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Welcome to South East Today, I'm Rob Smith.


A Sussex soldier was killed in friendly fire in Afghanistan


because his comrade didn't take enough care an inquest finds.


The simple facts remain his errors led directly to our son's death. He


will have for ever James's blood on his hands.


The businessman accused of illegally dumping a mountain


of discarded mattresses, blighting a Kent village.


We're live at Canterbury Crown Court with the details.


The sussex mum campaigning for more awareness of infantile spasms,


the epileptic condition that can affect her baby hundreds


The ASLEF drivers' union suspends next week's rail strikes ahead


And from the ballroom blitz to a murder mystery.


We chat with Strictly star Laura Whitmore about her new role


A Sussex soldier shot dead in Afghanistan in a so-called


"friendly fire" incident lost his life because a comrade


"did not take sufficient care" and fired in the wrong direction.


That's the conclusion of an inquest into the death


of Lance Corporal James Brynin, from Shoreham-on-Sea who was just 22


The coroner criticised the Ministry of Defence for showing


"a complete lack of empathy" towards the Brynin family.


Tonight they say Lance Corporal Mark Kelly,


who fired the fatal shot, "will forever have James's


Lance Corporal James Brynin was described as an outstanding soldier


who was immensely popular. His death in Afghanistan came not at the hands


of the Taliban, but instead at the hands of a careless comrade. Lance


Corporal Mark Kelly shooting him dead after firing in the wrong


direction during a military operation. The coroner said there


was insufficient evidence to return the conclusion of unlawful killing,


too obvious disappointment of his family. Whilst we are upset and


disappointed that, having waited so long for this process to conclude,


no charges or punishment or genuine guilt has been acknowledged by the


MOD or large Corporal Kelly, it has always been our opinion that he knew


what he did in the moment of firing the round that killed our son.


Rather than acknowledging he did wrong, the simple facts remain his


errors led directly to our son's death and he will for ever have


James's blood on his hands. James was the 144th member of the forces


to be killed in Afghanistan, the Prime Minister paying this tribute.


He was a highly talented and professional soldier and our


thoughts are with his family, friends and colleagues at this


difficult time and he has made the ultimate sacrifice. It was in


October 2013 that he was shot and killed, bullet analysis revealing it


was a friendly fire incident. In March 20 16th and inquest was


adjourned over concerns it may have been a homicidal. In November his


family were told no charges would be brought against Lance Corporal Mark


Kelly who fired the fatal shot. James Brynin's father appeared on


the reality show SAS, motivated by his son's death. Today his family


are coming to terms with the conclusion that James died at the


hands of a colleague. He had become disorientated in a firefight and had


not taken enough care while shooting.


We can cross to Piers Hopkirk outside the inquest


What else did the coroner have to say, Piers?


Penelope Schofield, the West Sussex coroner, had sustained criticism for


the MOD, in particular over the way they have communicated with the


family. She is so concerned about it that she will send a letter to the


army chief of the General staff, outlining her concerns. She said,


this family deserved better, they trusted their son to the Army, the


army let them down. Tonight the MOD said it would be considering those


A businessman accused of blighting a Kent village with a mountain


of discarded mattresses was operating illegally


Lewis Bertram is accused of allowing thousands of mattresses,


bed frames and textiles to be dumped at the site in Smarden near Ashford.


The Environment Agency brought the charges


Sara Smith has sent this report from Canterbury Crown Court.


The view from the air of one corner of Smarden business estate,


mattresses piled more than five metres high, weighing more than 2000


tonnes. Defender Lewis Bertram, who ran his business here, had a licence


to recycle mattresses at the site, breaking them down into textiles and


tonnes and all storage and metals, but the limit was 1000


processing had to be carried out inside the building. The jury was


told this huge pile could be a fire risk and that some material was


escaping into the nearby watercourse, posing a possible


environmental hazard. When neighbours complained the


Environment Agency, which controls such activities and issues the


licenses, paid the site is the first of many visits. Today one of the


officers said Mr Bertram had been given plenty of time to deal with


the mountain, but had failed to do so. Instead he continued to trade


Sara Smith reporting, and she's live at Canterbury Crown Court.


