02/04/2017 Points West


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the West of England.

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A Wiltshire soldier who was awarded a Victoria Cross


in the First World War has been honoured in his home town.


William Gosling defused a British bomb which had misfired


and landed in front of him, saving dozens of lives.


A Wroughton farmer remembered for one act of extraordinary


courage, almost 100 years ago to the day.


On April the 5th, 1917, 24 year-old William Gosling found


A faulty bomb fired from his own side landed in the mud just yards


in front of his line, but didn't explode.


William immediately jumped out of the trench to defuse it.


His act was recorded in the London Gazette that same year.


"Sergeant Gosling, sprang out, lifted the nose of the bomb,


Unscrewed the fuse and threw it on the ground where it


This very gallant and prompt action, undoubtedly saved the lives


This event, 100 years on has given an opportunity for people


to remember that extraordinary presence of mind that he had.


How long did he have before it went off?


Well, I understand about ten seconds.


Today's ceremony is part of a nationwide move to honour


all of World War One's Victoria Cross recipients.


It just feels so nice the whole village came out.


The service in the church was really lovely and I think


people have thought, "this is our boy,


And also the fact that William's daughter Marion


I think that was really nice and there can't be many people


from the First World War whose children are still alive.


It makes the history of the Great War seem not


A woman in her 40s has been arrested in connection with an incident


on the Gloucester Road in Bristol, where a car hit a cyclist


The cyclist, a 31 year-old man, remains in a life threatening


The way the traffic flows in the area around


Bristol's Hippodrome has been permanently changed


It paves the way for the Metrobus and is meant to simplify


the layout for motorists, reduce congestion and make more


space for pedestrians cyclists and public transport.


There's more detail about exactly how things have altered at...


Meanwhile bus company First Bristol has brought in a 30p fare


increase from today, for people who buy their


They say they're trying to encourage passengers to buy tickets


via the company's mobile ticket smartphone app or its Touch smart


card, where there'll be no price rises.


The aim - to encourage quicker boarding and improve journey times.


There's been a show of solidarity this weekend


at the Stroud Subscription Rooms by people wanting to save the venue.


The Support our Subs group linked hands around the building


to try to raise awareness and attract more


The District Council has said it can no longer afford to run it.


The building is an entertainment venue as well as a tourist


Organisations who may want to play a part in its future have


until the 12th of April to come forward with ideas.


Gloucester Rugby are in the semi-finals of


the European Challenge Cup - they beat Cardiff Blues 46-26


at Kingsholm last night to set up a semi-final in France


against La Rochelle later this month.


They scored six tries against their Welsh opponents,


but it wasn't a whitewash, Cardiff were six points up


early in the second half but this try from Jonny May,


Gloucester's third, and on his birthday,


To football and here's a chance to look over


Bristol City's four-game unbeaten streak came to an end.


They're now just one point above the relegation zone


in the Championship after a 2-0 defeat at Brentford.


Billy Bodin hit a second half double as Bristol Rovers kept their slim


League One play-off hopes alive with victory over ten-man Shrewsbury


Nicky Ajose further boosted Swindon's hopes of League One


survival with his late winner against Fleetwood.


Cheltenham boosted their survival hopes with a home win over ten-man


Morecambe - man of the match Harry Pell with two


Yeovil lost 2-0 at home against Carlisle and had


And Forest Green's automatic National League promotion hopes


were dealt another blow as they were beaten 1-0


It's been a beautiful warm sunny day today.


It certainly brought the crowds to Minchinhampton Common


in Gloucestershire where they were holding a kite festival.


The perfect spot to enjoy a few spring rays and watch some aerial


acrobatics and there was some flying, but they could have done


with a little more wind to give things a bit more of a lift.


I, for one, am not complaining though.


Let's see if there are more blue skies ahead, here's Holly Green.


We've had some lovely sunshine for the day.


We have got some more sunshine in the forecast but we've also got


a bit of rain to come as well, although not too much of that.


Isolated showers may be but generally dry night.


Clear skies overhead, light winds and the potential


for some mist and fog to form and it will be quite chilly as well.


As we head into tomorrow morning, the mist and fog will lift.


It will be quite cold at first, but a nice feeling day in general.


Some decent spells of sunshine to be had, maybe just a bit more cloud


Temperatures getting up to around 14, maybe 15 degrees.


We do see some spells of rain into tomorrow night.


That should clear for Tuesday and then it's dry and bright


with decent spells of sunshine through a good part of the week.


And that's it, we're back later in the Ten o'clock News.


Thanks for watching and enjoy the rest of your evening.


It was a lovely second part to the weekend for most parts of the UK,


lots of sunshine, more cloud to the east but in the last few hours it


started to melt away and the process will continue, most places seeing


lengthy clear spells overnight and much like last night it will turn a


bit chilly. We might see mist and fog, like winds, more of a breeze in


the north and west, cloud and patchy rain approaching the Western Isles


by the end of the night. Eight or 9 degrees but in rural parts of


Scotland England and Wales it will get to the bottom end of single


figures. Frost will not last long in the morning nor will the mist and


fog, England and Wales will have a lovely day with good sunshine and


wins coming up from the


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