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Welcome to South East Today, I'm Rob Smith.


Tonight's top stories: Fresh talks are agreed in the rail crisis


after BBC South East's special debate with Southern


How many more people's lives must be affected, how many more have to


leave their jobs? We will be speaking to Tim lout into night


about tours with the Department for Transport.


The end of an era - Folkestone's Leas lift,


one of the oldest of its kind, is set to close because


Also in tonight's programme: The Sussex doctors who say they'll


save half a million pounds by not prescribing paracetemol.


And evening with an immigrant - we meet the man behind a unique show


charting his experiences travelling from Boko Haram


After their latest victory, we'll have the action,


and reaction, ahead of the FA Cup fourth round draw.


Two of the sides in the ongoing rail crisis have opened up lines


of communication following BBC South East's debate


There were fractious and confrontational scenes


during the recording of the debate last night, as regular commuters


spoke about the poor service they've been experiencing.


The dispute over changes to the role of guards has led to Britain's worst


Three further days of strike action on Southern trains are planned this


But the union involved in that strike - Aslef -


says they have not been invited to any talks.


Our political editor Helen Catt reports.


Passengers returning home at night note that this evening at the last


time they will be able to catch a train for at least 48 hours, as


Southerner drivers prepare to walk out again. Their union says an offer


to join any new talks has not been extended to them. I have not been


invited, I'm not sure what the conditions for those talks. We fired


correspondence about talks based on preconditions and we have said that


we will not be shackled by any preconditions. At BBC South is


debate to be screened tonight, Southern and the conductor 's union,


the RMT, repeatedly clashed over the key issue in the disputes, whether


or not it is safe to run trains without guards. We are not removing


a second person from the train. There will be a second safety


trained person on a more trains... Guaranteed on every train? Let him


speak, for goodness sake! There will be a second safety trained person on


a more trains than there were at the start of this dispute. He cannot


guarantee it. Tell the public you will guarantee a safety critical


person on every train. Look into the camera and say it. We will roster a


second safety trained person on as many trains as had them before this


debate. After the recording finished, they went into discussion


than it was recognised that there is a need for talks to take place.


Tonight, the RMT told as lines of communication remained open. We are


definitely looking for a solution. We think there is a solution that is


viable and that rather options to discuss. We hope that Southern,


together with us when we meet with the same attitude, they can do


attitude to getting a resolution to the dispute that everybody wants,


especially passengers. At the frustration was clear. How many more


people have to leave their jobs or lose their jobs and have their


family life significantly disrupted as a result of your services? May I


add, these are not down to just strikes, they were bad before the


strikes started. And tomorrow, they face more disruption as the driver's


union, Aslef, start a three-day strike. They also have three further


dates planned this month. In Westminster tonight, more talks


between South East MPs and the Transport Secretary. He is under no


illusion that the performance of Southern has been not good of the


last 18 months and he has said he will tackle that. Once this is


resolved, we need to tackle performance issues of Southern. But


for angry, frustrated passengers facing another week of reduced


services, talk without action is unlikely to be enough.


I'm joined now by Tim Loughton, MP for East Worthing and Shoreham.


You've been one of a group of MPs meeting the Transport


There is hope, but frankly, I was in that question time yesterday which


is about is to be broadcast. They all -- the anger of the audience was


palpable. But there is not a law that storm is to be resolved. You


heard in that clip that Mike Lynch was going on about it was in safety


critical and kept interrupting everybody, every one of these new


people will be safety trained. Apparently the safety critical


element means whether you are trained to go to... It is nonsense,


and it could have been settled ages ago. It could be settled quickly.


The unions just need to show a willingness to settle it in the


interests of the passengers. The Government has made a lot of


concessions and have done this through GTR and Southern. They have


said let's get this settled and address the safety issues. Is seeing


the real sticking point is about the guarantee that there will be a


second person on board every train. The so-called Scot rail solution.


