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Tonight's top stories. news teams where you are.


Labour's leader Jeremy Corbyn says he supports striking train drivers -


and calls for Southern Rail to be renationalised.


The Government seems to be more interesting in protecting Southern


rail despite its appalling circus. -- service.


brought to a standstill by Aslef union members once again today -


with more than 2,000 services cancelled.


We'll be live in Uckfield and London Victoria with the latest.


Also in tonight's programme - the new Chief Inspector of Schools


-- There was a delay in providing vital drugs to a mother who died


after a caesarean section, an inquest hears.


The new Chief Inspector of Schools calls plans for new grammars


a distraction from her work, sparking a row with MPs.


And Renaissance man - how a homeowner inspired to recreate


the Sistine Chapel ran out of space, but kept on painting.


The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has given his full backing


to striking train drivers, condemning the management


of Southern Rail, and calling on the Government to renationalise


the service - as passengers have suffered yet another


The latest walk-out, by drivers with the Aslef union,


has brought the Southern network to a standstill today,


with more than 2,000 services cancelled.


Strikes are also planned for tomorrow and Friday,


in the dispute over the safety of driver-only operated trains.


with difficulty. Only a handful of dreams have been running, random by


driver - managers. As one coach driver put it, very few people have


been using that service. Southern network is again virtually at a


standstill. Stations close and empty. This was a smack this


morning. Today the Labour leader, speaking on Radio 4, said some had


-- said Southern had behaved in a terrible manner. I want that


franchise back in public ownership and the public sector after all we


provide the rails and the chains and they make a profit from running


them. While some made use of a replacement limited bus service,


many took advice not to travel. It is a scandal that this has been


allowed to go on for so long. It seems like a simple thing to sort


out but for some reason they cannot. Southern is extending driver on the


operation where the card is replaced by an on-board supervisor and the


driver opens and closes the door. This person told me she was not in


favour. I had a nasty incident on a train when a man was abusive and


threatening towards me. It was lucky because the guard was there. That


card helps me. Southern said that while guards thoroughgoing people


always roster. Aslef union see it is about safety but last week the chief


real inspector said that where we are operating is perfectly safe and


that driver only is safe. Aslef said it regretted the action that said


Southern were not prepared to negotiate. We tried to negotiate


with the company to find a solution to the issue of driver only


operation. We have been prepared to compromise despite what the company


are telling the public. Arriving back this evening after in some


cases a three-hour trip from London, passengers were really. It is beyond


a joke now. Far beyond a joke. Are you doing this again tomorrow? Yes,


and Friday. 300,000 passengers are being affected every day that the


strike is taking place. Southern said the action is not necessary and


disproportionate. One lady I spoke to had brought her


boots into in case she had to walk five miles home along the river


bank. Tonight. And one man who would usually took a 20 minute journey was


expecting that ship to take on more like two hours today.


Our reporter Sara Smith is live at Victoria Station in central London.


