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Here in the South East tonight... for the news where you are.


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn calls for Southern Rail


to be renationalised, as strikes halt the service again.


We'll be live in Hove with the latest.


Creating more grammars is a distraction, says


the new head of Ofsted, sparking a political row


Although we stayed dry and mild for tomorrow, warnings of snow for


Thursday. -- although we stay. There's still no end in sight


to the latest strike hitting Southern Railway,


which has seen hundreds of thousands of travellers in the South East


experience another The walkout - over the role


of conductors on trains - is being backed by Labour leader


Jeremy Corbyn, but the Labour MP for Hove, Peter Kyle,


says there is "a lot of blame to go round" while passengers


continue to suffer. Day 31 of the Southern strike


and these were the reactions of people returning


to Tunbridge Wells tonight, some of them having travelled


three hours to get home. All I say is the Government,


the unions and the franchise people, Govia, get together, get your heads


together, because it's There's nothing we can do,


they need to sort it out. People losing their jobs,


that's the worst thing. So the unions have got


something to answer for. That certainly wasn't


the view of the Labour leader this morning, though,


telling national BBC radio that the Government was simply


protecting a failing company I would want that franchise brought


back into the public ownership and public sector,


because after all we provide the rails, we provide the trains


and they make the profits Reacting to that on BBC


South East earlier tonight, it was clear Labour are not united


on this issue. What really worries me


about Jeremy's comments today and the Government's comments is it


does seem that both of those groups The Government refuses to criticise


Southern, Jeremy refuses Meanwhile the two sides paid


to provide the service continued The train company relied once again


on the latest findings Last week the Chief Rail


Inspectorate has said that the way that we're operating is perfectly


safe and that DOO The unions stressed once again


that they are not prepared to run trains with only one member of staff


on board to watch the doors. Southern say they will always aim


to have two on board but if one is sick the train


will still depart. It is the big sticking point


but the word compromise We've tried to negotiate


with the company to find a solution to the issue


of driver-only operation. You know, we have been


prepared to compromise, despite what the company


are telling the public. So another day of disruption


on the Southern rail network. And there are still five more strike


days planned this month, including action tomorrow


and on Friday this week. Well, John Young joins us now


from outside Hove station. It is all quiet there this evening,


what can we expect tomorrow? More of the same. Extraordinary scenes


tonight, all locked up and everybody has gone home. This time yesterday


viewers who were watching may remember I was reporting on


Southern's plans to lay on buses to take passengers to the South Eastern


trains. Some people said, please don't use them too much because it


could be very crowded. It seems that people heeded the warnings. What


happens next? The buses will be laid on tomorrow and Friday but Southern


told me they would review the situation and decide whether they


will offer the bus service again for the strikes at the end of this


month. A woman whose partner was killed


in the Shoreham Airshow disaster has Giovanna Chirico, from Worthing,


was due to marry Mark Trussler, who was one of 11 men killed


when a Hawker Hunter jet crashed She's due to appear before


magistrates next month, charged with possession


of the Class B drug amphetamine, A plane made an emergency landing


this morning at Gatwick Airport after a bird strike damaged


an engine as it took Passengers described a loud thud


from the left engine They were transferred


into an alternative flight 12 acres of Thanet parkland will be


restored to its Victorian heyday, thanks to a ?1.7 million grant


from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Ellington Park in Ramsgate


was created in the 1890s, but has suffered decades


of damage and neglect. The money will help reinstate


original Victorian features, improve play facilities and provide


a cafe. A jury has been told a woman


from Sussex who was killed by her ex-husband had her body


hidden under rubble for 12 years Natalia Wilkanowska,


from Eastbourne, disappeared after travelling to Luton to meet


Gerald Doherty in 2003. Her body was finally found in 2015


in a garden in the town. Sara Smith has been following


the story and joins us now. Sara, it's her two former


brothers-in-law who are Yes, her ex-husband killed himself


in 20th -- in 2003, just before she went missing. In court it was said


that his elder brother many years that his elder brother many years


later told the family that he, the -- he and the ex-husband had killed


her. Her body was found in a garden in Luton owned by another brother,


buried under piles of rubble. Both brothers, Joseph Doherty and Daniel


Doherty, are on trail for both hiding the fact of her death and


hiding her body. What more to the court say about her death? The


pathologist told the jury she had been killed by a blow to the head


caused by a third party. The cause of death could not be established.


The couple had been married for 23 years, separating just a couple of


years before this happened, and the two brothers who are in court now


denying all of the charges against them.


The new Chief Inspector of Schools for England has sparked


a political row tonight, after describing government


proposals to create more grammar schools as "a distraction".


Amanda Spielman, who's just taken over at Ofsted,


says Theresa May's plans won't help to make


But Kent MPs who've campaigned to create new grammar places


are saying she was wrong to "step out of line" and speak out


Building new grammar schools is currently illegal


but here in Sevenoaks work is well under way on the first new


This, however, is classed as an annexe to an existing


Critics say that's a way of bypassing the law but Theresa May


wants to allow new grammars in their own right.


In an interview with The Guardian, though, Ofsted chief inspector


Amanda Spielman says, "For me, it's a distraction


I don't see it as something that has much to do with making


the most of every school, of Ofsted making the most


of its work and contributing to system improvement."


Her comments have angered supporters of Theresa May's plans.


A new flagship agenda for this government is widely supported,


particularly by people in Kent, and civil servants should not step


out of line and start talking against the Government's agenda.


Now it is time for civil servants to do what they should be doing -


supporting the Government and advising the Government


in private but not going public with their concerns.


But opponents of grammars say Amanda Spielman is quite


It is only her first few days as Chief Inspector


and she is plainly determined to base her policy judgments


In Sevenoaks, set to benefit from new grammar places,


there is no shying away from the debate.


It is very hard for them at ten to take the test.


We should look at other ways of the children


I'm a real fan of aspiration and allowing children to be given


the best education that we can through the state system.


I think there are certain pupils that are at that level,


that have got that sort of knowledge already inside them, that should be


The Government didn't want to comment today on the criticisms


from the new Ofsted chief other than to say expanding and creating


new grammar-school places would create more good school places.


As regards this site, when it opens later this year those


behind it say it will be a major milestone in the


Now let's see what's in store with the weather for the next couple


Rachel, not looking too bad tomorrow, but...


But then as we get to Thursday the risk of some snow. For tomorrow we


will be staying mild, temperatures in the morning nine or 10 degrees,


but this bitterly cold north-westerly wind. By the time we


get to Thursday the risk of some snow, with weather warnings in


place. Earlier this afternoon clearer skies, which we hold onto


overnight tonight initially but there will be a bit more cloud cover


towards the hours of tomorrow morning. Very mild overnight lows of


around six or 7 degrees, very mild. Initially dry but then we have this


cold front, behind it much colder air and breezy as well. Some patchy


drizzle around and temperatures reaching nine or 10 degrees. Once


the front clears through, behind it temperatures fall away, more like


six or seven by the end of the day. Wednesday into Thursday we hold onto


that bitterly cold north-westerly wind. Overnight temperatures around


two or three degrees, feeling a lot cooler. Initially dry but we will be


seeing rain and the risk of some scattered snow showers, particularly


at the tail end of the of the week, and to start the


weekend as well. For more on that snow situation, over to Jay Wynne