Given that this strike has already cost more than ?300 million to the


economy, wouldn't it be better for the Government to say yes, we will


agree to that, we will have a second person on every train? The option


is, when those people do not turn up, those trains do not run. What we


need is a railway service that is reliable, turns up on


time and delivers passengers to the police they need to go to at the


time they want. The company have the option obligatory without a second


person, that they will take it and it will be the thin end of the


wedge? Only in exceptional circumstances. And very few times do


they actually run without that second person and what would happen,


typically, for example, if a train is delay, the incoming card is not


at Victoria in time, the chain leads Victoria, picks up the Garda Clapham


Junction or East Croydon and then they are on the train. The


alternative is that train does not run at all. This has been shown to


be safe. The independent office of the rail safety regulator said it is


safe and it operates in over 40% of trains in the UK every day of the


week, over 30% of GTO strains. There is no reason that this cannot


happen. Perhaps on Thameslink trains from London to Brighton, it should


happen. This can be solved if unions inject a bit of common sense and


urgency into this. Thank you. Meanwhile, commuters travelling


in to London today have faced disruption getting around


the capital because of The industrial action over job


cuts came to an end just over half an hour ago,


but for people heading back to Kent and Sussex it's been yet another


day of misery. Our reporter Ian Palmer


is at London Bridge now. Ian, passengers you've spoken


to are feeling thoroughly fed up. Not the start to the new year


they would have wanted? In's never been harder to be South


East commuter, frankly, and even though Transport for London has put


on 150 extra buses today, still seen faces pressed up against both


Windows and pinch points. The strike ended about half an hour ago, but as


one ends, another begins, because the drivers strike, their three-day


strike on Southern services begins at midnight and even on non-strike


days, there will be disruption, because of a continuing overtime


ban. Thank you. Apologies for the sound quality there.


You can join the debate on our Facebook page and on Twitter


using the hashtag SouthernStrike and our Local Live pages


You can see the full debate programme, Southern Rail Crisis,


this evening at 7.30pm here on BBC One.


Coming up: happy 70th birthday to Crawley. But how well has the


Newtown lived up to expectations of what it was founded?


One of the oldest water-powered lifts in the country


looks set to close due to a lack of money to address


The current operators of the Leas Lift in Folkestone,


which was built in 1885, say they have been left with no


alternative than to go out of business, a move


It's carried 35 million passengers in its 131 year history, linking the


sequence of the promenade. Now the Leas Lift, which uses the weight of


water to move, looks set to be stopped by modern Health Safety


rules. A very sad day. I've been here for 15 years. We've worked


hard, but unfortunately, the old girl is running the best she has


been for years. But I drove for the last time last week probably, and


she was running beautifully. The Health and Safety Executive said the


braking system is not safe enough. It is nothing to do with Health


Safety gone mad, but for protection of the public and stopping members


of the public getting killed. If this lift failed, the consequences


could be quite disastrous. While at the operator says changes would cost


?80,000 and it does not have the money, nor enough time to find it


and so will terminate its license agreements with a heavy heart. Is


like falling in love, is total commitment. You have to work hard at


it and it takes over your life to a degree. You can not be half-hearted


about it. Even the drivers can be half-hearted about the way they


drive it. They have the concentrate and strive it properly every single


time. -- drive it. It opened in 1885 and closed in 2009 after the council


found it was too expensive to run. Ditto but in 2010, run by a


non-profit-making company. I'm sure we can find a way to get is


operational again. We need to sort it out and that is what we will do.


But it looks like a rough ride ahead.


Simon what have the owners had to say?


It is owned by the Radnor estate and they tell me they are actively


seeking a long-term solution to secure the future of the lift. The


local MP has invited them and also the Council and the current


operators to a meeting. But the big challenges that even if they find


the ?80,000 for the new braking system, at times, this attraction


has struggled to make ends meet and relies heavily on the goodwill of


volunteers, so cash will continue to be an issue. They've already


mothballed one of the pompous ear, a sign of things to come. Thank you.


Network Rail has been fined ?800,000 after a track worker was hit


by a train travelling at 80 miles per hour, suffering


The man was leading a team of 12 responding to cracks


on the track with lookouts to protect the group.


An investigation by the office for rail and road found that work


which could have been carried out at night when the line was empty,


was scheduled while fast frequent trains were running.


Health bosses in Brighton say they are going to stop funding


painkillers on prescription for some patients to save half


The Brighton and Hove Clinical commissioning group say they want


people to think before they book a GP appointment and argue that


by not paying for paracetamol and ibuprofen, they could


It can cost as little as 19p to buy a pack of paracetamol


But on the NHS, an equivalent pack costs ?1.48.


Processing the prescription, costs around ?28.


And of course, there's also the gust of the GP appointment


which works out at around ?36 - a total of ?65.


Our health correspondent Mark Norman reports.


Paracetamol and ibuprofen cost four times as much if they are prescribed


by a GP than if you bought them in the chemist.


So, this cost me 39p a a few minutes ago, but health bosses


in Brighton say this costs ?45 for a similar


drug to be prescribed after


They want to try and save that money and spend it


So, it is really about GPs having conversations with patients


and saying are you in a position to pay for your paracetamol or


ibuprofen for short-term illnesses such as headaches and things like


Not for long term conditions, like arthritis.


