


years later, me and Paul started the business back-up. Nobody wanted to


tell him. We were so pleased that he was thrilled to bits. He had a bee


in his bonnet. He could disown you. Hear more of their story -


and see how Seb got on with a bit of kite flying -


tomorrow night at 7:30pm on BBC One. Finally Bristol has been awarded top


spot on The Sunday Times Best Place It calls the city small


but "big on creativity, culture and community spirit"


with "easy access to the glorious And Frome in Somerset also


gets a special mention - as best place to live


in the South West regional category. Time for a weather check -


here's Dan Downs. Rain moving into the region this


evening, along with low cloud, mist and fog. The rain spread to all


parts are in the night, becoming heavy for a time. Risk winds over


the hills. Another mild night with temperatures falling below ten or 11


degrees. Damp and grey to start tomorrow with further outbreaks of


Ranger in the day. Jill Rodger windy. It clears through. It


averages tomorrow fairly mild at 11 or 12 degrees. Once the rain clears,


some clear cells to end the day from many. It will turn much colder


overnight. Averages 52 or three degrees. Brighter and colder on


Tuesday with showers. Hello. For most of March so far it


has felt quite mild and springlike but we are in for a bit of a shock


next week as we


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