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Today's main headlines in the South East: Will normal


service be resumed on Southern tomorrow, with 12 RMT drivers


We'll be live in Brighton with the details.


A Kent businessman is found guilty of illegally storing


And it is another bitterly cold night tonight with warnings out


about dense fog for tomorrow's rush-hour.


Southern commuters are waiting to see if the promised normal


service to the rail timetable will resume tomorrow.


12 train driver members of the RMT union are on strike tomorrow


and the union is asking for the train drivers union Aslef


It comes as a Conservative MP looks to introduce a private members' bill


to Parliament tomorrow aimed at preventing a repeat


Any commuter arriving to board a Southern train tomorrow with a


spring in their step and the promise of a full and normal timetable once


again could be sorely disappointed. RMT union picket lines are not by


any means a thing of the past. 12 drivers in the union will strike


tomorrow, Wednesday and Friday and are asking the main driver's union,


Aslef, to support them. I think every driver, no matter what union


they are in, it is their fundamental right not to be forced to cross a


picket line. This is not a case of which union, but which side. Gods


walked out today over changes to their role in this dispute. One MP


is now trying to change the law to restrict further walk-outs. Nobody


is saying strikes should be banned and I respect the right to strike,


but he needs to be balanced with the but he needs to be balanced with the


right of the public to get to work and home to see their loved ones.


The bill would mean strikes affecting critical national services


such as rail, tubes, buses and the NHS would have to be


and reasonable in the view of a High and reasonable in the view of a High


Court judge. At a basic level of service should be maintained and be


mandatory to attend talks at the conciliation service to resolve the


dispute. It is politically charged. But it will make it more difficult


for unions and workers to take industrial action. The Government


has not said explicitly if he would back any new law, but there was


support them on passengers. Something needs to be done. I


travelled to Tunbridge Wells every day and it's been a nightmare.


Definitely. The strikes are ridiculous at the moment. Southerner


says it expects to run a full service tomorrow and commuters will


perhaps be wise to exercise some caution in their optimism.


