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Tonight's top stories. been saved if the police


A six-figure compensation deal for the family


of Frances Cappuccini, as an inquest finds "failures,


inadequate diagnosis and treatment" led to her death


Failures of Maidstone and Tunbridge


Wells NHS Trust, and those employed by the trust,


East Sussex County Council announces its budget plans.


The mental health patients let down by the NHS.


A Kent support group claims it's taking too long


# There'll be bluebirds over the white


Celebrating a century of Dame Vera Lynn.


A special charity concert is planned for the Sussex singer's birthday.


Renowned Jazz virtuoso Dave Drake returns from New York


The family of Frances Cappuccini have already reached a six-figure


agreement for compensation with the Tunbridge Wells Hospital


Trust, following her death after giving birth to her second son


via Caesarean section in 2012, this programme has learnt.


Today, after ten days of evidence, a coroner ruled that "failures,


inadequate diagnosis and treatment" led to her death.


The 30-year-old had emergency surgery after losing


four pints of blood, but never regained consciousness.


Tom Cappuccini has now spent four-and-a-half years looking


Today, a coroner ruled his wife and their mother died


because of the failures, inadequate diagnosis


and treatment she received at Tunbridge Wells Hospital.


Now, tonight, this programme can reveal a compensation payout has


been agreed between the hospital trust and Frances


I would expect it to exceed a sum of ?100,000 and beyond that. That is


speculation but it would be significant because of the age of


the person who has been lost and the young age of the children as well.


Over the past few weeks, this complicated inquest has


unearthed the scale of what went wrong at Tunbridge Wells Hospital


when Frances Cappucini arrived in October 2012.


The court heard about confusion over the identity of the on-call


An expert told the inquest how he still does not know


Later, the coronoer was told how doctors involved


in Frances Cappuccini's emergency care had to wait up to ten minutes


And today, the coroner heard how Mrs Cappucini's Caesarean section


after a 12-hour labour was not carried out with care,


resulting in a piece of placenta being left in her uterus.


By the time it was removed, she had lost four pints of blood.


During the hearing, it was suggested by the family's lawyer these errors


may not have been made if Frances Cappuccini's wish


to have an immediate Caesarean were followed.


While you respect a woman's decision, you must give safer


quality care if you don't listen to them. Women know their bodies best,


they have been through pregnancy and have a clear understanding what they


need. Those judgments should never be second-guessed by the hospital


staff. Much of the criticism heard in court


focused on one particular doctor, Claims he took Frances Cappuccini's


breathing tube out too soon, how he required consultant


supervision, and how Doctor Azeez had made a mistake with worrying


parallels seven months earlier, and how that error had been


removed from an NHS report. Charges against Dr Azeez were


dropped and he is now in Pakistan. Another doctor involved


in Frances Cappuccini's care is now Neither doctor appeared at this


inquest to give evidence. Failures of the NHS Trust and those


employed by the trust cost Frankie her life. Nothing can heal that


pain. At least today after over four years the truth is acknowledged.


apologies to Mrs Cappuccini's family, and said it


had brought in changes to improve patient safety.


Charlie Rose, BBC South East Today, Gravesend.


Charlie, the trust says it has brought in changes following


In the past half hour I have spoken to a representative of the NHS Trust


and he told me changes have been put in place with staff training,


record-keeping, the weight junior and senior staff communicate, and


crucially the escalation of serious incidents is. It said it will


continue to do everything it can to ensure the highest possible standard


of maternity care. The trust says it wants to extend its deepest


sympathies to the family of Frances Cappuccini.


East Sussex County Council has announced it plans to increase


council tax by almost 5% in the next year.


In a draft budget meeting this afternoon, bosses have discussed how


they'll save millions of pounds across its services.


That is the maximum amount allowed without triggering


It means homeowners will pay on average an extra ?62 a year.


The council says it needs to save ?17 million over


It is a recommendation from officers to the Cabinet which will be


We can either go for a higher increase in council tax,


or make further cuts to adult social care.


The largest cuts will be to adult social care,


with ?8.5 million being taken from the budget.


Most of that, ?7 million, will come from working more


closely with the NHS, but ?1.5 million will be cut


from services like day centres and carers' support.


Children's services will also lose ?3.5 million.


That will mean the closure


and children's centres opening for shorter hours.


