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Welcome to South East Today, I'm Polly Evans.


Life in jail for an Afghan born man who attacked


Sussex Police officers with a hammer, but he had previously


MPs question how he was ever allowed into the country.


Jackknifed lorries, drivers stuck in snowdrifts


and passengers stranded on the rails -


Awful experience. I feel absolutely shattered, very cold, fed up. Cannot


help but feel like we were something abandoned there.


There are questions over why some schools turned pupils away


We're live in Aylesford and Sevenoaks tonight.


The extraordinary sculptures created by a Kent artist highlighting


the damage being done to our marine life by man.


The perfect warm-up for the Australian Open -


Johanna Konta's fantastic form continues


He was jailed for the horrific murder of a woman in


the Netherlands, but after seven years behind bars, Dutch national


Jamshid Piruz was allowed to enter the UK unchallenged.


This afternoon, he's been sentenced to life in prison


at Hove Crown Court, after attacking two Sussex


police officers with a hammer as they questioned him


Tonight, MPs say the case raises serious questions about


Britain's international security agreements.


Piers Hopkirk's report contains video footage


released by Sussex Police, which you may find distressing,


showing the attack recorded on police bodyworn cameras.


Camera footage shows officers responding to reports of a burglary


in Crawley, searching out buildings for the cupboard. But what happened


next is truly terrifying. Wielding a claw hammer and brushing off the


wires of the Taser which had been fired at him, convicted murderer


Jamshid Piruz charges at officers. BC Jessica Chick is trapped behind a


pillar, hammer blows aimed at her head and body. She screams in fear


for her life. Finally subdued, Piruz is arrested and today, sentenced to


life in prison. The officers involved telling the court how they


feared for their lives. Both genuinely believed that their time


was up. And that they were not going to be able to go to their families


and see their friends again. For anyone to suffer an attack under


such circumstances just because they are at work and doing their job is


absolutely unacceptable. An attack on police officers is an attack on


society. Piruz was already a convicted murderer, cutting the


throat of his lodger at his home near Amsterdam in 2007. Today, anger


for the man -- that a man so dangerous should have been let into


the UK. I just think it is very lax at best, and deeply disturbing at


worst, for one jurisdiction not to inform another when somebody clearly


with that kind of serious record is seeking to travel. Piruz had come to


the UK to visit family. His criminal record, though, was not flagged.


There is a watch list but it relates from information from different


sources, including other countries, and if that is not provided either


by the EU or by the member state concerned, of course there would be


no indicator to the officer at Gatwick that this person was a


convicted murderer. Jamshid Piruz is tonight beginning a life sentence.


Officers say it was sheer luck that nobody was killed in the attack.


Questions remain, though, about the border system which allowed him into


the UK in the first place. Piers Hopkirk with that


report, and he's live What has been the ongoing impact on


the officers? Well, as you have seen from the footage, this was both a


very, Dick and a very traumatising attack. Three of the officers


involved took to the witness stand to deliver victim impact statement.


-- -- very traumatic. Easy Jessica Chick said, I have never been so


scared in my life. -- Pisi Jessica Chick. I have never been in a


situation where I thought, this is it, I'm going to die. The judge said


Piruz was a very dangerous man, prone to potentially fatal outbursts


of violence. He sentenced him to life, saying he owed it to the


protection of the public. In a moment, an inquest hears how


a doctor involved in treating a woman who died giving birth


in a Kent hospital had been involved in "startlingly similar


circumstances" previously. Snow and ice brought chaos


to the roads and railways across Kent, Surrey and Sussex,


leaving cars stuck in snowdrifts, while jackknifed


lorries have blocked roads. Several houses in Kent


were damaged by a tree falling during the storm,


and a Southeastern train, full of passengers, was left


stranded without heating for hours. Our environment correspondent


Yvette Austin has more. A morning of misery for these


commuters put up the 5.45 did during ground to a halt between stations.


After nearly four hours stranded on the train, with no heat or working


toilets, the 80 passengers were eventually allowed out onto the


tracks and walked to the nearest station, Chislehurst. Awful


experience. I feel absolutely shattered, very cold, fed up. I


cannot but help feel like we were something abandoned there. It was


compacted ice on the live rail which led to the train failing. A rescue


train failed also. Icy roads this morning caused this car transporter


to overturn on the A249. The road will remain closed this evening. And


all the result of last night's snow. Up to ten centimetres in places,


arriving during the rush hour to make journeys long and difficult.