The jury was also told about the defence case today. I am terribly


sorry, we seem to have lost. I am terribly sorry,


we seem to have lost. In a moment, on the


march in Melbourne. Eastbourne tennis star


Johanna Konta's started her Her baby son has a rare form


of epilepsy that causes hundreds Now Lisa Martin from Hassocks


in West Sussex is setting up a charity to raise awareness


of the condition. Nine-month-old Benji is on powerful


medication to control his illness, known as "infantile spasms" or West


Syndrome. But many other children


are misdiagnosed, causing long-term Charlie Rose has been


to meet the family. Baby Benji started showing the signs


that something wasn't quite right when he was four and a half months


old. His eyes were streaming and rolling back to one side. The head


movements followed quite quickly, so his head tilted back. It is a rare


form of epilepsy known as infantile spasms. You can see it when his arms


stiffen and his eyes rolled back. Despite the signs, his mother said


it was not easy getting a proper diagnosis. I was not happy with the


doctors saying it was fatigued, it did not seem right to me. Because we


caught it on film and took him to A, they kept him in and diagnosed


it. How worried were you? Really worried. You see your child is doing


something that is not quite right and you do not know how to help


them. Other's job is to protect their child and you do not feel you


can when you see them doing something like that. Infantile


spasms are a type of seizure that can occur in the first year of life.


Every year in the UK up to 400 children will develop the condition.


Each spasm involves the stiffening of the arms and sometimes legs. He


used to have multiple spasms throughout the day, and actually the


spasms have gone now, so we are keeping a close eye on his


development, whether he will develop other forms of seizures, so we are


watching him closely. Then she continues to be treated with a


variety of different drugs and he will be back in hospital in a couple


of weeks for more tests. It has been a stressful time for everyone and


the family wants to raise awareness of infantile spasms.


The University of Sussex has issued a formal,


face-to-face apology to a former student who was attacked


Lee Salter physically assaulted Allison Smith in 2015


but was allowed to continue to teach for ten months until his


The university has today published an independent report into the case,


which has concluded that it failed to follow its own policies, relied


on inadequate risk assessment, and failed to communicate


with the victim in a professional manner.


An 18-year-old boy's been taken to hospital


Sussex Police were called to the incident at a McDonalds


They're looking for a mixed race man in his late teens


The train drivers' union, Aslef, has announced


it is suspending industrial action on the Southern Rail network,


ahead of fresh talks with the company's management that


Members of the union were due to walk out for three days next week


in the long-running dispute over the introduction of


The difference with these talks is we have the leader of the TUC and


also an HR director from the train operating company that solved the


dispute in similar circumstances with Aslef. I hope those people


being in the room will mean that sense prevails, rather than more


talks which break up pretty much as soon as they have started.


Our reporter Chrissie Reidy is at Three Bridges Station


Commuters across the Southern network are desperate


for a breakthrough in this long-running dispute, Chrissie.


Commuters I have spoken to here I disillusioned. Some are saying, I do


not want to know the detail, tell me when it is all over. They have got


to keep talking because until they talk it will not be settled. One


minute they say they cancel it and the next minute they put the strikes


back on, so I do not know what is going on. It is really painful. I am


frustrated, annoyed, disappointed, wondering when it will end.


So Aslef's strike action next week has been suspended, but the RMT


Yes, but it is worth pointing out that the Aslef strike is suspended,


it is not withdrawn. It depends on how productive these fresh talks


with the TUC will be. If they collapse, the strike goes ahead.


Aslef represent many of the drivers and when they go on strike it causes


a massive amount of disruption. They are lifting an overtime ban which is


important because it is about 25% of the rotor. RMT are not invited to


the talks tomorrow, they represent the guards and the conductors. Their


strike will go ahead on Monday and it will affect about 40% of the


so not disrupted as such, but it is still a headache.


An inquest into the death of Sussex soldier James Brynin has concluded


that he was shot dead in Afghanistan in a so-called "friendly fire"


incident, because a comrade didn't "take sufficient care" and fired


Also in tonight's programme: From lovable rogue to relentless


detective, we chat with Shane Richie about his new murder mystery role


And we started the day with a glorious sunrise and lots of


sunshine during the afternoon as well. Another crisp, cold winter's


day tomorrow. I will have the details later.