Sara, what's the situation like tonight for passengers trying


It is quite quiet but it is busier than it has been on other straight


days so people are confident that they will be able to get home, maybe


using another operator to get closer to home, and picking up one of those


bus replacement services. It was busier earlier in the evening, some


people obviously leaving work early, policed for that long and difficult


journey. Southern has managed to put on services, it services tonight,


going to cater him in the Surrey, and stopping there. They have even


been a handful to Brighton. Let's recap the amount of disruption


caused by the strike The company normally


runs more than 2,200 since industrial action began


in April last year. And there are still five more strike


days planned this month including action tomorrow


and on Friday. The Labour MP for Hove, Peter Kyle,


joins us live from Westminster. Your party leader Jeremy Corbyn said


today that he'd join a picket line to support striking


Aslef train drivers. You've condemned both


sides in the past. So do you back your party


leader's position? I am standing by my position. There


is a lot of blame in this dispute. But falls on the shoulders of


Southern. The unions have not been open spirited enough. The Government


has sat idly by. What worries me about Jeremy Corbyn's comics today


and the governments's comments, it seems that both of these groups are


playing a proxy war. The Government refuses to criticise Southern,


Jeremy refuses to criticise the unions. The truth is that in the


middle. We need to find another way forward. I will give you a moment to


pop your earpiece back in. In that case do you think that Jeremy Corbyn


is wrong to say what he did and as he politicising the situation


further? Jeremy was only half right and what he said today. He needs to


go further and make sure that both parties get round the table. The


Government is sitting idly by. If they refused to criticise Southern


just as Jeremy refuses to criticise Aslef and the RMT. The truth is, we


need to do something that has not been done before, something that


needs to happen, a big gesture, that can only come from Government. It is


to get both parties around the table talking again. There needs to be new


incentives. The Government needs to think big and bold. It is to go


above the Secretary of State for Transport was not capable of doing


the job. Both parties on both sides have got to stop waging this proxy


war because the only people who are suffering our passengers. Given


that, given that you are saying that the Government needs to sort out the


Southern situation, given Libra's links with the unions, should not


the Labour leadership be knocking heads in the union movement and


saying, this needs to come to an end, rather than saying we will


stand on picket lines at your members? I have already been quite


clear about this. Labour should be doing more and should be more


evenhanded because there is a lot of blame to go round. Last summer at


the timetable was reduced because Government reduced the timetable.


There was a fundamental problem in the running of this track and Jeremy


is right to point the finger at Southern that he needs to be more


evenhanded because there is a lot of plentiful round. I do believe that


Jeremy should users links as do what he can't demonstrate to the public


that he is using the close links he has to get them back around table.


The Government is to do the same at Southern. Both parties, both sides,


are not doing enough. But BR opposition, the Government is


running the network. It owns the network. It is a contract, not a


franchise. The Government should use the power it has too far greater


extent to end the suffering, and it is suffering and misery, that's


passengers are experiencing every day. Thank you.


You've been sending us your thoughts on the ongoing dispute.


Chris Kimberley in Robertsbridge agrees with Labour leader


Jeremy Corbyn in blaming Southern Rail for the strikes.


He says, Southern's handling of their employees


He says, Jeremy Corbyn has just confirmed he has no real


He really doesn't care about the disruption to the lives


I blame the rail company, the union and even


All need to be held accountable for this farce.


Send us an e-mail at the usual address: southeasttoday@bbc.co.uk,


or get involved in the debate on Facebook and Twitter,


We'll hear more of your views later in the programme.


A bomb disposal expert who'd worked for a charity backed


by Princess Diana was murdered in a row over debt, a court hears.


Doctors involved in the emergency care of a woman who had just given


birth by caesarean section had to wait for up to ten


minutes for vital drugs they needed to treat her,


Primary school teacher Frances Cappuccini died


This afternoon the inquest heard evidence from consultant


anaesthetist Dr Errol Cornish, who was called into theatre


to assist with Mrs Cappuccini's emergency care.


He was cleared of her manslaughter at the Crown Court last year.


This is the moment last year when Dr Errol Cornish walked out of court


cleared of gross negligence and manslaughter. Today, one year later,


he is back in court, a coroner 's Court, giving evidence at the


inquest into the death of Frances Cappuccini. It will be interest home


when he arrived Frances Cappuccini was still unconscious several hours


after the general anaesthetic and was experiencing difficulty in


breathing. He said he cold for special drugs to dry to get a


response at the supply was not immediately available. The lawyer


acting on behalf of the coroner asked Dr Errol Cornish.


The inquest then heard how a nerve litter had to be retrieved from


elsewhere. -- a nerve stimulant. Another five minute delay before it


arrived. Next, the actions of another Dr, Dr Nadeem Azeez, fell


under the spotlight. Dr Errol Cornish was asked,.


Charlie Rose reporting, and he joins us from the inquest


Charlie, we heard in your report about one of the doctors


This inquest has heard that Dr Nadeem Azeez is now in Pakistan. He


will not be appearing here to give evidence or to be cross examined.


Charges of gross negligence, manslaughter, were authorised


against him, but those charges were dropped. This afternoon we also


heard an emotional statement from Dr Errol Cornish. He told the inquest


every single day I go through this particular case and asked was that


the inevitable outcome? He says the answer is no, he does not want to


sound pompous, he says he sees it with humility.


A woman whose partner was killed in the Shoreham Airshow disaster has


Giovanna Chirico, from Worthing, was due to marry Mark Trussler,


who was one of 11 men killed when a Hawker Hunter jet crashed


She's due to appear before magistrates next month,


charged with possession of the Class B drug amphetamine,


12 acres of Thanet parkland will be restored


to its Victorian heyday, thanks to a ?1.7


million grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.


Ellington Park in Ramsgate was created in the 1890s,


but has suffered decades of damage and neglect.


