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Gove and Labour's Brexit Secretary Kier Starmer as well. Join me now on


BBC Two. That's Newsnight Today's main headlines


in the South East: A six figure compensation deal


for family of Frances Cappucini We'll be live in Tunbridge


Wells with the details. A nearly 5% rise in council tax


and ?17 million in cuts in East Sussex


County Council's budget. And after a cloudy treacherously


starts to the working week, cold crisp weather is back again


tomorrow. The family of Frances Cappuccini


have already reached a six figure agreement for compensation


following her death at a Kent hospital,


this programme has learned. She died in Tunbridge Wells Hospital


after giving birth to her second son Today a coroner ruled that "failures


and inadequate diagnosis Tom Cappuccini has now spent four


and a half years looking after Today, a coroner


ruled his wife, their mother, died because of the failures,


inadequate diagnosis, and treatment she received


as Tunbridge Wells hospital. Now, tonight, this programme


can reveal a compensation pay-out has been agreed between


the hospital trust and Francis I would expect it to exceed a sum


of ?100,000, and may be one significantly beyond that,


but that is speculation, but it would be a significant


sum because of the age of the person that's been lost,


here, and the young age of the Over the past two weeks,


this complicated inquest has unearthed the scale of what went


on at Tunbridge Wells hospital when Francis Cappuccini


arrived in October 2012. The court heard about confusion


over the identity of An expert told the inquest how


he still doesn't know who that Later, the coroner was told


how doctors involved in Frances Cappuccini's


emergency care had to wait up to ten minutes for the vital


drugs needed to treat her. And today, the coroner ruled


Mrs Cappuccini's Caesarean section, after a 12 hour labour,


wasn't carried out a piece of placenta


being left in her uterus. By the time it was removed,


she had lost four pints of During the hearing it was suggeste


y the family's lawyer these errors may have not been made


if Francis Cappuccini's wish for an immediate Caesarean


section were followed. Much of the criticism heard


in court focused on one particular doctor, anaesthetist


Dr Aziz, and claims that he took Frances Cappuccini's


breathing tube out too soon. How he required consultant


supervision, and how Dr Aziz had made a mistake


with worrying parallels seven months earlier, and how that error had been


removed from NHS reports. Charges against Dr Aziz


were dropped, and now in Pakistan. Charges against Dr Aziz were


dropped, and he's now in Pakistan. Another doctor involved in


France's Cappuccini's care, Dr WeiWei Myatt is now


said to be in Burma. Neither of them appeared


at his inquest. Failures of Tunbridge Wells


and Maidstone NHS Trust, and those employed by the trust,


cost Frankie her life. At least today, after over four


years, the truth is acknowledged. Well, this evening, I've spoken


to a representative of the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust


and he told me about changes which have


already been put in place, there. They include changes to record


keeping, staff training, and the way Our reporter Ian Palmer is at


the Tunbridge Wells hospital now. Ian, besides the pay-out, the trust


has apologised to Mr Cappucini. That's right. Maidstone and


Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust has apologised sincerely to the Taiwan


