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Minister's exit Strang. Join me now on BBC Two.


Today's main headlines in the south-east:


Crisis talks are held after a teacher was the victim


of an alleged serious assault by a pupil at a Kent school.


Southern Rail promises a full timetable next week as Aslef


suspends strike action and talks are said to be constructive.


And we started today with the lows of minus seven degrees and another


bitterly cold night to come. Crisis talks have been taking place


tonight after a teacher was allegedly assaulted by a pupil


at a Kent school. Teachers had been considering strike


action over concerns that the student at St Gregory's


Catholic School in Tunbridge Wells Following the talks


the National Union of Teachers say they feel progress has been made


with the school and that industrial action is no longer


an immediate prospect. The incident happened before


Christmas, when students were described as being


in high spirits. The child was suspended


but is now back at school, Parents today backed concerns


raised by the teachers. I can understand that the teachers


want to ballot to strike I think the child should be


expelled or bring the parent in to sort out


the situation. In a letter to parents, the school


said please be assured that the school


has followed procedures They say they have been working


closely with the union A recent survey found four in ten


teachers have experienced Last year, the Government scrapped


the no-touch rules that stop teachers removing


disruptive pupils from class, The head ought to weigh up


all the factors. Is a particular one-off


strong incident? And there are very tight


rules, because government is trying to get the number


of permanent exclusions down. People I've spoken to here in


Southborough say we should all feel safe when we go to work,


and that includes teachers. You shouldn't feel, you know,


unsafe in your workplace. That should never be a scenario that


should ever have to happen, that the teacher should feel


they are in a position When you know that something has


happened and there is a pupil that could then cause problems again,


it probably needs to be stamped out because then


every other pupil sees it Talks between the trust and union


finished this evening. Chrissie's here now, how much do


we know about what exactly happened? Well, we know it was serious enough


for the teacher to have to seek medical attention. As you have


heard, following the talks earlier this evening, the NUT say they have


made progress and are not looking at immediate industrial action. They


say they are trying to put in place a plan other pupil can remain at the


school and they plan to discuss that with the teachers, but tonight, the


trust really wants to reiterate that they are fully committed to the


safety of both the teachers and the pupils the school.


Hard-hit Southern Rail passengers have been promised the return


It comes after Aslef, the train drivers' union,


suspended three days of strikes next week, as well as an overtime ban,


to allow fresh peace talks to take place.


Southern says it will run more than 70% of its trains next Monday


when RMT Union action is taking place - that's 10% more


of its normal timetable than operated on previous strike days.


And routes which were previously suspended -


including Eastbourne to Hastings and Lewes to Haywards Heath -


Could the talks going on behind these walls finally bring an end


Southern's bold announcement that services will return


to pre-industrial action levels next week suggest the train company's


confident, something even the Prime Minister reflected today.


I hope that those sitting around the table are going to ensure


that we can see an agreement reached which enables passengers to actually


get on with their lives, get on with their jobs and not


suffer the misery that was brought about by the strike


After months of disruption from overtime bans, increased staff


sickness days and all-out strikes, yesterday, Aslef, the train drivers'


union, announced it was suspending action while talks took place.


The hope this time at the TUC that they'll get somewhere.


That's why Aslef has called for these high-level discussions,


because we need to get this resolved and as people have been saying,


it's about time the railway started providing the service


And these talks appear to be the cue for Southern


This isn't just people going out for a day,


these are people trying to get to work.


We have got young people trying to get university,


because there is no university in the constituency.


People trying to get a hospital appointments.


So really crucial journeys became an all-day experience at times


and people will be very pleased that the train services back.


How confident are Southern's passengers that all will be


If they are saying that they are going to do something about it,


then I'm fairly confident because they seem to have been


pretty strongly no up to now, so I would say 76%.


Because it's been going on for so long, I just don't have


From staff and passengers to management and ministers,


there'll be a lot of fingers crossed over the next few days.


This news must come as a great relief for commuters down there?


Yes, Polly, that's because the people here are finally getting


their trains back after putting up with replacement buses full such a


long time. This evening, the latest on those talks between Aslef, the


train drivers' union and Southern have been described as constructive


and will resume tomorrow but tonight, the local MP here says


despite the progress, she plans to hold an adjournment debate on Friday


because the normal southern rail service is still inadequate, she


says. A further 532 homes have


been given planning permission tonight as part


of the Ebbsfleet Up to 1,500 new jobs will also


be created on the site of an old cement works,


as well as food and drink outlets along the Thames


and pedestrian and cycle routes. 15,000 homes are set to be built


over 15 years to create the Garden City around the site


of Ebbsfleet International Station. Hastings is to receive


a share of ?12 million as part of the Government's


new "research schools" initiative. It's been chosen as a so-called


"opportunity area" that will improve the quality of teaching in deprived


parts of England. The Education Secretary says


it will build better relationships between schools,


colleges and careers services. Eurotunel today unveiled its latest


security initiative - a fleet of drones -


which combined with 570 CCTV cameras and miles of fencing have


created what it calls Both the British and


French governments have The company says there were 21,000


break-in attempts last year. But despite this, no


services were halted. In addition to the new measures,


Eurotunnel has committed to spending 20 million euros each


year on security. A fancy video and a fanfare praising


French and British co-operation has That was the view of one French


official at the launch of new security measures


in Coquelles today. The boss of the Channel Tunnel says


cutting edge technology has made We have electronic fences,


infrared barriers, cameras, and we can do, either day or night,


full control of the general. and we can do, either day or night,


full control of the terminal. I witnessed the final days


of the migrant camp known as the Jungle last year,


but will the heightened security at Eurotunnel stop services


being disrupted in the future? I would say the measures


we have taken place, the figures we now see


of intrustions into the site has reflected the tremendous work


that's gone on between governments and with the Eurotunnel to put


in infrastructure measures The new security centre,


with its drones and 570 cameras, It's unclear how much of that was


paid by the British Government. But one MP in Kent says a secure


Eurotunnel site in Calais It's all about making


the route secure. We want a very strong message to go


out, don't try and make your way towards Calais or Coquelles


with the hope of coming into the country without papers


because the border is secure. and that is not


a route into the UK. And the French authorities


agree the migrant camp has been dismantled,


they say the threat is still there. we'll have the national


weather in a moment. First, here's the forecast


for the south-east with Rachel. Good evening. Well, it has been a


crisp, cold, winters day. Lots of sunshine and as we go through


tonight, clearer skies mean once again temperatures plummet. Not


quite as chilly as last night, we saw loads of -7 but tonight, in


countryside sports, temperatures likely to drop to -24 minus three.


So we get a frosty start to Thursday. -- -2 or minus three. For


us in the south-east corner, a good deal of sunshine, a bit more cloud


than we have been seen of late so by the afternoon, temperatures a little


less cold, today we had highs of two or three degrees, tomorrow more like


five or six. The wind is no from a north-easterly direction but still


very light as we go into Friday. Again, less cold for the most part,


temperatures just about hovering above freezing in towns and cities,


so a cold start to the day for Friday. More cloud around and still


that area of high pressure, it will be trite and settled, temperatures


creeping up, highs of eight or 9 degrees and towards the weekend,


holding on to the area of high pressure, settled picture and


staying dry. Here is the outlook in the south-east.


next few days, no great changes over the next few days, more sunshine on


the way. Despite high-pressure sitting across


the country so only slow changes in the weather, we have had a variety


of different


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