23/04/2017 Points West


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the West of England.

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The news here - and the chairman of Swindon Town Football Club has


Angry fans were calling for Lee Power's departure last night


after the Robins lost 2-1 at home to Scunthorpe, confirming


The chant was the same - fans not only devastated


but angry, and ready to point the finger of blame.


Lee Power's wrecked this club. Absolutely wrecked it.


We had a rubbish manager, and a rubbish owner.


Scunthorpe took the lead in the first five minutes with this


Swindon's fate was effectively sealed as Sam Mantom swept home


a second for the visitors from a low ball in.


Rohan Ince netted from range, but the Robins


And Bury's victory condemned them to the drop.


Chairman Lee Power says it's not time to retreat, but to rebuild.


It's my job now to pick up the pieces and carry on with the club.


If I was to give up, there wouldn't be a football club.


It's like I say, it's not nice hearing that,


but I understand, you know, people are angry.


Fans will be looking for more than assurances as next season's


We'll check on how the rest of our sides are faring in a minute.


The big news in rugby this weekend - Gloucester have reached their second


European Challenge Cup final in three seasons as they held


on to win an absorbing semifinal at La Rochelle.


Fly half Billy Burns was the hero, scoring all 16 of their points


before they resisted a battling comeback from the French team.


And they'll face Stade Francais in the final after a heartbreaking


defeat for Bath Rugby this afternoon.


A last-minute Jules Plisson drop goal sealed the win.


Bath fly half George Ford missed the chance to level the match


Huge disappointment for Bath, who put so much work into getting


back into the match after Stade's initial 18-6 lead.


In other news, a Gloucestershire Regiment veteran who fought


at the Battle of Imjin River during the Korean War has passed


on an important piece of military history today.


Private Sam Mercer survived the Glosters' epic stand of 1951.


After the war Sam was presented with a rare book which lists those


He's now giving it to the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum,


but first it was blessed at the Cathedral, where Sam recalled


Sitting on the ground looking up the muzzle of a rifle,


Determination, bloody-mindedness and a very large slice of Lady Luck.


Someone up there was looking after me at that moment,


Fire crews were called to a fire in Bath this afternoon.


The blaze started in the Charles Street area of the city,


Six fire engines were sent to the scene.


On to a look at the rest of the weekend's goal action.


Bristol City twice came from behind to beat Barnsley 3-2


and take a significant step towards securing their


Tammy Abraham, Jamie Paterson and Aden Flint putting them six


Bristol Rovers' faint hopes of reaching the League One


play-offs were extinguished after they were defeated


They halved their arrears with two late goals from Rory Gaffney.


Cheltenham aren't quite safe yet after losing 3-0 at Blackpool.


The same goes for Yeovil, who lost 4-2 at Grimsby.


Alex Lawless and Francois Zoko with the goals.


And Forest Green confirmed their play-off place


despite being held to a 2-2 draw at Maidstone thanks


to Keanu Marsh Brown and an own goal from Kevin Lokko.


Bristol Ladies Rugby missed out on being crowned


Despite this second half try from Chantelle Miell,


they lost the play-off final to Aylesford by 17 points to 8.


Disappointment for the team and their supporters,


who'd finished the regular season top of the table.


I think there probably is a little bit of frustration.


We did finish top of the league, that at the end of the day,


we knew that was the league structure starting in September.


So we knew there was always going to be play-offs.


We knew to get in the best chance, we just wanted to play well


throughout the season, and to play consistently,


and we did that to finish top, so we've won more games


than anyone else, but unfortunately it just didn't happen today.


Finally there's a new arrival at Bristol Zoo this


The little one was born early on Saturday morning.


They'll be closely monitored over the coming days and weeks.


The Gorilla House is closed for a bit to give them


We've had another lovely sunny day today.


Good evening. We had a beautiful day today, with quite a bit of sunshine.


Quite a bit of cloud compared with last night. Temperatures could fall


quite low, but for most of is not as cold. Tomorrow will be a cloudy


start to the day, the risk of one or two showers, but more into the


afternoon. The showers becoming more widespread as we head towards the


tail end of the day. Highs of 13 Celsius. Tuesday we start to see


much colder air, so we could see a widespread frost, heavy downpours


and some sunshine. We had a beautiful day across most


of UK today, but there's a taste of winter on the way. Even a little bit


of snow. Its forecast for one or two places. This is the forecast


tonight. We're watching this cold front, this will line, this weather


front. Everything to the north of that line is cold as


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