People have complained the roads were not encrypted, so what happens?


It was a difficult forecast because we knew we would have heavy rain


followed by the snow. That is exactly what happened. We cannot


send the critters out to put salt down when we have got rain because


all that will happen is that it will wash the salt away. So we got the


critters out -- the critters Ederson is the rain but then the started. I


think the way the weather turned suddenly did not help. Elsewhere it


was the wind last night that brought this tree down in Folkestone. Fire


crews had to remove branches so that the residents could get out and


spent the night in safety. My car is a write-off. The tree came down on


that. The front of my house is damaged, the tiles are off. I do not


know structurally whether there is damage to that, I will have to get


an engineer to reassess my house. Tonight, the gritters will be on the


roads again, but ice remains a risk. Yvette is live for us


at the Kent Highways The authorities confident they can


keep the roads safe tonight? They say they are doing all they can.


This huge pile of rock salt is being dramatically eating into other


yesterday alone, 900 tonnes was spread across the county's primary


and secondary roads. The lorries were loaded again this afternoon and


had gone out ready for it got tonight when the temperature is


expected to go below zero and the gritters will be out again tomorrow


morning. So, just how severe


has the weather been? Last night, up to five centimetres


of snow fell in the space Subzero overnight temperatures


left roads and pavements covered in black ice,


leading to the closure of Our education correspondent,


Bryony MacKenzie, The vast majority of schools did


manage to remain open today. So why did some of them feel they had to


turn pupils away? Well, this is not about schools not being able to


correct their playgrounds, but this school is in a residential area and


they have not been gritted, which made it too dangerous for pupils to


get in. Other schools opened a bit later, allowing teachers who live


further away to come into school a bit later. All in all, it has been a


fairly cautious school run today. This was the scene at the camera


school in Sevenoaks this morning, slippery underfoot and a closed


school gate. Parents had to make other plans. I was a big surprise. I


am a country girl and used to working through snow, driving in any


conditions. But the children have have a -- have had a great time.


Later when you come to pick up, it is getting dark and icy, so I think


it is a good decision. It is really dangerous, particularly around this


area when it is icy. In honesty, the kids have had a brilliant time.


There were just 20 schools out of 860 schools and colleges in Kent and


Medway that could not open. One MP, a former teacher, says snow flurries


should not stop schools from opening. The impact is huge, to


parents in terms of their work, so if you replicate every work


situation, you will see it has a dramatic effect, so it absolutely


has to be that very, very last resort. But the majority of schools


ploughed on. Teachers at Shoreham School near Sevenoaks came up with a


solution when their caterers did not make it in. We decided to have


physically a school picnic, and again, because we have a breakfast


club, we have an after-school club, so we have staff trained in food


hygiene and they went out to a supermarket and bought some


groceries, and we all got together in the hall and made some bridges.


Kent County Council says it encourages schools to open in story


conditions, but only if it is safe for them to do so. -- snowy


conditions. It is down to the individual schools


and headteachers to make that decision, some others may disagree.


We have been here all day, it was black ice this morning and it has


turned to puddles. Monday should be business as usual.


We've been getting lots of pictures from you via Twitter and Facebook,


and we'll be taking a look at some of them a little later


It's been revealed today that creditors of the troubled Margate


amusement park Dreamland are likely to lose more than ?5 million.


A new report by administrators for the struggling attraction


says it's "uncertain" whether there will be


It has also revealed that the theme park's operator, Sands Heritage,


has incurred losses of more than ?1 million since it went


A lorry driver accused of causing the collapse of a pedestrian bridge


over the M20 motorway in Kent will appear before Maidstone


The bridge was hit by a lorry and collapsed in August -


a 73-year-old motorcyclist had to throw himself off his bike


to avoid being crushed, and was taken to hospital


The lorry driver, who's 63 and from Darlington,


has been charged with causing serious injury by dangerous driving


A doctor involved in the care of a mother who died


after an emergency caesarean section had been part of another


serious medical incident just seven months before,


Frances Cappuccini died in 2012 at the Tunbridge Wells Hospital


after losing more than two litres of blood,


Today it was revealed that anaesthetist Dr Nadeem Azeez


had been investigated for mismanaging the resuscitation


of another woman in "startlingly similar circumstances".