And if you have a story you think we should be covering, you can always


get in touch. The Prime Minister says the UK wants


to be Europe's best friend and neighbour when it quits


the European Union. But in a keynote speech


on the impact of Brexit today, Theresa May confirmed that


Britain will leave the European Instead she said she would seek


a bold and ambitious new And she confirmed that any final


deal could be phased in and that both Houses of Parliament


will get to vote on it. I want Britain to be


what we have the potential, talent and ambition to become,


a great global trading nation that is respected around


the world and strong, Our Political Editor Helen Catt


joins us live from Westminster. The Prime Minister's


set out her plan. what could it mean


for the South East? We did hear some of the concerns we


heard in the South East in the run up to the referendum address today.


Immigration, she said clearly she wants to control the numbers of


people coming from Europe to the UK. We heard a lot about that in Kent


and Sussex. She wants to continue working with the rest of Europe to


tackle crime and terrorism. That will be reassuring for people


working to tackle cross-channel people smuggling. But she did say it


would mean Britain leaving the single market. I have got the


Conservative MP Craig McKinley. You campaign for Brexit, was this what


you hope for? It was exactly what I hoped for, I am a happy person


today. Getting our money back, getting our laws backed by


withdrawing from the single market and getting out of the customs union


so we can get the dividend of free trade from around the world. A great


speech, we have clarity. I imagine you are less happy. I am worried


because we will have a brutal exit from the European Union and we do


not have a single idea of what comes next. Brighton and Hove in the South


East, 8 million visitors each year, two universities and students coming


from the EU and businesses that trade across the EU. We have no idea


what will come next. In all of the relationships that make the


Southeast fantastic. Is there any plan? There is a huge plan. After


June the 23rd there was only one way to get a proper Brexit and that is


what we are seeing, a proper Brexit. That was getting out of the single


market and opening Britain up to the world and global Britain was on the


agenda. Into complete ambiguity. We will have individual relationships


with India and China and each of them bringing new processes and


tribunal 's, taking away sovereignty from the UK which is what people


wanted to get back. Huge uncertainty and for the first time ever a Prime


Minister has stood up and said immigration is more important than


the economy. The economy is no longer the most important thing. The


economy will be a great economy. We had a 25% increase in exports from


the UK to the EU. Outside the EU that has grown by 75% without any


new free-trade agreements. Having seen a good presentation by the


Department for International trade last night, we are gearing up to be


a great exporting country. We will be more reinvigorated than before.


Jeremy Corbyn says she is trying to have her cake and eat it. He is


right, isn't he? We have a trade deficit with 27 other European


countries, so we are at their best market. What is wrong with wanting


to continue trading on great terms, sharing data on terrorism, which


will continue? We will have a better relationship with our EU partners.


All of this is aspirational. I want aspiration. We want some certainty.


We are taking our economy to a new destination and we have no idea


where it is. You have said you would oppose triggering Article 50 until


we had a certain destination. Has Theresa May said enough today to


make you backtrack? She has said nothing about where we are going as


a country. We are not ready for these negotiations. The plan has


been set out, but there is a lot more talking to do.


He's best known as loveable rogue Alfie Moon in


While she was one of the stars of the latest series


Now Shane Richie and Laura Whitmore are going on tour together


in Not Dead Enough, the latest play by Brighton crime writer


Peter James, which has its premiere next week


And they've taken a break from rehearsals this afternoon


to chat to our reporter Robin Gibson.


Welcome to the glamorous actor's live, lunchtime in another day of


rehearsals with the first night a matter of days away, but they looked


relaxed. The play is called Not Dead Enough. He is a cock and she is a


pathologist and they have to get close. I have never played a copper.


You look very well. Thank you very much. Throughout the show sadly and


reluctantly I have took Kiss this lady here. I was putting off that


question. It is the million dollar question. That is the main thing


that happens. I hope they are not just buying tickets to see me kiss


Laura. It is not really. It might not be for you! He is best known as


Alfie Moon, a Jack the Lad, in east Enders. We are just about to go to


Spain with sangria and a swimming pool. Are we ready? Yay! She was one


of the dazzling competitors in the most recent series of Strictly. So


theatre is a new challenge. The last eight years I have been a TV


presenter, acting my way through that and I have been faking it for a


long time. There is no better way to throw yourself in the deep end other


than eight shows a week where you cannot hide anything. It is Peter


James murder mystery set in Brighton and the opening night in Dartford is


days away. Are you brave? No. I am not ready just yet. He does not have


to worry, I saw some of the rehearsal today, and I can tell you


rehearsal today, and I can tell you he looks pretty ready to me.


