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Welcome to South East Today, I'm Polly Evans.


Crisis talks as teachers threaten strike action,


after a pupil allegedly carried out a serious attack


A return to a full service on Southern is promised next week,


with Aslef union members suspending strike action.


We'll be live in London with the details of the talks and political


reaction. The Kent family desperate to raise


a quarter of a million pounds for pioneering cancer treatment


for their two-year-old daughter. The last south of Florence willing


to her third birthday is the happiest tumour taken out of there.


-- to have this. The call for a bald emoji


to represent hair loss from a Sussex woman who suffered with alopecia


for eight years. And a rare find - the letters


uncovered in an historic Kent house shining a light on the life


of 17th century nobility. A Kent school has held crisis talks


after teachers said they would go on strike following a "serious"


assault on a member The National Union of Teachers has


accused the administration at St Gregory's Catholic School


of 'failing its duty' to protect staff after the assault,


which is believed to have The industrial action


is being called "unprecedented" and could take place


next week due to concerns that the student involved


had not been expelled Tonight, the NUT said "the safety


and welfare of staff and other Our education correspondent


Bryony Mackenzie reports. The school said the incident


happened before Christmas when the students were described as being in


very high spirits. The people in question was suspended but it is can


now return to school. Parents today were concerned about the situation.


I can understand that teachers want to ballot to strike because of their


safety. The pupils should be expelled or bring the parent into


sort out the situation. In a letter to parents today, the school said,


please be assured the school has followed procedures as they take


such matters very seriously. They say they been working closely with


the union to resolve the issue. A recent survey of teachers found that


four in ten had the violence from pupils. -- experienced violence. The


no touch rule has since been scrapped to give more control to


headteachers to remove pupils from classroom. They watch to weigh up


all the factors. Is it a repeat incident? Is it a particular one of,


strong incident? There are very tight rules. The Government once the


number of exclusions down. You shouldn't feel unsafe in your


workplace. That should never be a scenario that has to happen with a


teacher in position they have the When something happens and a pupil


could then cause trouble again, it has to be stamped out because every


other people seized and he's getting away with it. Talks between the


draft and the union are an getting July. -- the trust. -- are ongoing


tonight. Well, Bryony Mackenzie


joins me in the studio. Do we know what more


happened during this incident? We guarantee. That is the sticking


point. There is clear disagreement between the teacher and head


teacher. The teachers think it will threaten their safety but the


headteacher and it is not serious enough to the pupil. The Government


guidelines say expulsion has to be a last resort and excluding pupils


with special educational needs should be avoided. This is


unprecedented. We are waiting to hear about the outcome of the


meeting between the trust and the union tonight but if this goes


ahead, other teachers who experienced violence in classrooms


will be looking towards this action are thinking, we experienced this


every day, is this something we should consider as well? Thank you.


Hundreds of thousands of long-suffering passengers who use


Southern Rail have been promised the return of a full train service -


The announcement by Southern comes after Aslef, the train


drivers' union, suspended three days of strikes next week,


as well as an overtime ban, to allow fresh peace talks


Southern says it will run more than 70% of its trains next Monday -


when RMT Union action is taking place -


that's 10% more of its normal timetable than operated


And routes which were previously suspended -


to Hastings and Lewes to Haywards Heath -


Could the talks going on behind these walls finally bring an end to


this bitter dispute? Southern's build an announcement that services


will return to pre-industrial action levels suggests the train company is


confident, something even the Prime Minister reflected today. The Prime


Minister read dot-mac share my cautious optimism that this action


from Aslef and Southern can provide a long-term solution? I do. I have


those around the table agreed that we can see an agreement reached


national enable passengers to get on with their lives, jobs and not


suffer the misery brought about them any striker Nicklas Place. -- by the


strike. Amongst all this talk of overtime, strikes, and sickness


days, Aslef announced it would suspend action while toxic place.


They best time, from the TUC, that they will get somewhere. We need to


get this resolved and people say it's time the railway service


divided the service it is mostly. This has been each year for Southern


to restore its full service. That means, in Sievert, getting their


trains back after weeks of replacement bus services. --


Seaford. We have people trying to get to work, university, hospital


appointments. Crucial journeys have become an all-day experience at


times and people will be very Damocles the train service is back.