The family of Frances Cappuccini thank their legal team today,


now that all the evidence in this inquest has been heard.


But the enquiry into how this young mother died took


a dramatic turn today, with evidence that one of those


who had been caring for her had made mistakes seven months earlier.


The original NHS Trust report into the death of Frances Cappuccini


stated that her anaesthetist, Dr Nadeem Azeez, had been involved


in the care of another woman only the same year who had also


The report stated that Dr Azeez had mismanaged her fluid resuscitation


and it was recommended he undergo a period of supervised practice.


But details of his earlier mistake had been removed


from the copy of the report given to Mrs Cappuccini's family,


the coroner and the Strategic Health Authority.


The nurse who compiled the report was Karen Woods,


Neil Sheldon, the family's lawyer, asked her:


Ms Woods went on to tell inquest that no pressure had been applied


to anyone at any stage to remove the section from the report.


The coroner will deliver his findings on Monday.


Jon Hunt, BBC South East Today, Gravesend.


A Dutch national who attacked two Sussex Police officers with a hammer


Before coming to the UK, Jamshid Piruz had spent seven years


behind bars for murdering a woman in the Netherlands.


Go and look for tennis balls, Mr Emerson.


Celebrated actor Julian Sands on his latest performance,


a celebration of the playwright Harold Pinter in Sussex.