Micra family time and amongst the changes it has made, mentioned in


the report, is the escalation of serious incidents procedure. This


four and a half year legal battle has come to an end, as we know, but


life without Frances Cappuccini with as a wife and mother is just


beginning. East Sussex County Council


is planning to raise council tax by almost 5% and make millions


of poundsworth of cuts Council tax is to go up by 4.99% -


That's the maximum allowed without It means an average


homeowner will pay an extra It means an average homeowner


will pay an extra ?62 a year. But the council says in order


to avoid going into the red, they'll need to cut ?17 million


pounds over the next I haven't gone for this yet,


it is a recommendation from officers to the Cabinet which will be


discussed on the 24th of this month, but,


of course, we have two options. We can either go for


a higher increase in council tax or make further cuts


to adult social care. The largest changes will be


to adult social care - in a complex arrangement,


the overall budget will drop by ?8.5 million -


but, most of that - ?7 million - will come from working more


closely with the NHS. However, one and a half million


will be cut from services, Children's services will also


see significant cuts - of ?3.5 million leading


to shorter hours for Children's Centres and no


direct funding of the Duke I think it will be a real big


shame to lose the D of E scheme in Esat Sussex because it's


such a large award, it's recognised It gets people to do things both


educational, social, physical. They get out into the


countryside, do volunteering different languages,


different activities, and I think that because there's


so little else to do, because these services has been


closed, it will be a big loss to Our reporter Chrissie


Reidy joins me. Is this better or worse


than expected? Originally, cuts were estimated at


some 24 million, so I guess it is better, as you heard their residents


will have to pay higher council tax. Now 4.99% is due to the government


giving dispensation to raise it by that much, so the money can be


clearly spent on adult social care, so in the social volley-macro


short-term I think it is better but there are of course deeper cuts to


come next year. A soldier will not face prosecution


over the death of a fellow soldier from Sussex in Afghanistan


four years ago. An inquest into the death


of 22-year-old Lance Corporal James Brynin from Shoreham was halted last


year amid concerns that his death may have been a homicide,


rather than so called friendly fire. "insufficient evidence of a


homicide offence". It resumed today after the coroner


decided there was "insufficient evidence of a


homicide offence". A man has been remanded in custody


after a controlled explosion was carried out in of six yesterday.


was carried out at a block of flats in Hassocks on Saturday.


David Smith, who's fifty and unemployed, is charged


with making an explosive substance and possessing an explosive


Dame Vera Lynn is the wartime singer who's best known songs include


The White Cliffs of Dover and We'll Meet Again.


Now, as she approaches her 100th birthday, her family are planning


a star studded tribute concert in her honour.


Dame Vera has lived in Ditchling for many years -


and as Juliet Parkin reports, the concert in March will tell


She was known as the Forces' Sweetheart,


given the title after her tireless dedication during the Second World


War to entertaining the troops, and boosting morale,


Now, her family want to mark her 100th birthday with a special


performance dedicated to her life story.


She was always herself, she never pretended to be anything


The comedian and singer Alexander Armstrong is among


the acts invited to perform one of Vera Lynn's famous songs.


So, too, are classical artist Blake and Hayley Westenra,


and famous actors have been booked to narrate her story.


Those who served in World War II remember how she came


to even the most hostile of places to perform.


Dame Vera Lynn was awarded the Burma Star


in the 1980s for her time there.


She has appeared at numerous veterans' events in East Sussex.


On the first occasion I saw her there I was


clearing dishes away, I said...


And I said, "Well, I'll go and wash them."


And she rolled her sleeves up and washed the dishes


# Don't know where, don't know when...


Even at the age of 92, Dame Vera went to the


She says her life has been an incredible


The national forecast Will be here in a moment,


but first let's get the picture in the Southeast


with Rachel Mackley. Rachel.


And the weather this week is much calmer than last week. An area of


high pressure over the next couple of those, lots of sunshine as a


bitterly cold, but more clouds around the end of the week. Staying


dry. Going to tonight clearer skies being once again temperatures for


the wild, a frosty start to do the day for Tuesday. Those of minors or


-3 in more rubles slots. Lots of sunshine really from the word go, a


crisp, cold winters day, and by the afternoon temperatures reached highs


of around two or three degrees. Dental easterly breezes, but a


bitterly cold day. Clear skies meet ambitious fall away from Tuesday,


and over Wednesday it is a cold night, temperatures plummeting. Lows


of -3 or minus four degrees, so bitterly cold as you start with a on


Wednesday. Lots of sunshine around by the afternoon, temperatures doing


well to get much above two or three degrees, and with a gentle easterly


breeze perhaps feeling cooler even than the numbers suggest. They then


into Thursday, lots more cloud cover around, temperatures once again


three or 4 degrees. He is the perhaps a little milder. If you like


the mild weather, you'll have to head elsewhere in the country. Find


out more in the national weather forecast. Our weather is going


against normal expectations this week. In Highland Scotland some snow


to be seen on the hills. Temperatures as high as 12 Celsius


today. Over the next few days the coldest air is in the far south-east


of England where there is sunshine to be had. Four or five Celsius in


Kent. Differences remain over the next few days and here is why. I


pressure in control of the weather. Some clear a continental air, but


coming into Scotland from the Atlantic plenty of clouds around.


Outbreaks of rain through Scotland and Northern Ireland overnight,


patchy drizzle into parts


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