The money will help reinstate original Victorian features,


improve play facilities and provide a cafe.


A bomb disposal expert who worked for one of Princess Diana's


favourite charities was murdered by a business partner in a row


over an unpaid debt, a court has heard today.


Mark Manning's body was discovered in woodland near Slaugham


Today a jury at Lewes Crown Court was told that


he'd been beaten to death by a man who owed him up to


Mark Manning's body remained undiscovered for more than two


years. The bomb disposal expert had gone missing in 2014 prompting a


major police investigation. He was eventually found in undergrowth in


Mid Sussex last May. Today the jury was told that business partner Colin


Gale had beaten him to death in a row over substantial debt. It was


claimed he had enlisted the help of another man to dispose of the body.


The prosecution heard that Mark Manning and Colin Gale works


together in the motor trade. Mark Manning with loan money to Colin


Gale and he would go on and sell them. It was alleged that that it


had risen to ?150,000, enough money, the prosecution says, for Colin Gale


to want Mark Manning out of the picture. Mark Manning had worked for


89 leading charity supported by the late Princess of Wales. Mark Manning


was last seen on April 19 2014. Three days later she was reported


missing by his family. In June 2014 police change the enquiry from


missing person search to a murder investigation. The remains of Mark


Manning were eventually found in undergrowth near Slaugham last May,


more than two years after he disappeared. Colin Gale has denied


murder. Another man denies that same charge. The case continues.


Another walk-out by train drivers in a bitter dispute over


rail safety has brought the Southern Network


The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says he has backed the drivers


How a Sussex man's Renaissance obsession has left no wall or


ceiling and covered. Tomorrow we start the day mild. By


the afternoon called it moves on from the north. Met Office warnings


of a riskless though. I will have the details in the forecast a little


later. The new chief inspector of schools


for England has sparked a political row tonight,


after describing Government proposals to create more grammar


schools as a distraction. Amanda Spielman, who's just


taken over at Ofsted, says Theresa May's plans


won't help to make But Kent MPs who've campaigned


to create new grammar places are saying she was wrong to "step


out of line" and speak out Simon Jones has tonight's


Special Report. Building new grammar schools


is currently illegal but here in Sevenoaks work is well under way


on the first grammar This however is classed as an annexe


to an existing grammar in Critics say that's a way


of bypassing the law but Theresa May wants to allow new grammars


in their own right. In an interview with The Guardian,


Ofsted chief inspector Amanda Spielman says,


it's distraction from our work. I don't see it as something


that has much to do with making the most of every


school, of Ofsted making the most of its work and contributing


to system improvements. Her comments angered supporters


of Theresa May's plans. A new flagship agenda for this


Government is widely supported practically by people in Kent,


and civil servants should not step out of line


and start talking against


the Governments's agenda. Now it is time for civil servants


to do what they should be doing - supporting and advising


the Government and not going public


with their concerns. But opponents of grammars say


Amanda Spielman is quite right to It is only her first few


days as Chief inspector and she is plainly determined


to base her policy judgments on the In Sevenoaks, set to benefit


from new grammar places, there is no shying


away from the debate. I'm a real fan of aspiration


and allowing children to be given the best


education that we can I think there are


certain pupils that are at that level that have got that


sort of knowledge already inside them, that should be able


to flourish and blossom. The new grammar school annexe is set


to open this autumn. Simon Jones with that report,


and he's live in Sevenoaks. Amanda Spielman isn't


the first Ofsted chief to question grammars,


is she? No, her predecessor in the rule set,


Theresa May had become obsessed with grammars. The idea of have less well


off pupils was not true and he said he felt an increase in vocational


courses would be better. The Government is today did not want to


comment on the latest criticisms other than saying that increasing


the number of grammar school places with increased the number of good


school places. As regards the site, then it is finally opened later this


year, those behind it say it will be a major milestone in the history of


grammars. Robert Burns is a real


renaissance man - an amateur artist who has spent


the last 14 years painting every wall and ceiling of his terraced


house in Brighton in a style inspired by the Sistine Chapel


and the works of Michaelangelo. But now, he's run out


of walls and ceilings. But his compulsion to paint hasn't


dimmed in the least and his artworks are starting to get


smaller and smaller, so he can Once seen, never forgotten. The sort


of interior decor you would expect in a villa in 15th century Florence.