-- very pleased. How confident are the edge of their back to normal? If


they say it all go back to normal, I am confident because they have been


firmly know so far. 70%. Not confident at all. Why? Because it's


been going on so If they are talking, great. I would like a


resolution, though. The people paying the price are hard-working


people. From staff and passengers the management and ministers, there


will be able to finger crossed over the next few days. There certainly


well. In a moment, we'll be getting


the reaction in Westminster from our political editor,


Helen Catt but first we'll speak to our reporter Sara Smith


who is outside the building where the talks between Southern


and Aslef are being held In the last couple of minutes, we


have been told that those talks have finished for the day. The message


from those sharing the talks is that they had constructive discussions


and are looking forward to continuing tomorrow. -- chairing.


They will be back tomorrow. Southern must be fairly confident things will


be resolved otherwise why make that announcement about the timetable? If


the talks then failed got people's hopes up for no reason. Then the


reputation would be in tatters. The strike goes ahead from Monday but


from Tuesday, normal service should resume. Thank you.


Our political editor Helen Catt is in Westminster.


The Prime Minister said she was optimistic. Do the MPs relay this?


You heard the phrase cautious is correct. It's something that has


filled the post banks of MPs for months now, terrible stories from


constituents but there is a real recognition that resolving the


dispute is just one part of sorting out the longer-term problems on


Southern. -- post bags. If it is resolved, we will see an immediate


switch of political focus back to sorting out the long-term problems.


Getting Government and vestments to sort out the tracks, scrutiny of


southern and how they operate. All those arguments about stripping the


franchise and breaking it up to something small that getting brought


right back to the fore again. Thank you.


How a population boom in Medway means the local hospital


A Kent family say they've been left "speechless" and "humbled"


after more than ?80,000 was raised in less than 48


hours for pioneering medical treatment to save their two-year-old


daughter, who is battling a rare, cancerous tumour.


Carolyn and Rodney Jackson from Tunbridge Wells are desperate


to raise a quarter of a million pounds to fly their daughter


Florence to New York for what they hope is "life-saving" surgery.


They said it's their last attempt after doctors in the UK said


it was too dangerous to remove the tumour.


Due 1/2-year-old Florence is very poorly. She has a tumour in her


abdomen. According to her parents, they say they are unable to remove


it and that Florence may just have weeks to live. But the family is not


giving up hope. -- Two and half years old. We need to get this


tumour taken out of her otherwise it will kill her. You like your child.


You say, no, I'm not giving up. We need to know we've exhausted all


avenues. She is two years old. She doesn't deserve this at all.


Florence's parents are trying to raise money to take her to New York


in the hope that a specialist surgeon then we'll get her


life-saving surgery. They've yet to speak the surgeon concerned and it's


not clear whether or not he can help, but, in little over two days,


the family has raised more than ?80,000. He has a consumers out


there that are deemed impossible to take out any UK, so that's why we


are putting our Lascaux on him. -- he has taken out tumours. --


Lascaux. Florence had surgery last March but doctors were unable to


stop its growth through radiotherapy and chemotherapy. At a charity, we


see this every day, where the options have been explored in the


NHS and families were to travel abroad often to the U S a and that's


where, often, there are clinical trials and new options for treatment


available. -- USA. Florence is being cared for at this hospital, who


wouldn't tell us why surgery was not possible. Her parents say she is due


to have more chemotherapy this weekend in attempts to reduce the


tumour's size. A Surrey police officer has been


convicted of sex offences and sentenced to seven


and a half years in prison. PC David Harriott, aged


61, was on secondment to the National Police Air Service,


from 2012-2015 and previously the Air Support Unit at the time


of the offences and has been suspended since his


arrest in July 2015. A handyman has been


jailed for stealing from 66-year-old Michael Ward,


from Chatham, was sentenced to ten months in prison after the court


heard he stole jewellery worth around ?2,000 from the victim


between 2013 and 2015. Eurotunnel has told the BBC


that it has stopped 21,000 migrant attempts to get


into Britain in 2016. The company unveiled its latest


security initiative today, a fleet of drones -


which, combined with 570 cctv cameras and miles of fencing,


have created what it calls Both the British and French


governments have backed the initiative and tonight the MP


for Dover called the figures from Eurotunnel shocking and said


they demonstrate why it was vital A fancy video and a fanfare praising


French and British co-operation has resulted in Fortress Eurotunnel.


