04/01/2017 South East Today

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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South East of England.

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Today's main headlines in the south-east:


After serious injuries in a balcony collapse in Sussex, warnings tonight


Millions are needed to tackle illegal immigration says a Kent MP,


calling for an EU visitor tax to pay for it.


And after a crisp winter afternoon we have a hard frost due tonight.


The boom in private holiday lets has led to a warning tonight that


a relaxing getaway can turn into a disaster - if proper safety


It comes after four people suffered serious injuries when a balcony


collapsed at an Airbnb flat in Brighton last year.


East Sussex Fire and Rescue is urging anyone involved


in short-term lets to make sure that safety measures are taken


Our Special Correspondent Colin Campbell reports.


Four people hospitalised, left seriously injured, one impaled on


It was the collapse of the balcony at this flat last


summer that has prompted East Sussex Fire And Rescue to issue


People that use these premises, they're typically not familiar with


They might be down just for a weekend break, with


people they might not know that well, they might turn up at the


They're invariably having a good time and the last thing


So the people that own these properties


and rent them out need to be aware of the responsibilities and make


sure the properties are safe, and the first


thing they need to do is


The flat where Jessica and her friends sustained their injuries


I've got fractures in my pelvis and my back.


I think everyone was worried that my back was more seriously broken.


While Holiday rental agencies have been around for


a while it's the growth of online platforms


like Airbnb that has fuelled a


huge growth in people letting out their rooms for first time.


Airbnb was founded in San Francisco in 2008.


It is a website which allows independent hosts to offer


There are more than 2 million listings online


currently around the world, and


more than 60 million people have used it to


More than 300 of those properties are in Brighton.


The Fire Service's safety message is aimed at all who rent out holiday


and party accommodation in Brighton, but some traditional letting agents


believe it has developed into an uneven playing field.


We are losing business because these other


platforms don't insist on the safety checks that we insist on.


Brighton's short-term holiday letting market is booming.


East Sussex Fire And Rescue hope their


intervention will prevent further serious injury or tragedy.


Our reporter Jon Hunt has also been following this


story and is in Brighton, where the balcony collapse happened.


Jon, do people really consider safety when they


I've been talking to quite a few people tonight who use these


services regularly, both for work services regularly, both for work


if safety is their top priority. if safety is their top priority.


make bookings and on the whole they make bookings and on the whole they


have had good experiences. and on the whole they have


had good experiences. Compared to hotels, it


just gives you more... I don't know, you feel more


part of the city cos Everything they advertised


on the website was Jon, what is the Fire Service doing


to help ensure party They've been warning landlords that


in some cases these decorative balconies do pose a hazard, not


strong enough to carry people. They have also been inspecting some of


these party homes in East Sussex and they say in a number of cases in the


last few months they have found some to be so dangerous they have had to


shut them down straightaway. The Government must increase


the budget for the UK Border Force by ?250 million to crack down


on illegal immigration. That's the view of Dover and Deal


MP Charlie Elphicke, who says the money's needed


to tackle people smuggling. His report cites BBC South East's


exclusive investigation revealing how illegal migrants are offered


Channel crossings in the back of Lidl supermarket lorries


for thousands of pounds. Our Political Editor


Helen Catt reports. Caught on camera - an agent


for a gang of people smugglers offers to hide our undercover


researcher on a lorry This BBC South East Today


investigation showed people smuggling across


the Channel is still a There's a lot of money there,


an enormous amount. And if you've got the right


people, the amount of money available, you can get


anyone into the UK by sea. And the Government's adviser


on terrorism law has now warned that remote beaches could even be used


by returning fighters from Syria It's really important


we make sure that we secure the English Channel,


so that people can't just turn up on beaches like this, here,


that we make sure we have action to stop people smuggling


into Britain in lorries, and also to investigate intelligence


so we can go after people traffickers and end their evil trade


and modern slavery. And he thinks Brexit


could be an opportunity to Under a visa waiver scheme


he wants to introduce, EU visitors would have to pay ?10


and fill in a form to visit the UK. Charlie Elphicke estimates


that could raise ?250 million, which could


partly be used on enforcement. I mean, if we can't help


out our own people... I've lived in America


for a while as either People can enter the UK legally


with a visa and then Again, that's a very different


policing operation to what's being But, certainly, the large


proportion of people who are illegally resident in the UK have


come into the UK perfectly legally. Responding to the report,


the Home Office told us it is committed to ensuring


Border Force has the necessary resources to keep the UK


safe from a range of threats. Our reporter Piers Hopkirk has also


been following the story. And depends what sort of deal the UK


is able to secure post Brexit. If that means an end to freedom of


movement, this might be something the Government considers,


effectively taxing EU visitors to the UK and using the money to


bolster border security. The question is what difference would it


make, what impact will it have? It was interesting listening to the


professor in the report. He said the bulk of illegal immigrants are


people who have come here legally. Thank you.


A mother who died at Tunbridge Wells hospital,


lost more than four pints of blood, an inquest has heard.


Today a doctor told how she tried to combat "alarming" levels


of acid and carbon dioxide in Frances Cappuccini's blood


At the coroner's court for the inquest into


Frances Cappuccini's death, the family were here for a second


Mrs Cappuccini died after an emergency Caesarean section.


Today, the inquest heard how she lost 2.3 litres of blood.


Doctor Gabriela Gray, a registrar obstetrician involved in


her emergency care, says she managed to finally stop the bleeding once


a piece of placenta left behind in the patient's


Frances Cappuccini died in 2012, and in April 2015 two doctors


The following year, a doctor and hospital trust were


cleared of manslaughter following the collapse


Soon after, charges against another doctor were dropped.


Today, details emerged of the time leading up to


The court heard how problems developed with


Doctor Gabriela Gray said the high levels of Mrs Cappuccini's blood


acid and carbon dioxide were alarming.


Later, she was asked by the family's legal


counsel what she found alarming about it.


She replied, "The severity - I had never seen a patient with such


Frances Cappuccini went on to have a cardiac arrest.


A six-day strike by drivers on Southern Rail next week has


been cut to three days, but three new strike days have been


Members of Aslef were due to walk out on Monday -


they'll now strike from Tuesday to Thursday.


And a reminder that we're hosting a special debate about the ongoing


crisis on Southern Rail services, this Sunday the 8th of January.


If you want to be in the audience, email bbcraildebate@bbc.co.uk


with your details and how you've been affected.


The programme airs on Monday the 9th of January, at 7.30pm, on BBC One.


Gillingham Football Club have appointed Adrian Pennock as head


coach, a day after sacking former manager Justin Edinburgh.


Pennock, a former defender at the club, will be assisted


by coaches Steve Lovell and Jamie Day.


The three have been appointed with immediate effect


That's it from me, we'll have the national weather


in a moment, first here's the forecast for the


We had a cloudy damp start of the day but by the afternoon once again


lots of sunshine. Those clearer skies also mean a chilly picture as


we go into tonight. Once again temperatures will be plummeting.


Lows of -2 or minus three degrees. A frosty start tomorrow. The highs


tomorrow struggling to get much about four or 5 degrees. Tomorrow


clear skies and perhaps the odd scattered shower. A really chilly


picture as we start tomorrow. First thing to Thursday, lots of is -- by


the afternoon those temperatures will struggle. We have highs of


around three or 4 degrees and gentle breezes. He was a closer look at the


rain by Friday afternoon. Temperatures creeping up a notch or


two and turning milder into the weekend.


A guarantee on your journey to work tomorrow, if you are nipping out to


the shop for a paper, somebody will talk about how cold it