And the council will also no longer run the Duke Of Edinburgh


I think it will be a real shame to lose the D of E


It's such a large award, recognised nationally


And gets people to do things, to visit the countryside,


to do volunteering, learn different languages, different activities.


Because there's little else to do, youth services have been shut


and closed, it will be a big loss to young people in East Sussex.


Our political editor Helen Catt joins me.


Is this better or worse than expected?


Before Christmas, the estimate was ?24 million would need to be cut


which would be a bigger hit to adult social care. The reason that hasn't


happened is largely as you heard because residents will pay more in


their council tax, 3% of that 4.99% rise is because the Government has


given the Council special dispensation. That does not mean we


won't seek cuts to front line services. Often at the early


prevention point which the council admits could mean people are coming


to it later and in worse need. This isn't the end, there are bigger


cuts planned the following year. Anger over plans to exclude locals


from a stretch of beach as the Whitstable Oyster Company


looks to expand. Campaigners who want improved mental


health services in East Kent claim hundreds of people


there are being let down by the NHS. The call comes from members


of a support group in Deal, started by the town's former


mayoress who was frustrated by the length of time she had to wait


for treatment for depression. Every Thursday evening in Deal,


a group of people meet to help one She's suffered several


bereavements recently - her mother, her aunt


and her baby granddaughter. You've got a group out


there who cares, who doesn't care how you are, what you look like,


what's inside your But, you know, we're


there for each other. And when you don't get any help


out there from mental health services, money,


whatever, time, enough people, The group was set up by Tracy Carr


who was frustrated by the long wait for treatment when she went


to her GP with depression. Some of our group members


are waiting up to six months, and in six months, most of them


have overdosed anyway. So there is a big missing link


between the point of crisis So I suppose we're really that


stopgap bit in the middle. We don't believe that groups


like this, like Talk It Out, should actually have to take


responsibility for people The failure of the psychiatric


services to look after people in crisis has become a scandal


in Kent, as in other areas. But the NHS says it's invested more


than ?6 million of extra money into services in the Deal area,


including mental health provision. I'm sorry to hear that people feel


that they've been let down. And I'm happy to say that we've


been listening to that, we've been listening to what people


have been telling us, and we're one year into a five-year


programme of completely turning over and improving what we offer


to people who live in Deal. Last week, the Prime Minister


Theresa May said there isn't enough help for people suffering


from mental health problems. That's something this group


couldn't agree with more. Natalie Graham, BBC


South East Today, Deal. And you can hear from members


of the group in tonight's episode of Inside Out -


at 7.30 here on BBC One. A soldier will not face prosecution


over the death of a fellow soldier from Sussex in Afghanistan


four years ago. An inquest into the death


of Lance Corporal James Brynin, who was 22 and from Shoreham,


resumed today. It was halted last year


amid concerns that his death, which was initially suspected


to have been caused by friendly The 22-year-old was shot


whilst on an operation Govia Thameslink, which runs


Southern Rail, says no talks are planned with the train drivers'


union ASLEF, ahead of next Walk outs will take


place on the 24th, 25th Meanwhile, a campaign to recruit 300


trainee drivers has been launched today to try and reduce the effects


of strike action. A man's been remanded in custody


after an incident which saw a controlled explosion carried out


at a block of flats David Smith, who's 50


and unemployed, appeared before Crawley Magistrates' Court,


charged with making an explosive substance and possessing


an explosive substance He entered no plea for either charge


and will appear before magistrates Plans to create an exclusion zone


on a privately-owned section of a beach in Whitstable could stop


sea scouts launching their boats, That's the fear of MP


Sir Julian Brazier who has today written to the Government


raising his concerns. The Whitstable Oyster Company


want to extend their oyster nets to Long Beach, to the west


of the harbour which has been used The Whitstable Sea Scouts have been


launching their boats for 50 years but fear that could end because part


of the beach is private and the owners have applied for an exclusion


zone which could stop the public having rights of access.


Where we stood now exactly where we are, is the limitation of the City


Council beach. Anything to the north to the sea area is wistful oyster


company where we wouldn't be able to go.


You couldn't pull your boats across? Not at all. What would it mean for


the Sea Scouts? A cessation of our water activities.


We have a facility on City Council land but we could not conduct


boating activities. The exclusion zone would allow the


fishery company to increase shellfish production. The local MP


believes historic access rights should not be changed.


The oyster company owns this section but it cannot be right people who


have been using this speech, like the Sea Cadets and Sea Scouts, for


more than 50 years, to be brushed aside.