All created by a man who decided many years ago to have a go at the


Renaissance. I wanted to show you my latest painting. This is 2017. This


is a detail. When you look at it, you are asked by it. Like all the


rest this is based on a genuine artwork from the period. As a


decorator Robert began splashing the paint around walls and ceilings but


as time has gone by his council home has become a talking point. I am


always pleased with the reaction I get from people, especially ordinary


people. The Dustman said, you are the keys that painted that. I said,


yes, do you want to have a look? They were just so complementary.


They were all clicking away with their cellphones. And trained and


unrestrained, Robert's Renaissance world is running out of room sofas


pictures have to get smaller. They are shrinking in size. I am almost


painting miniatures. Just to fit them in. Unless somebody wants to


buy me a bigger house. He has never had an exhibition. It looks like he


needs one know, urgently. Another walk-out by train drivers in


the dispute over rail safety has dropped the network to a standstill


again today. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said he backs the drivers


and blames the Southern Management but that is not a view shared by


Labour MP for horse, Peter Kyle. There is a lot of blame to go round


in this dispute, that falls on the shoulders of Southern, the unions


have not been open spirited enough, there has been too much dogma


throughout this dispute, and the Government has sat idly by. What


worries me about Jeremy's comments today, and the Government's


comments, it seems both of those groups are playing a proxy war. The


Government refuses to criticise Southern. Jeremy refuses to


criticise the unions. Our Political Editor Helen Catt


is here in the studio. Almost ten months into the dispute.


Jeremy Corbyn said he will stand on a picket line. Peter Kyle has issues


with that. Peter Kyle summed up the situation


well. When you take those comments in conjunction with Theresa May,


consistently criticising unions are not the company it heightens the


perception that lines are in change. People are facing. It does not


create an environment where it feels the kit can be resolved. I Ukip


spokesperson said he disagreed with the strikes. The Liberal Democrats


has accused the Government of using the unions as a shield.


Earlier this week we had a debate on this issue. A sense that positions


are entrenched. Is there any sense that a solution could be in the


offing? Nor sense that anybody is moving and that is what we need to


break this deadlock. We know that they are empty and Southern has


opened lines of communication, but they have no more strikes scheduled,


it is Aslef that is walking out on Friday and later in the month, and


relations between them and Southern are not good.


Lots of you have been commenting on all sorts of aspects of the strike.


One person said, the union and Southern management are as bad as


each other. But no way do I want to go back to the mess of a


nationalised railway. Another person e-mailed to say that


the issue is less about safety and more about who is to blame.


Enough is enough. Get back to work. Another person said, the clue is in


the name, guard, assaults and threats on Southern trains are


higher than chains that have dieds on board. The Department for


Transport are just as much to blame as Southern for not allowing the


agreement that was reached last year to be implemented.


Somebody else got in touch to say that Jeremy Corbyn is right about


renationalising the service. He said despite this dispute, the service is


appalling. Put it back into public ownership.


Thank you for all the e-mails you have sent in. You can continue that


debate on Facebook and Twitter. Here is the weather. Lots going on


in the weather. Over the next couple of days there are warnings from the


Met office about the risk of snow. That is Thursday. Before we get the,


tomorrow initially is miles, then a bitterly cold north-westerly wind.


The risk of snow by thirsty and even into some showers. The contrast


today was bright and mild. There was patchy drizzle first thing. Wheeler


skies as we ended the day. We will hold onto those during the first


part of this evening. Look at these overnight temperatures. Very mild.


Only dropping 26 or 7 degrees along the coast. Cloudy and mild and dry


as they start the day. It does not stay that way. We have got this call


to front during the morning. Patchy drizzle. Blighted by the afternoon.


Mild as we start the day. Temperatures as high as eight or 9


degrees during the morning. Cooler year behind that cold front. By this


point in the day it will feel more like five or six. If you are up


early it will be dry first thing for Thursday but very quickly we are


going to be seeing this band of rain. We are going to be seeing the


risk of snow flurries even at lower ground. This band of rain moves into


cooler air. Temperatures five or six, with the wind chill factor it


feels more like one or two. Further snow flurries possible for Friday.


Gale force gusts as we look towards the weekend.


Take care with travel on Thursday. Lots going on.


Watch this space. That is all for now.


I would back at eight o'clock. I will see you tomorrow. Goodbye.


Every choice you've ever made, every path you've ever taken,


the man you are today is your memory of Eurus.


I know this is difficult, but you've got to keep it together.