On to tennis, and Johanna Konta is safely through to the 2nd


Round of the Australian Open, after a straight sets


The British Number One, who's from Eastbourne,


beat Kirsten FLipkens 7-5, 6-2, as Ian Palmer reports.


In the searing heat of Melbourne it is important to get off court


Johanna Konta beat Kirsten Flipkens 7-5, 6-2.


She made it difficult for me out there.


She has got this great ability of really


frustrating her opponents with some of the balls she is able to hit and


she is very creative in that way, so I think I was very happy


I was able to work myself into the match and


Last year Johanna Konta surprised Melbourne by reaching the


Konta has a new coach, she won last week in Sydney and she has


become the ninth best player in the world.


Konta plays Naomi Osaka of Japan for the right


to continue competing in the


I know she plays a big game, she has big shots, so I'm definitely


Let's go back now to the big political news of the day,


Theresa May's keynote speech confirming she intends to take


Britain out of the European single market after Brexit.


We've been out on the streets of Brighton where most people


voted Remain in last year's referendum and Maidstone,


where most people voted Leave, to gauge reaction


I think it would be good for the country to stand on its own two feat


for a change. We are a country that holds its own level of credibility,


irrespective of being in or out of the EU and it will remain as we are.


I wanted to come out without a doubt. We have managed before and we


will manage again. Personally I would like to be able to move where


I want. I spend a lot of time on the continent and I would much rather


have freedom of movement. That decision was made with Brexit and we


have to accept it and deal with it and move on. I do not think it is


good for anything, international relations, the economy, us being


isolated. I am not happy about it. And really split in the comments


that a lot of you have been putting on to Facebook. Tom Faulkner says,


bound to put a gloss on it, but the EU is stronger together as a trading


unit than the British Isles alone, why would anyone give us a better


deal? This is what I meant when I said vote leave, we can trade freely


with other countries not previously allowed and several have already


approached us and we will be better off in the long term. John Thornton,


this is what we have voted for. Others will not be happy until they


vote us into a recession. My kids will have a safer, better protected,


better balanced country. Where do I sign the check? The UK was misled by


those promoting Brexit and this could be one of the biggest mistakes


this country has made. I am convinced the majority will find


themselves less well off when the ramifications start to feel real.


Let's go back now to the big political news of the day,


Theresa May's keynote speech confirming she intends to take


Britain out of the European single market after Brexit.


Theresa May call for unity, but that is not what we are hearing today. If


you cast your mind back to the referendum campaign, it was


passionate and divisive. I remember speaking to friends and families who


were completely split down the middle. It has only been seven


months and it will take a long time for people to reconcile over this


because opinions were deeply held. Theresa May believes the country is


coming back together and everyone needs to rally round now, she has a


clear direction. That may take a little longer. Now we can check on


the weather. What we can all agree on is it was a lovely day today.


We will see lots of sunshine tomorrow and even though there is


more cloud on Thursday and Friday, we will stay dry. It was a lovely


start to the day with this guy looking as if it was on fire. During


the afternoon lots of sunshine around. Temperatures were chilly at


around three or 4 degrees. A really lovely winter's day. Those clear


skies mean overnight temperatures will plummet. Tonight it will be


like minus three or minus four degrees in rural spots. A widespread


and hard frost to the day for Wednesday, but once again there is


sunshine from the word go. The reason is this area of high


pressure. Lots of sunshine around and these gentle easterly breezes.


The story is the sunshine, loss of it and again feeling quite chilly.


We will do well if we get much above two or three degrees. Wrap up warm.


It is all change from Wednesday into Thursday. We will see more cloud


around and temperatures will be less cold. Overnight dropping below


freezing in rural spots, but in towns and cities early drop in a


couple of degrees. On Thursday temperatures creep up a little bit


and we may even see a high of seven or 8 degrees. Into Friday we will


see more cloud around and some drizzle at times. This area of high


pressure stays with us as we look towards Saturday and Sunday. It is


quite adult picture for Saturday and there is some drizzle around. For us


in the South East corner it will still stay quite chilly. Frosty


starts for the weekend. For tomorrow there is lots of sunshine. Make the


most of it because it is not lasting.


Dry at least. It looks very cold. I will be back


at eight o'clock and 10:25pm for the updates.


See you later on. I will see you tomorrow. Whatever you are up to,


goodbye. That I will faithfully execute


the Office... And will to the best


of my ability... The Constitution


of the United States...


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