Southern had been keen to say they would be able to run


a full service tomorrow, so how disruptive do we think


We are told the main focus tomorrow will be here in Brighton. But it is


hard to know exactly what the impact of that will be as there are only 12


drivers within the RMT union and it all hinges on whether or not the


Aslef drivers cause the picket lines, but they say they weren't,


while their talks are ongoing. As for the bill go before Parliament


tomorrow, it does have the backing of several MPs, but without the


concrete backing of the Government, it is likely to face a real


challenge. Thank you. And you can follow all the travel


news and the impact of strikes from 6am tomorrow on our local live


services.bbc.co.uk/kent or Sussex. A businessman accused of blighting


a village with a mountain of thousands of discarded mattresses


has been found guilty of having more than double the amount of waste


he was allowed on the site. The mess created at Lewis Bertram's


recycling business in Smarden, was described by villagers


as a living hell. He amassed a mountain of mattresses


that blighted a business estate and will cost more


than ?100,000 to clear. Today, Lewis Bertram was found


guilty on three counts at Canterbury Crown Court of illegally depositing


waste and failing to recycle But there's also been


a financial impact for those who own neighbouring


business units. Well, it was vacant for 18 months


so obviously I lost that rental income for the 18 month


period which is part of my So, yes, it is difficult and,


of course, if you are looking at selling the unit,


it diminishes the value Despite the court action,


the two industrial units and yards The Environment Agency brought this


prosecution but with tonnes of waste on-site, it is unclear who will foot


the bill to remove it. It's clear that the person


who needs to clear this waste is Mr Bertram,


he brought them in so he needs to clear them and that's


what we fully expect But we have heard in court,


he says he has got no money. Again, it's down to Mr Bertram to


clear the waste and that's what we Nearby businesses claim


Lewis Bertram has only removed After he told Canterbury


Crown Court that he earned ?25,000 a year


from running Eco-Matters recycling business,


many fear there will have to be


further legal action before the eyesore is


finally cleared. Budget pressures on schools


will mean fewer after-school clubs, and no pastoral support


and counselling for students struggling


with mental health issues. That's what Liam Collins,


Sussex head teacher at Uplands Community College,


has been telling MPs at The Department for Education said


that school funding for 2016-17 will be at its highest


level on record. So this is our other femur,


what do you think this is? Ofsted said this is a good


school with teaching both good and outstanding


but the head teacher here once they face


the I don't think anyone


really understands the Today he told the influential


Public Accounts Committee that with current funding


levels, his goal will be underfunded to the tune of ?350,000


within three years. The equivalent of losing no


fewer than ten teachers. As a parent, I think


we should be very My son is going into year seven next


year and I am really worried by him in terms of what kind


of school he is going to be going The funding concerns have been


raising an annual survey of more than 1000 schools by National


Association of head teachers. What is particularly


worrying about the findings are passed survey is how


the situation has got worse since We carried out the survey 12


months ago and what we are seeing, for example, is the number


of schools that are finding themselves in deficit has gone


up from eight to 18%. And a number of schools


are preparing to make significant cuts or having


to dip into reserves has gone up by 7%


as Suzanne has three


children at the school. I think other parents


are worried as well. I think the quality


of education might go down, the quality of teaching,


budgets are being cut. Teachers are getting paid less,


some teachers may not be Don't be silly with the sharp bits


and put them in the bin. Huge variations in how much


cash given her people. East Sussex receives half the amount


the City of London does. Kent comes out worse,


receiving just over ?4000 per pupil. Last month, a new national funding


formula within us to address the disparities that that


will not kick in until 2018. The NAHT says the Government


needs to provide more cash still all its pupils


who will pay the price. Simon Jones has been


following the story. Dire warnings from one


headteacher there. What has the Department


for Education had to say? It says funding for schools is at a


record level. Some ?40 billion this financial year. It recognises


however that some schools are facing challenges and they say it is


available to give advice on how to spend money on a cost-effective way.


But the National Audit Office reckons that by 2020 there will be a


?3 billion shortfall in funding. Head teachers say we should see the


education of children not as a cost for the future, be rather an


investment. Labour have joined in, saying it is wrong for headteachers


to choose between laying off staff and investing in new equipment.


Thank you. A man from Deal has appeared


in court today accused of stalking journalist and campaigner Jemima


Khan. 60-year-old Conor Donal O'Mahoney


is believed to have contacted her on social media and sent a taxi


to her home address. He is charged with one


count of stalking, causing serious alarm or distress


to the 42-year-old mother of two, who is also known


as Jemima Goldsmith. Now, let's see what's happening


with the weather for the next few Rachel - the fog is


causing a real problem. Today we had those stubborn mist and


fog patches and in many places, they did not clear. More of the same


tonight. Warnings from the Met office and poor visibility first


thing tomorrow. What is causing that is clearer skies and lighter winds.


This is the weather we have had now for quite a few days. There are


warnings about the risk of high pollution levels tomorrow and we


have concerns. Overnight tonight, temperatures as low as -5 in a rural


spots and about freezing in cities. Bitterly cold tomorrow. Take care if


you're driving in the rush-hour. Visibility is bad first thing. This


high pressure stays with us and by the afternoon, the sunshine may just


about beer. Temperatures for - 5 degrees. Light winds and is by the


brightness, still bitterly cold. Tomorrow night, much of the same.


Clearer skies, lighter winds, mist and fog and temperatures in rural


spots minders or -5 and -2 perhaps in towns and cities. Wednesday,


similar. In the afternoon, temperatures 5-6 . On Thursday, the


winds now coming from the south easterly and


For the weekend we will have dry weather with sunny spells and it


will be a little bit milder. Good evening. We are continuing to


see huge righty in the weather. Getting the detail right is proving


to be a challenge. This was in Pembrokeshire and other parts of the


UK were gloomy throughout the day. The fog is thickening up right now.




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