Tonight, after we contacted the wistful oyster company, it said it


would continue to allow the Sea Scouts and Sea Cadets to use the


beach but no guarantees for other members of the public.


We have walked our dogs on here for ten years, more people before us. I


can't see how they will find a way to completely secure it from


everybody. This area is used every day by the


community for a variety of reasons, and by tourists. So that to


disappear would be a huge loss to the local people.


It is slightly unfair. The beach should be public. So anyone can go


on at any time. A campaign is underway calling for


the proposed exclusion zone to be rejected.


Peter joins us now from Long Beach.


Peter, when could this exclusion zone be imposed?


First, there has to be a consultation period which doesn't


start until March. It is unlikely anything will happen before summer.


If it is imposed, you could be allowed to walk here but not here


because this is the privately owned section.


The oyster company refused to be interviewed but said this is about


creating a safe space to cultivate oysters, and not exclude the public.


They say there has recently been agreed a coastal path route across


here. The Sea Cadets and Sea Scouts say they want a guarantee in writing


they can still use the beach. Our top story tonight: The family


of Frances Cappuccini have reached a six-figure agreement


for compensation with a Kent hospital trust,


after what a coroner called "failings, inadequate diagnosis


and treatment" led to her death at the Tunbridge Wells Hospital


in Pembury in 2012. He has been playing before audiences


for years, Dave Drake performs in Brighton.


And what a difference a few days makes. We start this week on a


cloudy and damp note. The cold, crisp weather is back for tomorrow.


More details at the end of the programme.


The family of the world famous wartime singer Dame Vera Lynn


is organising a special concert to mark her 100th birthday.


Dame Vera, who lives in Ditchling in Sussex and is best known


for her version of the 1942 song The White Cliffs of Dover, will


A charity concert at the London Palladium will tell


the story of her life from childhood to present day and include


# Till the blue skies wipe the dark clouds far away. #


She is known as the Forces' Sweetheart,


given the title after her tireless dedication during the


Second World War to entertaining the troops and boosting


Dame Vera Lynn became an icon of wartime Britain, but her


Now her family want to mark her 100th birthday with a special


performance dedicated to her life story.


We want everybody to go to that show feeling that they are not


just somebody who is going in to listen to somebody called Dame Vera


Lynn, it somebody who they relate to.


She was such a natural entertainer, she was always herself,


she never pretended to be anything other than Vera Welch.


The comedian and singer Alexander Armstrong is among


the acts invited to perform one of Vera Lynn's famous songs.


So are classical artists Blake and Hayley Westenra, and


famous actors have been booked to narrate her story.


Those who served in World War II remember how she


came to even the most hostile of places to perform.


Dame Vera Lynn was awarded the Burma Star in


She has appeared at numerous veterans' events in Sussex.


On the first occasion I saw her there,


I said, well, let's go and wash them...


She washed the dishes and put them away.


There was no airs and graces whatsoever.


You just spoke to her like a lady you would


# Don't know where, don't know when... #


Even at the age of 92, Dame Vera went to the top


She says her life has been an incredible adventure and tickets


to witness that have now gone on sale.


Juliette joins us from Ditchling now.


Juliette, how did Dame Vera react to the idea of the concert?


Well, as you can understand, Dame Vera Lynn gives very few press


interviews these days and makes few public appearances. She will not


actually be attending the concert herself, but she will be recording a


special message to be shown at the beginning. Her family tell me she is


very appreciative of the fact that at the age of almost 100, people


still remember her, they know her and want to listen to her music. All


the proceeds from the concert will be going towards the Dame Vera Lynn


children's charity based in Sussex which young children with cerebral


which young children with cerebral palsy.


Since the age of four, Dave Drake has been amazing people


with his natural talent for playing the piano.


His exceptional ability led him to become the youngest ever person


to join the National Youth Orchestra -


He grew up in Hove, but has spent the last


few years in New York, studying music and gaining


Tonight he's back on home turf, playing


The music just seems to flow out of him.


Spending time in the presence of someone with such an amazing gift


is an inspiration, not least on a Monday morning.


You ask Dave Drake, "Why jazz?" and his passion just leaps out.


You know, like, a painter works in a studio and they have


that moment of inspiration when they are at the easel?


