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Today's main headlines in the South East:


The family of a Sussex soldier killed in friendly fire


say his comrade has "blood on his hands",


The Aslef drivers' union suspends next week's rail strikes ahead


We're at Three Bridges with the latest.


And we have a bitterly cold night to night, lots of sunshine for tomorrow


and another cold crisp winter 's day.


A Sussex soldier shot dead in Afghanistan in a so-called


"friendly fire" incident lost his life because a comrade


"did not take sufficient care" and fired in the wrong direction.


That's the conclusion of an inquest into the death


The coroner criticised the Ministry of Defence for showing


"a complete lack of empathy" towards the Brynin family.


Bonds Corporal James Brynin was described as an outstanding soldier


who was immensely popular. His dental in Afghanistan cannot at the


hands of the Taliban but instead a comrade. Lance Corporal Mark Kelly


shooting James dead under fire in the wrong direction during a million


operation. The coroner said today there was insufficient evidence to


return a conclusion of unlawful killing. The obvious disappointment


of his family. Whilst we are very upset and disappointed that having


waited so long for this lengthy process to conclude, no charges and


punishment and genuine guilt has be acknowledged, it is and has always


been our opinion that Kelly knew what he had done within moments.


Rather than acknowledging he did run he instead stays to step back and


the simple fact remains that his errors led directly to our son's


death, he has and for ever will have James's blood on his hands. Gems of


the 400 member of the forces killed in Afghanistan. The event by Mr paid


this tribute. He was a highly talented and professional soldier,


and our thoughts are with his family friends and colleagues, at this very


difficult time. He has made the ultimate sacrifice and we must never


forget him. It was on October 15 2015 Lance Corp will brine and was


killed. Bullet analysis to revealed it was friendly fire. In March 2015


and inquest was adjourned over it concerns it may have been homicide.


In November his family were told no charges would be brought against


Lance Corporal Mark Kelly who fired the fatal shot. James Brynin's


father appeared on a reality show. Did you do this because you wanted


to feel what your son has been through? I think there is an element


of that. If Dems had not been killed, I probably wouldn't be here.


The report concluded that James Brynin had been killed at the hand


of a disoriented colleague, who had simply not taken enough care was


cheating. -- whilst shooting. Well our reporter Charlie Rose has


been following the story. Charlie what else did


the coroner have to say? the coroner said she would write a


letter of concern to the Ministry of Defence over the way it has managed


the family. The inquest heard they had only found out it was friendly


fire three months after his death. The coroner said there appeared to


have been a complete lack of empathy and the family had been let down,


she said. Tonight, the Ministry of Defence said it would consider


criticisms, and consider them carefully. It said this evening its


thoughts were with Lance Corporal brine in's family and friends.


The train drivers union Aslef has suspended next week's strikes,


with talks with Southern Rail management set to


The talks will be jointly chaired by the general


secretary of the TUC - and the human resources director


of rail company Abelio, which runs ScotRail trains.


From midnight tonight the overtime ban which had caused continuing


In addition three days of strike scheduled for Tuesday 24th,


Wednesday 25th and Friday 27th next week have all been suspended.


But the RMT union which represents conductors is not involved


in the talks, and their strike set for next Monday is currently


We opposite Leask duck and where the network grows to a halt is when


train drivers refuse to operate the Trent at all. That is what the talks


are trying to solve. It is probably best where if we start the train


drivers and then once we have solved that dispute and I hope we can we


pick and then talk to the RMT to try and solve their dispute as well. I


implore both sides and government to get round the table, do so with an


open spirited manner, and do what it takes to be on the side of


passengers. Both sides be open to concession. Both sides be open


spirited, let's get this done. We are already over the cliff, we


aren't on the cliff edge, we are over the cliff, we have one chance


to get back on top. Let's take it well at seems it with both hands.


We are joined by three Bridges railway station. These talks have


been described by the Department for Transport as intensive, Southern


says it's important and significant developments. What kind of reactions


have you found among commuters this evening?