We have seen several centimetres of snow over the last 24 hours,


freezing conditions again this morning. So, can we expect any more


snow over the weekend? I will have the details in the forecast a little


later. Artist Jason deCaires Taylor has


been building an extraordinary reputation internationally


for creating large-scale public sculptures which are very


difficult to go and see. That's because he places


them deep underwater. The Canterbury based artist


is passionate about protecting the marine environment,


and his sculptures serve to highlight issues


as well as provide a new home His latest work has been


officially unveiled this week, the Museo Atlantico,


off the coast of Lanzarote Lynda Hardy has tonight's


Special Report. They are mystical, mesmerising,


moulded to the sea bed. It is beneath the waves where


Jason deCaires Taylor is free - free to express, sculpt,


create, both a new tourist attraction and a new home


for the local wildlife. The museum consists


of over 300 sculptures - they are laid out in 12


installations and we've tried a museum tour, so there is actually


an entrance point and an exit point, and we have trained a series


of guides to actually take divers around in a sequential tour


of all the exhibits. This sprawling artwork,


the sculptor's first architectural project,


needs its vast canvas - a towering 100 tonne


underwater wall, a circle of 200 interconnected life-sized


human figures and solitary sculptures too


of suited businessmen in a playground, the artist's


impression of a clash His other installations include 500


life-sized sculptures in the waters Back in his home city,


Alluvia is a sculpture featuring two female figures lying


fixed to the bed of And in 2015, his first London


commission, The Rising Tide, featured four large concrete


horsemen in the Thames. Well, first of all,


it was to create an artificial reef, to create a habitat space,


but it was also to almost create a portal to the underwater world,


to make people realise It is a constantly


changing hidden world, On to tennis, and British number one


Johanna Konta from Eastbourne has had the perfect preparation for


next week's Australian Open. She did not drop a set on the way


to winning her second WTA title, with a 6-4, 6-2 victory over


the world number three, Agnieszka Radwanska,


in the final of Other than Eastbourne,


there is nowhere Johanna Konta is more popular than her place


of birth, Sydney. That support appeared


to help her raise her game to new heights this week,


and having broken serve early in the match,


Jo perhaps unexpectedly dominated her experienced


opponent, world number three What has impressed everyone


over the last 15 months It is a love game to


close out the first set. And despite a recent


unexpected change of coach, her confidence and self belief


appear to be growing. Having taken the first set,


she rattled through the next few games, to the evident pleasure


of her new coaching team, before clinching the match


and her second ever title in front I'm most happy about the fact


that my family were able to be here, that is what's most special to me,


the fact that my sister and my brother-in-law


and my little nephew, although he will have no


idea what's going on, he'll be focused on the milk,


but that they were able to be Now the big question is,


can Jo improve on last year's Australian Open,


where she reached the semifinals? I think there is a good opportunity


for her to get into the finals. She's played great


this season so far. She's going to have to do it


the tough way, though - if you look at her sections,


she starts with Flipkens, she's got Cibulkova and she's got


Serena in the quarters, so Jo is playing probably the best


tennis of her career right now. She is the winner


with the winning smile. Jo Konta is also now one of the most


feared opponents in women's tennis. In this weekend's Football League


action, Championship leaders Brighton Hove Albion will be


looking to extend their unbeaten run The Seagulls will be


without Lewis Dunk, who is serving the second game


of a two match suspension Our games against them


in recent seasons So, we certainly


know what to expect. Theirs is a manager that's done


very, very well in the period of time that he's been there,


since they were promoted, and we would expect


a very tough game. Charlton Athletic face


Millwall at the Valley And Crawley Town are at home


to Hartlepool in League Two. The actor Julian Sands has had


a glittering film career, with starring roles in movies


like The Killing Fields, A Room With A View,


Leaving Las Vegas and Warlock. between Los Angeles and


Tunbridge Wells. This weekend, he's back


in the South East, on stage in St Leonards, in a show described


as a passionate tribute to Harold Pinter -


originally put together by the celebrated playwright


and poet himself For an actor like Julian Sands,


going to work usually means a flight, but this week,


it's been more of a flit down the A21 from his home


to the Kino Teatr Arts Centre, a venue on his doorstep he only


discovered recently. I wandered in here and I thought


it was just a magical gem. It evokes New York, Paris,


London in the '30s. It is a welcome compliment


from an actor with a career in theatre, television and movies


dating back more than three decades. Go and look for


tennis balls, Mr Emerson. He's here to perform his


one-man show, a celebration of Harold Pinter, the revered writer


and intellectual who died in 2008. I tell you what, then,


I might do that, What I find I'm doing


most days is checking up this little thing here,


and writing a poem... The performance brings Pinter's


first and last loved Everything we do corrects the space


between death and me and you. Pinter had asked Julian Sands


to perform the poems before he died. It has grown into this


touring performance. He was a man of immense, um,


presence, animal magnetism. I think I've described him before


as being around a bird of prey It is an homage from an admirer,


but you don't have to know Pinter When you come here, it's me,


it's them and we may as well be in a cave 30,000 years ago,


round a fire, exploring stories Robin Gibson, BBC South East Today,


St Leonards. Such a resident acting voice! --


resonant. The snow and ice has


caused transport chaos for many across Kent,


Surrey and Sussex today, but for others, of course,


it's been a cause of excitement. It's been the first snowfall


we've seen in five years, and for many of our children


and pets, it's the first time Here are some of the pictures


and videos you've been sending in since it started


coming down last night. An actual polar bear! That was in


green hive, apparently. Good work. Some lovely pictures,


thank you for sending them in. We will check on the weather now with


Rachel. Any more snow inside? Not


particularly, but I love those snowmen! There will be one or two


snow flurries around tomorrow but nothing like the snowfall we have


had so far. We started to see it last night, several centimetres in


just under an hour. It eased off a little bit, but again, as we went


through the first part of this morning, we were seeing more on the


way of snowfall. Lots of you upload your photographs. As we started the


day, temperatures were minus four Celsius so much of the snow has


stayed with us. And icy start to the day, is further snow flurries during


the morning. They have been clearing and we have had clearer skies to end


the day. We will hold onto those overnight. Another bitterly cold


night, temperatures in rural spots dropping as low as -3 or minus four


Celsius. Widely dropping as low as minus one. Tomorrow, we still have


warnings in force for the risk of ice, do take care if you're driving


on untreated roads. But the day itself although it stays bitterly


cold will see lots of sunshine. By the afternoon, temperatures will


reach highs of around three or four Celsius. But we have really bitterly


cold and blustery northerly winds. So it will be fuelling a good deal


colder. Frosty and icy start to the day, you should wrap up warm. Lots


of sunshine around. Temperatures of three, four or five Celsius. All


change from Saturday into Sunday. We will be seeing slightly milder air,


more cloud, temperatures not as cold, hovering around freezing.


Starting the day on Sunday, it is cold with a lot of cloud and very


quickly it will turn wet. That will be falling as rain, temperatures


less cold by the afternoon, eight or nine Celsius. Into the new week,


stating how little less cloud. So less snow!


That is about it for now, we will be back at eight o'clock and at 10:30.


Have a great weekend. Watch out for polar bears!


Parents are facing an explosion in the number of children saying


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