That is the view of one French official at the launch of new


security measures today. The boss of the Channel Tunnel said cutting edge


technology has made the site safer than ever before. We have electronic


sensors, cameras, barriers, anything we can do, day or night, full


control of the general. A major improvement in security and that is


because last year, Eurotunnel said there was 21,000 attempts to break


into the side. Despite that, no services were halted as an addition


to this, Eurotunnel has committed to spend 20 million euros each year on


security. This has all been welcomed by the UK border force. A new, 2015,


people were literally walking in, thousands the night. Can that happen


now? I would say the measures we have taken place, the figures are


seeing as resulted in a massive decrease in this. Infrastructure


measures have slowed the building down. No, we will not get to those


levels again if we are honest. The new security centre, with its


grounds and 570 cameras, costs 3 million euros. It's unclear how much


is paid by the British governments. --. A secure Eurotunnel site in


Calais, it said, is good for Britain. We want a strong message to


get out. Don't try to make your way towards Oracle PL with the help of


coming in without papers. Because the border is secure. You'll


detected and that's not a way into the UK. -- Calais. Even though the


so-called jungle migrant camp has been demolished, the threat is still


there. One of the country's biggest


hospital trusts could be forced to relocate as council bosses assess


the impact of a planned population The Medway Maritime Hospital


in Gillingham currently serves 100,000 patients at its A


department each year - some 55,000 more than it


was built to cope with. Medway Council this week


launched a consultation looking at the possibility


of moving the Hospital. There was unprecedented demand


on Medway Maritime's emergency department over Christmas


with little let up since. 300 patients still seeking


treatment every day. In the short-term, a new ?18 million


extension to A is near In the longer term, health


bosses say relocating the hospital to a new site may be needed


in the next 20 years. For Joyce Simmons and


her daughter, talk of change is worrying, even though


they see services are stretched. They are on the gall


every time I'm there. I mean, my mum lives


at the bottom of She can't get here, so I've got


to be here to take her up. If it was further afield,


I don't know what would happen. Medway already has high


levels of obesity. Life expectancy for men is below


the national average. By 2035, it's predicted


there will be an additional 31,000 residents


over the age of 65. Medway Council's local plan


is looking at what services I think we're all aware


of what has been going on, certainly over


the last year or so, with Medway


Foundation Trust and in fact with many of the hospitals


across the country, say that they are beginning


to creak at the seams. Therefore, we believe


that the time is right to... Let's just have a look


at what may be But one big question,


who would pay for any We need to see the health


service resourced properly I'm concerned we don't


have the resources coming that we do need today, let alone


in 20 years' time. We need to make sure


that as well as plan we need, as well as houses,


we need infrastructure, Some big issues that may need


some radical solutions. Simon joins us from outside


the Medway Maritime Hospital now. Simon, how likely is


it that the hospital Well, if it happens, it will be


quick because a local plan is examining the period until 2035.


There are also a separate plan being produced by the health bosses for


the next five years and that makes no mention of moving the hospital.


If it happens, it'll be ten or 20 years before it does. The population


of Medway is going to grant by 60,000 over the next 20 years.


That's why it has to look at all possibilities but it's stressing


this is a consultation just going them are getting underway and no


final decisions have been made. --. Thank you.


It's has just gone 15 minutes to seven, this


A Kent school has held crisis talks after teachers said


they would go on strike following a "serious" assault


The National Union of Teachers has accused the administration at St.


Gregory's Catholic School of 'failing its duty' to protect


staff after the assault which is believed to have


Hidden under the floorboards for centuries - the historic letters


that reveal more about life among Kent's nobility in the 1600s.


And we had to of minus seven Celsius in rural sports last night. Will it


be as cold tonight?- the details later in the programme. -- lows.


Three letters written in the 1600s have been


unearthed beneath floorboards at Knole Park in Sevenoaks.