Rob, I'm afraid I didn't sense much hope from commuters arriving home


here at three bridges, if anything, I sensed the frustration and anger


that this dispute is still ongoing. It's just gone on so long. I just


don't know who's right and who's wrong any more. Not very optimistic,


of course, the whole process is the worst it has been in 30 years, I


have committed 30 years and something must change. I am very


frustrated and annoyed, disappointed, wondering when it will


end. And I can't CNN an end to really. Despite their frustration


and anger, those talks are taking place, the Aslef strike action has


been suspended but of course the RNC action is still going ahead. Yes,


the Aslef say they have suspended the strikes. That doesn't mean they


are withdrawn. If these talks tomorrow with the TUC 's collapse,


the strike could still go ahead, and of course Aslef is mainly for the


drivers, and there is a massive impact when they go on strike. The


RMT strike is expected to go ahead on Monday but one thing that is


still unclear is that there are still a handful of RMT drivers that


usually mirror the Aslef strike, and it is unclear as yet what they will


do. I guess it depends on how productive these fresh talks are


tomorrow. Christie, thank you. A businessman accused of blighting


a Kent village with a mountain The University of Sussex has issued


a face-to-face apology by a student attacked by her lecturer. The


lecturer was allowed to continue for ten months until resigning last


year. The University reported on the case come out with concluding it


and failed to communicate with its and failed to communicate with its


effective in a professional manner. An 18-year-old boy has been taken to


fast food are struggling Brighton fast food are struggling Brighton


this evening. Sussex Police were called to the incident on London


Road and McDonald's before five o'clock. They were looking for a


mixed-race man in his late teens with a scar above his eye.


A businessman accused of blighting a Kent village with a mountain


of discarded mattresses was operating illegally


Lewis Bertram is accused of allowing thousands of mattresses,


bed frames and textiles to be dumped at the site


The Environment Agency brought the charges


Sara Smith has sent this report from Canterbury Crown Court.


The view from the air of one area of the estate. Mattresses piled five


metres high and weighing more than 2000 tonnes a jury heard. Defendant


Lewis Bertram who ran his business he had a licence to recycle


mattresses at the site, but breaking them down into textiles was his


goal. The limit was 1000 tonnes. All storage and processing had to be


carried out inside the buildings. The jury was told the huge pile of


mattresses could be a fire risk and that some material was escaping into


a nearby watercourse. Posing a possible environmental hazard as


well. When neighbours complained, the Environment Agency which


controlled such activities and issues the licences paid the site


the first of many visits. Today, one of the agency's officers said Mr


Bertram had been given plenty of time to deal with the mattress


mountain, but had failed to do so. Instead, continuing to trade here.


After tonight's FA Cup replay, we now know who Brighton will face


Lincoln City beat Ipswich Town with a goal in the final


Their win sets up a match against the Seagulls


The national weather forecast will be in a moment,


but first let's get the picture in the South East


It will be cold overnight? Yes, that's right. A dark and crisp day


for tomorrow, similar to today. I pressure to thank for that. Lots of


sunshine this afternoon, highs of three or 4 degrees, and clear skies


overnight meaning to do is plummet. Temperatures reached lows of -3 or 4


degrees in moral leg-macro more rural areas. Bitterly cold starts to


Wednesday but sunshine from the word go, so haute onto the area of high


pressure for us and the south-east corner, lots of sunshine and a Dane


a gentle easterly breeze as five to ten mph, and by the afternoon


temperatures creep up two or three degrees, feeling bitterly cold but


lots of brightness. Make the most of it, it would be lasting. Wednesday


Thursday we see more cloud, slightly left cold temperatures above


freezing along the coast but more rural spots dropping 2-1, so some


patchy frost as we start Thursday. It is a settled picture lots of


cloud cover, and temperatures by the afternoon reaching highs of eight or


9 degrees, similarly on Friday. Here is the outlook


from time to time. Staying settled still. Nick has the national


forecast this evening. Hello. If you are watching the


football earlier it turned out to be an evening for football fans in


Lincolnshire. This is how it looked at the start of the day. No idea


whether this weather watcher is a football fan, it's a fan of weather


that matters here. All sorts of weather, from 13 in Aberdeenshire to


two, despite the sunshine in Kent. I wonder if this six in the cloud


across the Midlands into northern England and parts of Wales felt


colder, particularly in these misty and foggy conditions in this weather


watcher view. Some drizzly rain around at times still from the


thicker cloud into parts of England and Wales overnight, hill fog too.


Cloud for Scotland and Northern Ireland, although a few breaks in


eastern Scotland and close to freezing, but the coldest weather




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