But this isn't only about saving money, it's also


about us, the patients, thinking before we book a appointment with


Maybe save us some time and save the NHS some money.


Obviously, it's very difficult sometimes to get a same


day appointments with your GP if you are feeling unwell.


And I think understanding some of the costs


associated with a GP appointments, what those costs are to be NHS I


think will be quite surprising for many people.


And when people at this surgery read the leaflet handed out


to patients, they seemed understanding.


It's not expensive when you get it from a pharmacy.


I don't think most people can't afford


it, as I don't think that is unreasonable.


I buy it myself, it's cheaper in the pound shop.


I think it's a good idea, because although


it doesn't sound like much, some people may struggle for that.


It's worth noticing that bosses who might


have started this campaign with painkillers, but they intend to roll


it out with a series of other medications that may no longer


Commuters are braced for the Southern Rail network


to grind to a halt tomorrow as train drivers with the union Aslef take


Meanwhile, the RMT union and Southern agreed


to fresh talks after BBC South East's


Also in tonight's programme: We chat with poet and playwright


Innua Ellams ahead of his latest performance in Sussex.


And we have a mild couple of days coming up, but wintry showers by


Thursday. I will have the details later in the programme.


the Government made the formal decision that 6,000 acres of Sussex


farmland should be given over to the creation of a new town


based around the ancient village of Crawley.


Today, more than 100,000 people live there.


Now, as the Government looks to create a new generation of garden


cities, what lessons have been learned from the


And has it lived up to the high hopes pinned on is in the 1940s?


Piers Hopkirk has tonight's special report.


On the Kent and Sussex border stands the little town of Crawley. Its


population is around 7000 at his quaint old high Street is among the


most picturesque in Britain. It is 70 years since Crawley was chosen as


one of eight new towns. The joint expansion and rural development is


overcrowding in post-war London. I have much pleasure in opening this


railed and in naming it. Designed to provide homes for the families and


business, Crawley was a place that would arrive on the map virtually


fully formed. The new town was designed by this man and today, his


son a to see his father's vision. How proud was your father of what he


had created here? He was very proud. If you produce a town with parks and


trees and shrubs and nice things to look out, it is going to be a nice


place to live, and my father was always very keen that the towns that


he created should be user-friendly and he would like to live in itself.


His town has been matched and fuelled by the expansion of the


airport that sits above it, report today suggested Gatwick could


support 13,000 new jobs by 2025. The future of Crawley and Gatwick is


absolutely inextricably linked. Around a third of the city's... One


of the new towns bred is to try to lots of different people and we have


a great local economy. It is an attractive place to live. It has had


lots of investment into the town centre recently and the surrounding


area, and it has got better. Seven a new garden towns are on the way, but


it was Crawley that was at the forefront of what was a social


revolution. Piers, were these new towns


like Crawley considered a success? There has been a lot of aesthetic


criticism of new towns such as Crawley and buildings like the town


hall, they are not necessarily to the taste of everybody. But if you


judge them by population expansion, then Crawley can only be seen as a


roaring success. This was a new town designed for 50,000 people on the


current population is 100 and 6000. Thank you.


Innua Ellams is an award-winning poet and who's making his name


in this country after leaving Nigeria at the age of 12.


It sounds like a story in itself and it is.


experiences swapping life in the Islamic fundamentalist


Boko Haram territory for England and Ireland in a solo show called


He also describes himself as a playwright, performer,


graphic artist and designer and he promises the evening with be


filled with the ridiculous and fantastical as well as the poignant.


Robin Gibson has been to meet him ahead if his latest performance


Given that the smallest prompt, he would be just beyond the reach of


the lamp light, watching a ring of men, right with beer and laughter...


No scripts necessary for Innua Ellams, his poems are within him and


you only have to ask to hear them flood out. A mouse attempting to


feast with Kings... He has lived here for 20 years. He has made a


life and reputation he has a poet and playwright. The word


immigration, the word migration and the word migrant has overwhelmingly


negative connotations. Such that it feels like an insult. I want to


strip boy and deconstructs and below that word to smithereens. -- blur


that word. The this is his way of doing it. Bring it is poetry, life


story and personality to audiences around the country in a solo show.


Is seems that the political space in which the show as it has become more


and more relevant over the last few months. So I am excited to bring it


to brighten and then take it across the country. And when we lose what


inhibitions are left, after shredding me with their fingers...