It's one of those discoveries which set tongues wagging among


experts and historians - because they're in excellent


condition after centuries abandoned in dust and rubbish.


They were found during early work in ?20 million project to open


secret parts of the National Trust property to the public.


Robin Gibson was given exclusive access.


I pray provide to be sent to moral in a cart. Their paper time


travellers, re-materialised after more than four centuries. Slightly


worn but still readable. One great fire shovel for your nursery. It is


an earth shattering stuff. More every notes about everyday things.


Like messages between people of the 1600 who didn't make the history


books. But somehow, that is better. We were just investigating what was


under the floorboards, basically. In this area. Even better that they


were discovered by chance as a volunteer archaeologists pick his


way through the tender during conservation work. You certainly


feel that the centuries have disappeared briefly. Looking into


the past and wondering exactly how things were at the time. The


discovery came about because the National Trust is conserving these


vast attic spaces at the back. We're not the first people to be under the


floorboards. There have been people doing things. That has meant


disturbing the floor. In that instance, they swept up and didn't


put in dustpan at the brushing it altogether. They've never thrown it


out. They left it there and watched it on the carpet, the floorboards.


The letters have now been carefully considered for public display. Even


just to CD quality of the paper, a little notes, the nuances of the


handwriting. It's beautiful, you have to say. -- to see the. They are


just bits of paper, but they do bring us closer to people who lived


and worked hair any 1600. It makes you think what other historic gems


are lying, waiting to be discovered here. -- here in the 1600s.


When she was 16, J Jarvis from Eastbourne started losing her hair.


She found it very strange full -- stressful. She wants the world's


smartphone makers to make an OT is of bald people. The -- emojis..


Emojis are little pictures used on smartphones -


and they've become increasingly popular - but also controversial -


Back in 2014 Apple announced plans to increase the ethnic diversity


of emojis after complaints the majority were white.


In 2015, 1000 people backed a campaign to


Jade Jarvis wants emojis of bald men and women to help represent


Eric Kay, said, it started on this side. J Jarvis manages to keep her


hair was well hidden. This site is worse. -- Jade Jarvis. Now 24, her


alopecia started when she was 16. It was really difficult and first.


Really stressful. It was only a knee side of a 50p piece at first. As


much as it was stressful, it was easy to disguise. It wasn't until it


started spreading up the side of my head that it was harder to deal


with. -- the size of. I wouldn't leave the house without a hat or a


food that I could put up. -- hood. When looking through her phone, she


realised there was no emoji with no hair to represent her, so she


decided to speak up. We've got many people who are looking, not just


people with alopecia, so I thought I would speak under half of the whole


hair loss community to try and get Apple to install it. Jade had served


hair that she has lost will grow back Monday but has to be there for


the worst. -- has hoped. Alopecia affects 10% of the population so


it's good to raise awareness. It is also seen as a bit of a taboo at


times with women not wanting to admit they have it. Jade hopes this


will change with a new emoji. It's time for a check on the


weather. Glorious today, Rachel. Yes, hopefully more of the same


tomorrow. Yes, we saw temperatures dropping at


as low as minus seven Celsius. Sir Edward 's good budget is cold.


Glorious sunsets here as well. Average is really poorly denied


again. -- temperatures really fall away again tonight. Not quite as


chilly but still dropping below freezing. Miners to Celsius in more


cruel sports. Just hovering above freezing along beaches. A good deal


of sunshine around. Still this area of high pressure and, for us in the


south east, we still have this really cool air that we are dragging


in from the continent. Lots of sunshine during the morning. By the


afternoon, still some cloud cover around. Quite a bright day. Still


cold. Metal band to day. Today, we reached highs of 2-3 C. Tomorrow,


5-6. Into Friday, less cold. Temperatures hovering around


freezing. Staying drive. There will be some sunshine around. Size of


eight Celsius. Thanks to much, Rachel. That's it


for now. I'll be back at HDM and at 10:30pm.


Hello. I hope you're well. I really do.


Because if you're not, then chances are the NHS won't be able to


look after you as well as it should. And that's wrong.


Because the Labour Party created the NHS 70 years ago on


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