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Tonight, Southern rail commuters prepare for more disruption as Aslef


drivers know I'm strike tomorrow. We will be live in Eastbourne with the


latest. How well has the Newtown of Crawley


lived up to its founders' expectations?


And it is turning much colder by Thursday with the risk of snow


showers. Southern rail commuters


are preparing for a day of total disruption tomorrow,


as Aslef union members begin It comes despite a meeting


between Sussex MPs and the Transport Secretary this afternoon,


where the deadlock in the long-running dispute


over the introduction of Driver Only Operation


on trains was discussed. Following our debate programme,


aired earlier this evening, there have been discussions


between Southern bosses and the RMT union -


but no indication yet that either Our political editor


Helen Catt reports. Passengers returning home tonight


know this evening is the last time they will be able to catch


a train for at least 48 hours, as Southern drivers


prepare to walk out again. Their union says an offer to join


any new talks has not I have not been invited,


I'm not sure what the We have had correspondence


seeking talks based said that we will not be shackled


by any preconditions. At a special BBC South East


debate screened earlier, Southern and the conductors' union,


the RMT, repeatedly clashed over the key issue in the disputes,


whether or not it is safe to run We are not removing a second


person from the train. There will be a second


safety-trained person There will be a second


safety-trained person on more trains than there were at the start


of this dispute. Tell the public you will


guarantee a safety-critical We will roster a second


safety-trained person on as many trains as had


them before this debate. After the recording finished,


they went into discussion and it was recognised


that there is a need Tonight, the RMT told us lines


of communication remained open. We are definitely


looking for a solution. We think there is a solution


that is viable and there are We hope that Southern get together


with us when we meet with the same attitude,


the can-do attitude to getting a resolution


to the dispute that everybody How many more people have to leave


their jobs or lose their jobs and have their family life


significantly disrupted May I add, these are not


down to just strikes, they were bad before


the strikes started. In Westminster tonight, more talks


between South East MPs and the Transport Secretary.


He is under no illusion that the performance of Southern has


been not good of the last 18 months and he has said he will tackle that.


Once this is resolved, we need to tackle performance


But for angry, frustrated passengers facing another week


of reduced services, talk without action


Well, from tomorrow passengers face more disruption,


as the drivers' union Aslef start three days of strikes this week,


with three further days planned later this month.


Let's join our reporter John Young now, who's


to the dispute tomorrow that could see passengers who use


Southeastern trains sucked into this dispute?


Yes, very bad news if you rely on South-eastern Trains. Your trains


might be much more crowded than usual, because Southern and laying


on buses to take their passengers via text hill to Hastings. In Arc


and Crowborough buses will be taking passengers to Tunbridge Wells. In


Oxton there will be buses heading to Southern eats -- Southern Oaks --


Sevenoaks. Southern said they want only essential travellers to use the


services because they say tomorrow it will be exceptionally busy with


the buses and on South-eastern Trains.


We can return to our political editor, Helen Catt, now.


Helen, has there been any change in the political


Not really. The government has been pretty consistently sticking to the


line that the unions need to back down, we heard that repeated earlier


Worthing and shorten. If anything Worthing and shorten. If anything


that has hardened since last week when the regulator Rip -- produced


its second report saying that with some changes that Southern needs to


put in place driver only services are safe. The Prime Minister is a


crow spokesman said that Theresa May still thinks the Southern strikes


are still creating unfair disruption the people. -- the Prime Minister's


Questions spokesman. If you And if you missed the debate you can


see it on the BBC iPlayer - search for Southern Rail Crisis -


and you can join the debate on our Facebook page and on Twitter


using the hashtag @SouthernStrike, on our Facebook page and on Twitter


using the hashtag #SouthernStrike, and our Local Live pages are also


covering the story. Brighton health bosses say


they are going to stop funding prescriptions of painkillers


for some, in a bid to save half The Brighton and Hove Clinical


Commissioning Group say they want people to think more before


they book a GP appointment - and say that the savings made by not


incurring prescription costs for cheaper drugs such


as paracetamol will help The historic Leas Lift


in Folkestone could close The Health and Safety Executive says


the braking system on the Victorian water-powered lift is unsafe,


and the operators say improvements costing ?80,000


would be too expensive. 70 years ago the Government made


the formal decision that 6,000 acres of Sussex farmland should be given


over to the creation of a new town, based around the ancient


village of Crawley. Today more than 100,000


people live there. As Piers Hopkirk reports,


the experience of building new towns has shaped our planning system ever


since. NEWSREEL: On the Kent and Sussex


border, only 30 miles from London, Its population is around 7000


and its quaint old high street with its timbered houses is among


the most picturesque in Britain. It is 70 years to the day


since Crawley was chosen A giant expansion in rural


development to ease overcrowding I have much pleasure in opening this


road and in naming it Manor Royal. Designed to provide homes for both


families and business, Crawley was a place that


would arrive on the map The New Town was designed


by Anthony Minoprio and today his son returned to see


again his father's vision. How proud was your father


of what he had created here? If you produce a town with parks


and trees and shrubs and nice things to look out,


it is going to be a very nice place to live, and my father was always


very keen that the towns that he created should be


user-friendly and that he would The town's growth has been matched


and indeed fuelled by the expansion A report today suggested Gatwick


could support an extra The future of Crawley as a great


New Town success and Gatwick Around a third of Gatwick's giant


workforce comes from Crawley. So what do the New Town's


new generation think I think it has attracted a load


of different people, we have a great local economy now


and I think it is a really attractive place for


people to come and live. Recently Crawley has had a lot


of investment into the town centre and the surrounding area and it has


got a lot better. Seven new garden towns


are on the way, including Ebbsfleet in Kent, but it was Crawley


that was at the forefront Brighton have drawn Lincoln


or Ipswich Town in the fourth The Seagulls' away fixture will be


played between the 27th In a moment the national


weather forecast but first let's get the picture


in the South East by Thursday there is the risk of


some snow. It is a week of two halves, we start very mild, breezy,


potentially rain at times. By Thursday a slightly drier picture


but with the risk of wintry showers. Through tonight there has been some


rain, that has cleared. We start the day tomorrow dry and bright and


actually quite mild. By the afternoon we will see a bit more


cloud cover, potentially a bit of drizzle as well, and relatively


mild, potentially highs of nine or ten along the coast. A westerly


breeze stays with us through tomorrow night, rain for a time


which clears through. Behind it, overnight temperatures six or 7


degrees. Mostly dry for Wednesday. As we head through the afternoon the


westerly winds go to a northerly direction, Italy colder over into


Thursday. precipitation we get will be of a


wintry nation and Thursday is one we have to watch out for. The weekend


outlook, it stays chilly with a northerly wind and possibly frosty


nights. The national weather forecast