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One of the south-east's biggest hospital trusts has been


on the highest possible state of alert since Christmas,


meaning patient safety has been compromised every day


And there's a warning to patient groups that the Royal Sussex


Hospital in Brighton is expecting to continue in that


Our health Correspondent Mark Norman has more.


Another week, another insight into the pressure the NHS is under.


This trust has been at the heart of the highest state of alert every


The impact is being felt by patients.


I was taken to A and I had to sleep in A


I was just sitting there and said, any


There are four levels of alert, Opel 4 is the highest,


The trust told us its staff were working


hard to give patients the emergency care they needed and it was making


improvements to help with the flow of patients.


However, the impact on patients is concerning some.


Some who have been in hospital, as soon


as they are ready to go home, or likely to be asked to go home,


the support systems in the community,


whether it is family or friends or a service


that they pay for, provided by the local council, they are


At least three other trusts in Kent and Sussex went


to the highest level of alert last week.


All our trusts failed to hit the specific target for A


At Durham Valley, they even took to social media to encourage former


staff members to come back and cover shifts.


For our members, they would say they are at the end of their


Most organisations across the system had been working at high


While Brighton is not in the worst performing trust, it is under


pressure and is telling patient groups it doesn't expect to come out


A Sussex teenager who admitted selling thousands of pounds worth


of fake festival tickets has been sentenced to 21 months in a young


Benjamin Hyland-Ward from Saltdean, left hundreds of people disappointed


after taking ?60,000 for tickets that he failed


to produce for the Bestival event on the Isle of Wight


The 19-year-old had pleaded guilty at Lewes Crown Court.


Two members of a drugs gang have been jailed following the discovery


of almost ?8 million worth of cannabis in Sittingbourne.


57-year-old Thomas Cullen from Liverpool was sentenced


and 48-year-old Joseph Graham to 6 years.


Kent Police discovered the drugs when they searched an industrial


Lewes MP Maria Caulfield says she "dreads" the prospect of returning


to what Southern Rail calls a "normal timetable".


A full service is expected to be restored from Tuesday next week


after the train drivers' union ASLEF suspended industrial action.


It's being claimed that Kent grammar schools are forcing some


children to leave halfway through their A-level studies


because their Year 12 grades were not considered good enough.


Parents have told us their children have been made to feel


like failures, separated from their friends, and given just


weeks to find a new place for their final year at


There are 32 grammar schools in Kent.


In the last year, 266 Year 12s, or students in the lower sixth


form, left by the end of the academic year.


Invicta Grammar School had the highest number leave,


Our education correspondent Bryony MacKenzie has more.


Selective education not just from primary to secondary,


but in many cases in year 12 as well.


But for one parent who wanted to remain anonymous,


their child didn't reach the required grades at AS-level


They claim the policy at Invicta Grammar left them


We felt not completing her education with her peers would be detrimental


She just needed more support, mainly with revision techniques.


Whether they acted legally or not, their treatment of our daughter,


and the harshness of pastoral care we received, was shocking.


There is no legislation that allows them to remove students on the


grounds of performance halfway through a course.


Students are asked to sign a home-school agreement at


the beginning of the sixth form course, but that actually


Invicta's sixth form learning agreement states:


If a student is allowed to continue despite serious reservations...


It's a common policy but not one that works at every school.


A lot of them make significant improvements between year 12


and the end of year 13, and I think schools need to have


faith in their own students and to push them hard


Invicta Girls' Grammar denies the claims and says students


are supported and advised about what is best for them.


Bryony MacKenzie, BBC South East Today, Maidstone.


And Brighton have gone back to the top of the Championship this


Anthony Knockaert scored both goals, after 34 minutes and once again five


The national weather forecast coming up, but first let's get the picture


in the south-east with Rachel Mackley.


Lots of sunshine but bitterly cold. Very little changes at the weekend,


dry and cold overnight. It will be chilly during the day as well


despite the sunshine. Tonight, clear skies, temperatures plummeting. -1


minus two Celsius in cities, Google spot a tasty dropping as low as


minus five Celsius. Bitterly cold as we start the day Saturday. The wind


now coming up from the south easterly direction, it is still very


cold. Lots of sunshine and by the afternoon we will see highs of two


or three Celsius. Wrap up warm and keep the heating on. On Sunday, more


of the same. Here is the outlook. feel cooler. Can we keep it going


until the start of the new week? I suspect we can. Unconfirmed about --


concerned about the fog around. Here is Helen with the national picture.


Good evening. The weather is upon us. The cloud has made all the


difference this week in


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