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Today's main headlines in the South East:


Two men hand themselves in after a pedestrian is killed


after he was hit by a car being pursued by police.


The train drivers' union say they won't back down as Southern


takes new legal action, trying block further rail strikes.


And we have Met Office weather warnings out tomorrow about the risk


Two men have handed themselves in after a pedestrian was hit


and killed in Brighton city centre by a car being pursued by police.


The 78-year-old man died last night, after he was hit


The Independent Police Complaints Commission is now


Friends of the victim say they're "shocked and numb"


A police chase which ended in the death of an innocent bystander.


The victim, a 78-year-old man named locally as John.


Originally from Hungary, possibly homeless and yet


I think it is very sad that it has happened to him.


I've only heard this morning about it happening


Because I was only chatting to him yesterday afternoon.


At around 10pm last night, a Vauxhall Astra failed to stop


for police in the Bear Road area of Brighton.


The car was then chased by police officers into the city centre,


where it hit the man on the pedestrian crossing


It was found abandoned a short distance away on Madeira Drive.


Officers had seen a Vauxhall Astra shortly before this incident and had


attempted to stop it but it failed to stop for them.


The officers continued after the vehicle but lost sight of it.


The IPCC is dealing with that aspect of the investigation.


There were blue lights were flashing.


So we looked across and it was clear there was no ambulance there.


There was one police car, I think, and a body.


People were crouched around looking at this person in the road.


At separate times today, two men, both in their 30s and from Brighton,


Both were arrested on suspicion of causing death


Sara, how is the investigation progressing?


I spoke to Sussex Police a little bit are and they said the two men


were still in custody, held on suspicion of causing death by


dangerous driving. There are still no word on why the police were


interested in the Foxhall Astro in the first place, the one involved in


the pursuit and then the trash. The independent press -- Independent


Police Complaints Commission has started an investigation. They told


us this evening they would examine the actions and decisions of the


police officers in the area at the time. They have the initial accounts


from those officers but they will also be looking at any available


CCTV footage and gathering and other evidence, also we can build up a


picture of what happened here 24 hours ago and re-established the


sequence of events. A Kent pub has been


destroyed by fire. Fire crews rescued a man from a flat


above the Victoria Cross pub in Chatham in the early hours


of this morning. Local people were asked


to keep their doors and windows closed because of the risk


of breathing in toxic smoke, Southern are taking new legal action


to try to halt further rail strikes. Nearly all Southern trains have been


brought to a standstill for a second day this week in a dispute over


whether it's safe or not for drivers rather than guards


to control train doors. And it's been estimated


that the strikes will have cost the UK economy almost ?400 million


by the end of this month. Empty trains, an empty


station and an empty shop. A lack of football at Eastbourne


station means a sharp downturn in business


for this copy shop owner. It is heartbreaking


because we feel we are held ransom because we really do not know


what we can do about things getting We are relying on commuters,


we are losing that business because Half of the staff have


been laid off here within the last year and owner Bella


is worried that instead of celebrating the cafe's third


anniversary in May, she will be Other independent retailers


are also suffering. And no further action. It's a


measure backed by the local MP. They have an obligation to the hundreds


of thousands of passengers who pay and are not getting the service they


pay for or that they need. It is entirely appropriate that any


action, legal action or whatever, is taken to try to bring these strikes


to an end. But with three more strikes scheduled, local businesses


are calling for the government to intervene.


A statement has been issued in the last half-hour. The put a full and


comprehensive offer on the table. They say there are still waiting to


hear back and they also say that the lines of communication are no open


with the RMT and their door is always open and they are trying to


resolve this dispute. Meanwhile, Eastbourne chamber of commerce


middle of the real minister and they said that the real minister needs to


understand that this isn't just impacting on commuters, it is


impacting on the communities up and down the economy.


A change in the law is needed to make it illegal for lorries


to park on residential roads and in lay-bys.


That's the call from Kent County Councillors in response


to the littering and noise making people's lives a misery.


Now, plans are being drawn up for a series of lorry parks but -


as Simon Jones reports - it's not clear who would pay


Sandra Mallory and Janet Watton, who live near the port of Dover,


say up to 30 lorries park up their street each night, keeping


Urine in bottles - when it's in a bottle -


You can't walk up there with your children or your animals


This police patrol off the A2 found lorry after lorry


A bit further on, one has even decided to stop


Lorry drivers parked up legally here today say it can be difficult


Seven o'clock at night, you'll not get in here.


That's when you see them parked on slip roads.


They need a lorry park and they need lots of them.


It will upset locals, but they've got to go somewhere.


In England, it is difficult, parking.


I am driving very long time here, I know where you are parking,


where is the possible bays, where is the toilet, shower.


In 2015, two million HGVs entered through the Port of Dover


and Eurotunnel from Europe, with over 10,000 lorries


The number of freight vehicles using the Dartford Crossing


A big lorry park is already planned at Stanford


to counter Operation Stack, but Kent County Council is proposing


up to five new lorry parks, potentially near Sheerness,


Dartford, Maidstone and Tonbridge, though it wouldn't identify


It believes a change in the law would necessary.


I've asked the minister and his officers to look


at the concept of a law which says that you cannot park a lorry


for longer than perhaps three quarters of an hour -


which is the time that you have to rest up every so often -


unless you are parked in an authorised place.


But the big question, who would pay to build the parks?


Residents wanting an end to the noise and litter say


But even if land is found for new lorry parks, it has to go


through the planning process, there's likely to be quite some


opposition and there is the question of who is going to pay for them.


The county council says it doesn't have the cash and it would have


Simon Jones, BBC South East Today, Dover.


Just time to let you know that tomorrow morning Radio Kent will be


looking at how GPs have been posted to accident and emergency


departments at the QEQM Hospital in Margate,


to try and cut down on unnecessary admissions.


But that's it from me, we'll have the national


weather in a moment, first here the forecast


Today was dry and mailed and quite different from tomorrow. Warnings


particularly for the tail end of the afternoon. Also a good deal of rain


and some truly blessed today, bitterly cold winter as well.


QuickCam through tonight. Overnight lows of two or three Celsius,


initially try if you're up early for Thursday and temperatures initially


not too bad. If anything, rising first thing as we see that rain. The


wind coming from a north-westerly direction and bitterly cold beer


meeting that agreement will turn it to snow and sleet, particularly


during the tail end of the afternoon, we will expect to see


more in the way of snow. Temperatures tomorrow reach highs of


seven or eight Celsius, with the wind


potentially leading us into a chilly start to the weekend. Time for the


national weather prospects if you are on the move.


Good evening, a lot going on with the weather in the next few days,


numerous weather warnings in for so buried in mind if you have travel


plans. Lots of isobars on the chart overnight which means it will be


windy for all. The strongest winds in Scotland, lots of wintry showers


with snow getting down to increasingly low levels and some


wintry showers in Northern Ireland and northern England. A cold night


for Northern England, particularly in more rural spots, frosty and I


see for some and some of the snow really blowing around over higher


ground in Scotland. Strong wind and further snow to take us into


tomorrow. It may well make for some tricky travelling conditions. The


forecast for tomorrow in the southern half of the UK's quite


tricky. We have got mild air bumping into colder air. The boundary