15/04/2017 Points West


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the West of England.

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Good evening. so do join us then.


People in one part of Swindon were told to stay indoors


and close their windows after a fire broke out at a scrap metal


Firefighters worked through the night and all day to control it.


The flames here at the EMR site illuminated the night


Metal fires burn with an intense heat.


Temperatures can reach more than 1,000 degrees and this


We did send out warning message is the local community to ensure that


they did keep windows closed for properties around the perimeter of


the recycling area, but it is mainly steam now from the hot metal that is


rising into the atmosphere. More than 50 firefighters fought


the blaze throughout the night. Relief crews stayed through the day


to make sure pockets The fire service is now working


with the yard to find out Meanwhile, a 16th century stately


home has been severely The alarm was raised at


Parnham House in Beaminster at 4am - the Elizabethan building is now


a family home - but all occupants were quickly accounted


for and no-one was injured. Police say the fire's


being treated as suspicious. In rugby, Bath's chances of securing


a play-off place suffered a blow as they lost 25-19 at Worcester


Warriors. Matt Banahan scored their only try -


they're fifth in the table, four points behind Leicester


who beat Newcastle today. And Gloucester ran in five


tries including this from Billy Twelvetrees


as they secured a bonus point win over Sale -


it finished 39-30 at Kingsholm. And a check over the Good


Friday goal action. Bristol City remain four points


clear of the relegation zone after a vital 2-1 victory over QPR -


Marlon Pack and Jamie Bristol Rovers' promotion


hopes are all but over Billy Bodin equalised from the spot


before the hosts had the final say Swindon remain in trouble


after a goalless draw with AFC Wimbledon -


John Goddard here Yeovil stay 20th but are now only


four points clear of the drop zone It was nil-nil for Cheltenham away


to Crawley - they were twice And Forest Green booked


their playoff place with a 2-0 Goals from Christian


Doidge and Liam Noble. The Devizes to Westminster


Canoe Race is underway - TV presenter Steve Backshall


and his wife, Olympic rowing champion and former Bath PE


teacher Helen Glover, are among those in


the water right now. Lee Madan caught them just


before they set off. Packing their kit,


safely inside the canoe. Steve Backshall and wife Helen


Glover gear up for the big race. My first big endurance event,


but not Steve's, Steve's done this I have but my big advantage is I'm


doing it with an Olympian, a double Olympic champion,


which has got to be a positive. Are you worried you might be shown


up by your wife here? I know I'm going to be


I'm constantly shown up by my wife, this is basically the life


The pair have taken on the challenge to raise money to help


I can't really right now standing here contemplate


what I'm about to do, it's much longer, tougher in many


ways than anything I've done even in training so it'll be


an achievement in itself to complete this race.


But not quite up there with Olympic golds?


I mean, it might sit a little lower in my trophy cabinet


than the Olympic gold but that's no less special.


And is it nice to be doing it with your husband?


This morning it was all smiles and last minute stretches


until the moment they'd been waiting for arrived.


And they're off on their 125 mile trip to Westminster it's likely


to take Helen and Steve at least a day to get there, we'll find out


OK, time for a weather check - here's Bee Tucker.


Good evening. Some of us finally saw some sunshine. Some brightness


towards the afternoon. A lot of the cloud lifting. Tonight initially


clear skies with more cloud pushing into words don. A cooler night with


temperatures down at five or six. Some early spells of sunshine


tomorrow. More cloud pushing in and it could give some rain at times.


Most of the ringlike patchy. One or two moderate burst. Shari into the


afternoon. Some sunshine, still quite breezy and still on the cool


side with Peiser 13 degrees. Easter Monday looks more promising. Largely


dry with some sunshine and the slim risk of a shower.


And that's it - we're back tomorrow with an Easter Sunday


Good evening. These and but not spectacular is probably a neat way


to describe the weather this Easter weekend. -- decent but not


spectacular. A bit of sunshine, patchy cloud and showers today, but


as we can see from the satellite and radar, the showers are easing, cloud


melting away, so a decent evening if you are heading out. Once it gets


dark, it will be chilly, cold enough for a touch of frost in places, then


a change out West. Northern Ireland, south-west Scotland clouding over


with outbreaks of rain, and this wet weather splashes erratically


eastwards during tomorrow, spoiling east today for


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