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It's emerged tonight that the man who died in suspicious circumstances


in the early hours of New Year's Day was 25 years old and his


death is being treated as a major incident.


The man, whose name hasn't been released, fell to his death


from four storeys high, crashing through a corrugated


plastic ceiling at a property in St Leonards.


This evening, Sussex Police announced that five people,


all in their twenties and thirties, have been released on bail


after being questioned on suspicion of murder.


The two women and two of the men are from the town,


Rail commuters have been expressing their frustration


at the annual rise in fares - this year, on average, just over 2%.


That means an annual season ticket from Brighton


to London is now ?4,200, for a service that barely


And as Ian Palmer now reports, the dispute is having


a knock on effect on some South Eastern commuters, too.


New year, new rail ticket price rises.


The increase comes on the third day of an RMT strike.


Travellers in East Grinstead say they are not happy about paying


But in view of the problems with Southern Rail in


the last little while, I'm quite annoyed about it actually.


I think the price of rail fares now is


extortionate and I think that it would be a lot easier to tolerate if


the trains actually ran consistently on time


and we knew we could get to


and from work, and to and from London, the way


I think they've got a bit of a nerve putting


The annual increase in fares is being introduced because


the Government wants passengers to fund a larger


I feel acutely sorry for the Southern commuters who have


experienced the troubles over the past few months,


but what we did was say to these people, in recognition


of the trouble you've been through, we are going to give our regular


customers on that route a month's free travel.


In addition to the season ticket holders' compensation


rebate, Southern says because its services have


not been good enough, it's also going to freeze its


cheapest advanced fare tickets for the ninth year in a row.


But the dispute over the role of conducters on


The ten month strike has caused misery to


It's even affecting commuters on the south-eastern line in Kent.


There's some trains in particular, like the


6:31 from Sevenoaks, which, on a strike day, you cannot get


Another strike is due to begin on January 9th.


It may be a new year, but the old problems have


Meanwhile, a campaign's been launched to compensate drivers


who are fed up paying for the Dartford Crossing,


only to find themselves stuck for hours in queues waiting to use it.


But as Mark Norman explains, it'll need 100,000 signatures to stand


Rush hour at the Dartford crossing, and queues,


like this one, are a familiar sites to those who use it regularly.


People like Annan, who commutes from North Kent


For him, what's more frustrating than sitting in traffic


is the fact he has to pay for the pleasure.


A situation he has decided to do something about.


These delays are unacceptable and they're getting worse day by day.


Therefore, I have launched this petition calling


for drivers to be compensated in the event of long traffic delays.


Annan's petition is calling on Highways England to compensate


drivers who get stuck in traffic and if he manages to get 100,000


signatures, then the idea will be debated in Parliament.


One motoring organisation has concerns about the proposal.


You can never really be completely sure who is to


It could be on a Highways England managed stretch of


road or it could be on the crossing itself,


or it could just be that


So it's very difficult to be able to pin the blame.


In practice, it might be a little bit more difficult to operate.


It shouldn't take me more than 30 minutes,


but I've spent three or three and a half hours doing the


If not, at least 50% of the money should be refunded.


In a statement, Highways England says the Dart charge


is successfully speeding up journeys at the Dartford crossing


after being introduced to relieve severe


congestion and is a medium-term solution.


Meanwhile, they are continuing to work with partners to


tackle congestion, especially on the approaches


For now, Annan's commute continues and whether it changes in the


future, well, that, he hopes, will depend on the success of


It is cold and frosty. We got falling temperatures out there. All


due to clear skies. Wide frost throughout the night tonight,


exhibitors below freezing in the morning. Even as low as -3 or 4


degrees. Mist and fog patches first thing. They should clear and we will


have sunshine for the first part of the day. Workload introduced in the


afternoon, occasional brighter spells but cloudier than it has been


today. Top temperatures of four or 5 degrees, still staying cold.


Throughout much of this week, pressure remains high but there is a


weak weather front moving through on Wednesday. Again, that keeps the


feed of Clyde, it may even be thick feed of Clyde, it may even be thick


enough for the odd spot of rain. It will be quite as cold first thing in


the morning, in the afternoon we will see tempters recovering to 7


degrees. Taking a look Good evening. It's been a dry and


bright day across most parts of the country today. Despite the chilly


feel to the weather, there has been some sunshine. Clear skies as the


sun set in east Essex. With those clear skies around, temperatures are


plummeting, particularly across southern parts. Here we see the


coldest temperatures. We could see icy stretches on untreated surfaces,


pavements and roads first thing Tuesday morning. Not quite as cold


towards the North West. Cloud moving in here through the overnight