The show, Evening With An Immigrant, arrives in Brighton for a two night


stand at the end of the month. We have nephews growing up who wants to


be like us, who wants to be like men.


Eastbourne's Johanna Konta is through to the second


Brighton and Hove Albion comfortably made it through to tonight's draw


for the Fourth Round of the FA Cup with a to NIL victory over


Despite wholesale changes to the team on Saturday,


it's now 18 games since their last defeat, as Neil Bell reports.


It's not just traditionalists that love the FA Cup.


The Albions' younger fans have been excited, too.


Though with 11 changes being made for the game, there was plenty of


opportunity for some Brighton's fringe players to make a name for


They may be missing many of their stars,


but it was two of last season's outstanding performers who


combined to put Albion in front after just nine minutes.


The precise shot was even more impressive after more


Brighton had several opportunities to increase their lead.


Sidwell's header among the best of them


and restricted the visitors to little more than the occasional half


The second half produced more of the same.


Brighton dominating, but until they scored a second,


And that came after 72 minutes and it was the Albion's


Israeli internationals who combined again, this time setting up to put


In truth, it should have been at war.


An excellent breakaway saw them squander the game's chance, not


that that bothered Chris Huyton too much.


We had to work very hard for it, we got the real big lift at


getting the goal early and I think that gave us the lift and perhaps


deflated them a little bit, so early in the game.


But I thought they had a good spell in that second half,


but fortunately for us, I felt we finished strong.


Although promotion is clearly their priority, the


Albion will be pleased to have made the fourth


round of the club for the


seventh time in the last eight seasons.


And the draw for the fourth round of the FA Cup is live


on BBC to immediately after our programme at 7pm.


The all important ball number for Brighton and Hove Albion fans


Maybe by Thursday we could even be seeing snow showers. This week is


one of two halves. Over the next couple of days -- days, quite mild


and rainy. It will be quite breezy. The winds coming from a westerly


direction turn into a North westerly as we head through Wednesday. As we


end the week, for others, mostly dry and bright on Thursday, but always


the risk of the odd wintry showers, particularly on higher ground and


lower ground as well. Feeling bitterly cold by the end of the


week. A lovely, dry start to today. But we've been seeing this band of


rain tracking eastwards. Heavy bursts within it. It clears and


behind it, clearer skies and quite a mild night. Temperatures between a


3-5 . It will be bright and mild as we start Tuesday. Lots of sunshine


in the morning. Eventually, those westerly breezes will see further


outbreaks of rain blowing it, but in the daylight, mostly, we stay dry.


Lots of sunshine first thing. By the afternoon, cloud cover. Westerly


breezes, 10-15 mph. Potential double-figure temperatures. The


mostly, 8-9 . Into Wednesday, outbreaks of rain for a time. By


clears and the mostly dry start on Wednesday and a mild night.


Temperatures in rural spot strop into 4-5. On the coast, 6-7.


Wednesday, dry and mild. The winds swing to a northerly direction and


as we start Thursday, it feels different. By Thursday afternoon


temperatures will be 6-7 , but feeling more like 1-2 and bitterly


cold by the end of the week. We are going to return to the


situation on the Southern Rail network now. There is a strike to


starts tomorrow, earlier this evening though, we heard from the MP


for East Worthing and Shoreham who told us a solution to the dispute


must be found quickly. It is a nonsense, this strike. They could


have been settled ages ago and could be settled quickly. The unions need


to show a willingness to settle it in the interests of the passengers.


The Government has made a lot of concessions and have said, for


goodness sake, let us get this settled and address the safety


issues. We have a report last week saying it is safe so this needn't be


going on. Our political editor


Helen Catt joins us now. Still no breakthrough and strikes


tomorrow? Yes, it seems like an intractable situation. He said there


that the two side are not that far apart, but they haven't been for


parts for many months now and the problem is getting them that extra


last push that comes up with something acceptable to both sides.


He was implying the unions need to give in, but he needs to be an


acceptable compromise for both sides to bring an end to the strike. Very


frustrating. And the debate will be broadcast tonight at 7:30pm on BBC


One. You can join the debate on Twitter


all our Facebook page e-mail us. -- or e-mail us. We will have more in


the situation at 10:30pm tonight. And also an update at APM. -- at


8:00pm. Good night. we've run at almost


completely 100% capacity. We've got lots of patients


now competing. There's no beds. I do the right thing


all the time in this job, but it's not always


the right thing for one person. I do the right thing


for the hospital.