01/04/2017 Points West


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the West of England.

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A woman from Bawdrip near Bridgwater is sorting through the wreckage


of her home this weekend after a lorry crashed into it.


Incredibly, neither she nor the driver were seriously hurt.


Maggie Butcher was walking towards the front door


It destroyed the front of her house, her garage, and her car.


There was the most almighty bang, and I thought a plane had come down.


And, apparently, this salvage lorry had tipped over and taken out


Maggie moved her dogs out of the garage seconds


Now she's trying to save precious family items.


I managed to retrieve the only picture I have got my dad.


I managed to retrieve the only picture I have got of my dad.


It's the third time a lorry has damaged her home.


She wants the speed limit here to be lowered.


The police are investigating and the council are waiting


for the full details of what happened.


And Maggie's home will be a building site for up to a year


while she waits for all this to be put right.


Hundreds marched through Bath today, demanding their concerns


about controversial changes in the city be heard.


They're worried about a number of issues, from library and arts


The council has said it must find ways to deal


There was a haze of smoke around Bath's Manvers Street this afternoon


as firefighters dealt with a fire in a flat.


It spread to the roof of the building near the Abbey Hotel.


There was some damage but no-one was hurt.


A stream of yellow cars drove through Bibury today in support


of a pensioner whose own car was vandalised.


Somebody had apparently decided his yellow car spoiled the view,


It was a day to celebrate all things yellow in Bibury.


Over 100 yellow cars driving through the Cotswolds,


coming from as far afield as North Yorkshire


They came in support of local pensioner Peter Maddox,


who until earlier this year had parked his beloved yellow


Until, that is, someone vandalised it.


It was apparently spoiling the view in the picture postcard village.


He got up very early in the morning and found his car with broken


Peter's not a man to make a fuss, so sold his car and replaced


One which blends in with the background of this famous view.


But other indignant yellow car drivers took up


Quite simply, when I had seen that Peter's car had been vandalised,


It made me so upset because of the reasons why


and the fact that they said it was a blight on the landscape.


I just felt that something had to be done.


I just had a little idea and put it forward to a few friends.


How do you like all the yellow cars? Lovely.


Have you got a favourite yet? Yes, I have.


You have? The smallest there is.


The lovely finale to this story is that a car company has agreed


to name a paint after Peter, so he will forever be


Football, and Bristol City are one point above the relegation zone


Bristol Rovers needed a second-half brace from Billy Bodin


Nicky Ajose scored against Fleetwood in the 81st minute to boost


Cheltenham earned a precious three points, beating Morecambe.


Yeovil lost 2-0 at home against Carlisle.


And an unlikely home defeat for Forest Green


And in rugby's European Challenge Cup, Bath secured an away semifinal


Five tries for Bath - two each for Faletau and Rokoduguni


- with Tom Homer also crossing the line.


We have and sunshine and showers around today.


Now, tomorrow, we lose the showers and we keep the sunshine.


And we should find the showers dying out through the


So, clear skies through the night tonight.


You could see a little bit of mist or fog perhaps forming.


And underneath those clear skies, it could get a bit chilly


So, for tomorrow, that slightly chilly start


Good spells of sunshine, light winds, just a bit of fair


It should stay dry for tomorrow, and although the air


itself is a bit cool, temperatures not doing too badly.


Feeling quite nice with those light winds and that sunshine.


Fairly settled, then, over the coming days.


Perhaps just a little bit of rain on Monday night and Tuesday.


Good evening. It is the 1st of April today and appropriately enough, we


had a day of sunny spells and showers. We saw some rainbows, this


lovely double rainbow captured by one of -- one of our Weather


Watchers in Leicestershire. Some showers still dotted around but the


trend is they will become fewer and further between and most fading away


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