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Good evening. That is all of the


Families of children with disabilities in the West say


they'll lose a vital lifeline if local respite centres


Four short-break centres in Bath, Swindon and Wiltshire might have


Dozens of families would be affected.


Now a campaign's begun to keep them open.


Hey, all right young man, what you doing?


Gary Howe and his son Shay are close.


A single parent, Gary's been his sole carer for years.


They found support here, at Beaumonds, an overnight respite


centre for young people with disabilities in Bath.


Shay's been coming every week for 12 years.


He gets to socialise with friends giving Gary a break and valuable


Without them I would have really struggled, there is no denying that.


People say to me that I do a fantastic job and


that a lot of people would walk away, while that was never going to


But it would have been extremely difficult.


But Beaumonds could soon close -


along with three similar centres in Melksham, Chippenham and


Swindon, all run by the charity Quarriers.


Staff face redundancy but their concern


the families - their lives will be changed so completely.


The Scottish charity said they can no longer afford to run the centres.


Gary and other families have met with their local MP


in their campaign to keep Beaumonds open.


Now nearly 21, Shay will soon be too old for the respite centre.


But Gary says it's vital other families continue to get the same


Madeleine Ware, BBC Points West, Bath.


The M5 remains closed southbound in Gloucestershire this evening


following a lorry fire earlier today.


Motorists have faced hours of delays after a truck carrying hay bales


caught light between junctions 13 for Stroud and 14 for


The road will probably remain closed through the night


The northbound carriageway has now reopened.


After nearly a week of disruption for commuters the line


between Westbury and Castle Cary has now been reopened.


Buses had to replace trains after services from the West


to London were severely disrupted when a freight train


Network Rail is investigating the cause of the incident.


It was a disappointing defeat for Bath away


The home side ran in eight tries to hammer Bath at Allianz Park.


Bath could only manage a first-half try through Anthony Watson


as they suffered their third straight defeat.


It's been a glorious Mothering Sunday.


Our cameraman John Samuels filmed these lovely pictures


at Stanton Drew stone circle in Somerset.


A beautiful day to mark the first day of British Summer Time.


With the forecast now here's Bee Tucker.


We have had a beautiful day to day but skies are already clear.


Temperatures are starting to drop. It will be quite cold. The blues


will keep us from having a frost that temperatures will get close to


freezing. Some mist forming at times. A chilly start to the day


tomorrow. Tomorrow another beautiful day, dry and plate, a lot of


sunshine. Cloud thing in and out at times. It will feel warmer tomorrow.


Thereafter we will see more and their way of showers. Some of the


showers could be heavy with the risk of thunder.


That's all from the Points West team on this Sunday evening.


We're back in Breakfast tomorrow morning.


Hello there, it's not often that we have the best of the weather at the


weekend. But, that seems to be the case


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