For a true musician, you're seeing that moment


of inspiration, live, you're actually seeing


You know, like, for me, if I was playing for you,


For a true musician, you're seeing that moment


And then, structure them and use them.


Same way that when we have a conversation,


we don't have cue cards saying exactly what we are going to say.


At the age of 21, his career is very much on the up.


He is studying his musical art at Manhattan University.


He sees jazz as a positive, uplifting force for good.


But he's not exactly shy about ambition.


What about celebrity superstardom and money?


Yeah, I would love to be world-famous.


Yeah, and apart from anything, I would love to be able to use that


Using it for people is good, you know?


Tonight, he plays The Verdict Cafe in Brighton.


It was watching him play that inspired the manager to become


I've never seen evenings here that are so dynamic


and so exciting as when Dave plays, to be honest.


There's not a night when Dave has played here that


hasn't been sold out, for the last three years.


So, a last gig before taking the plane back to New York.


He hopes to return here in the summer, and I have a feeling


Robin Gibson, BBC South East Today, Brighton.


It's been a weekend to forget for our Football League teams,


with only Crawley Town managing to score a goal and get a win.


For Brighton Hove Albion, defeat brought to an end


their long unbeaten run and saw the Seagulls drop off top spot


After 18 games unbeaten, Brighton finally tasted defeat.


Paul Huntington headed Preston ahead in the first half.


The Seagulls had chances of their own -


But Callum Robinson latched onto an excellent through ball


to make it 2-0 to the hosts in the second half.


Brighton's day was summed up when a late penalty was missed


by Tomer Hemed as they failed to turn pressure into goals.


This Josh Law free kick for Oldham was enough


in new boss Aidy Pennock's first game.


The Gills failed to convert their chances to equalise -


Max Eeemer's acrobatic effort bringing a smart save


Charlton had to settle for a point at home to Millwall.


The visitors rode their luck - goalkeeper Jordan Archer appeared


to simply drop the ball in his hurry to clear.


Quick-thinking Patrick Bauer appeared to score for Charlton.


Referee Keith Stroud appeared to think the keeper had been impeded.


It could have got worse for Charlton late on if Jorge Teixeira hadn't


So, the lone victory came for Crawley.


James Collins missed from five yards, but he used his head later on


to make amends and score his 12th league goal of the season.


That was a let off! Let's have a check on the weather now with


Rachel. It is not as Vinnie at -- not as


knowing as dramatic as last week. High pressure will be building in.


First thing this morning, a chilly start. We have been seeing rain and


sleet during the first part of the day. By the afternoon, it has


cleared. That error of high pressure building as we go through tonight.


Increasingly, clearer skies. Temperatures falling away, lows of


-1 -2 in more rural spots. A chilly and Frosty and potentially icy start


for Tuesday. As we head through the day, lots of sunshine around. The


area of high pressure will be staying with us until the end of the


week. For tomorrow, lots of sunshine. By the afternoon,


temperatures reaching highs of around two or three Celsius. A


bitterly cold feel to the day. Gentle easterly breeze, a crisp and


cold winter's day. Tuesday into Wednesday, those clearer skies mean


temperatures plummet, possible lows of -4 in more rural spots and even


in towns and cities dropping 2-24 minus three. A hard frost as we


start the day on Wednesday. Lots of sunshine, by the afternoon


temperatures are little less cold, highs of five or six. A similar


story as we head through the day for Thursday. We start to see more cloud


cover so overnight temperatures only dropping two minus one. Thursday and


Friday, very similar, high pressure with us, still the easterly breeze,


still staying cold, but more cloud cover. Not particularly pleasant.


Lots of sunshine around for Tuesday and Wednesday, more Dell as we enter


the week but we stay cold throughout the week. Chilly on Tuesday into


Wednesday, hard frost and those of minus four.


Our award-winning BBC South East Investigations team


has brought you stories of people smuggling, scammers,


This year, we want to continue exposing people


Smuggled in the back of a truck, out of the UK.


We go undercover to expose the criminal gang helping illegal


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You're not going to get a penny of that.


I suspect he's just dumped it back there.


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So, when are you going to give up fly-tipping?


All right, mate, how are you doing? Hello.


Are you from the cancer charity? Yes.


If you have a story that you think needs investigating,


Email us at [email protected]


I will be back at eight o'clock and 10:20 five.


I will see you tomorrow. Good night. Let me see them hands up.


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Get ready. Go solo, Hyde Park.


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