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In churches around the west this Easter Sunday.


a common theme has been expressed of hope in times of darkness.


Senior church figures said, like the Archbishop of Canterbury


today, that terror and despair should not be allowed to triumph.


While their Easter messages acknowledged many are fearful


about our changing world, they also spoke of optimism.


It will be very difficult for everybody to draw the kind


of cultural map of our country and indeed the western world


at the moment and not see huge swathes of uncertainty.


At the heart of the Christian message is a message about hope.


Life's most uncertain things can be lived with and can be transformed.


People are feeling often quite fearful.


They are aware of change which is not in their control.


And what I want to be saying to people at Easter is that in many


ways Easter is all about change but it is change which is completely


beyond death, it is change which is about hope and life.


A police cordon is still in place around a 16th century stately home


in Dorset as officers investigate whether a fire there yesterday


The blaze at Parnham House in Beaminster began at around 4am.


Fire crews were there for much of the day.


Police want to hear from anyone with information.


Taxi drivers in Somerset are being taught to spot the warning


Sedgemoor District Council is first in the Avon and Somerset force area


North Somerset and Bristol City Councils are looking to follow suit.


Jamie and his mates kept buying me drinks.


The start of an evening which ends in a sexual assault, one scenario


340 young people were thought to be victims of this type of abuse


The driver kept looking at me, trying to involve me in the chat


Councils in Somerset are teaching their licensed taxi


Things like child passengers being frightened, adults


seeming nervous or forceful towards the child with them,


and journeys being taken at odd times for a child to be travelling


Here in Sedgemoor, the council's made the training compulsory so any


taxi drivers who haven't done it by the autumn could have


More than 160 drivers have attended a free half-day course so far.


The council also hopes to train staff in pubs,


clubs and takeaways where young people


If I see anything that I think is suspicious,


I know I can phone the council and they will then pass it


onto relevant people who can deal with it professionally.


If I inform them, then I start the first link in the chain.


Other councils in Somerset have sent information leaflets


The police hope the face-to-face training


will now be rolled out across the force area.


I think looking at some of the training taxi drivers


have felt uncomfortable about the situation they find


themselves in, a fare with a child and adult they felt uncomfortable


They might have told a friend or family member


Now there is a proper guidance about what they can do.


So I think they are really encouraged about this toolkit.


It's hoped as more taxi drivers learn to spot children at risk,


reports to the police, and ultimately prosecutions,


Ruth Bradley, BBC Points West, Somerset.


Bristol have been relegated from rugby union's Premiership


after just one season, following a 36-21 defeat


Bristol's 17th defeat from 20 league starts this term


Plenty of endeavour but lacking quality in attack.


And so it's back to the Championship with a new head coach in current


Connacht boss Pat Lam, and several new player signings.


Somerset lost their opening County Championship match to Essex


Essex were boosted by former England captain Alastair Cook who scored


And Gloucestershire beat Leicestershire


Will Tavare scored a century, and Phil Mustard helped boost the total.


TV presenter Steve Backshall and his wife double Olympic rowing


champion Helen Glover completed the Devizes to Westminster


It took them 22 hours and 58 minutes to finish the gruelling challenge.


They've been raising money to help save an area


Finally, we're known for cheese rolling in these parts.


But the tradition got an Easter tweak today.


This was one event at Perrett's Park in Bristol.


First, the eggs were judged, then rolled down the hill.


The egg that made it furthest without breaking was the winner!


OK, let's check on the weather with Bee.


Well, many of us had a bright start but over the last few hours we have


seen more cloud push in, and it is giving some rain,


Tonight, cloudy skies, staying rather damp,


the winds ease as well, temperatures getting down


So, a grey, damp start to the day tomorrow,


we will see some some sunshine developing as the day goes on.


It won't be completely dry for everyone, there will be


With lighter winds, they will be slow-moving.


Where you get some breaks, we will see spots hitting 14 degrees.


After tomorrow, no real rainfall, the forecast staying dry and bright


with plenty of sunshine and warming up towards next weekend.


We're back later in the Ten O'Clock News.


Good evening if you spend Easter under cloudy skies with rain


hopefully I can promise you something brighter for tomorrow, not


much brightness earlier for our Weather Watch in Cumbria, there was


sunshine, sunny spells of


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