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Today's main headlines in the South East: Families


of the Shoreham aircrash disaster say a new report into airshow


safety has left them still waiting for answers.


She visited Deal for the New Year's Eve celebrations,


now the hunt is on for the man who left this Kent


It is horrible. So much pain for days afterward. And another bitterly


cold night. With warnings of dense fog for tomorrow's rush-hour.


Families of the Shoreham air disaster victims say


they are still waiting for answers, even though all 21 recommendations


of a major new report have been accepted by the


11 men died when a vintage jet crashed on the A27


Today's report from the Air Accident Investigation Branch is designed


to make sure a similar catastrophe can't happen at an


But the families say they're no closer to knowing where blame


Nearly a year and a half on from the catastrophic crash that


claimed 11 lives at the Shoreham Airshow, today


confirmation that the regulations surrounding future airshows will be


The Civil Aviation Authority agreeing to all 21 safety


recommendations put forward by the Air Accident Investigation Branch.


These are perhaps things that should have happened some time ago and I


think are common sense so that we can go forward, that we can still


have a airshows in the future which really are as safe as possible, not


just for the people up in the air but for the people on the ground


The recommendations include that the CAA


will conduct a review as to


whether there should be a minimum differences between display aircraft


That risk assessments for displays must


include the manoeuvre to be performed by display pilots and that


the CAA are not satisfied with the risk assessment, they may refuse


permission for the event to go ahead.


But the announcement is little comfort for those who await


answers for the fundamental questions of what went wrong and who


Why have we waited 17 months and we still have no answers?


How difficult has it been not having those answers and having to wait?


It is hard enough for us,


They played for my football club, they became friends.


I cannot imagine how it is for the families.


It is just ridiculous that it has taken


The crash happened back in August 2015, prompting a series of


A police investigation into the pilot's


actions, an inquest into the death of the 11 men killed and an air


accident investigation enquiry into how it happened.


To date, none of these have concluded.


What everybody wants to know now is how did this happen and


the final judgment will be in the final report.


And it will then be for the CAA, the coroner and indeed


all the legal departments in the country to the NSS what action needs


For the families of the 11 men are commemorated here, the long wait for


the truth goes on. Well, our reporter


joins us in the studio. Juliette, what else have


the families had to say today? We spoke earlier to the solicitor


representing the families involved here and he told us that their focus


was on a weighting that final report by the air accident's investigation


Branch and on the pre-inquest review to take place in March. As for the


future of the Shoreham Airshow is self, a spokesperson said earlier


appropriate to do so, they will appropriate to do so, they will


explore the possibility of a 2017 airshow. But in the meantime, they


say they are fully operating with the ongoing investigation. Baggie.


A derailed freight train has been causing major delays for commuters


today AND train operator Southeastern is now warning


passengers that the disruption will continue tomorrow.


All trains from Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks to London Charing Cross


and Cannon Street were cancelled completely after a train carrying


sand derailed near Lewisham station at around 6am this morning.


Plans by East Sussex County Council to cut funding to the Duke


of Edinburgh's award scheme have been shelved.


A petition was handed in to the council today


as the cabinet was meeting to discuss the council Budget,


where it was decided not to go ahead with axing the scheme.


A woman left blinded in one eye after getting caught up in a fight


on new years eve says she's been left angry, and unable to move


on with her life until those who caused her injury are caught.


Cora Mitchard was at a fireworks display in Deal when a fight broke


out near her, and she was hit in the face with a beer can.


Doctors say she has lost 85% of vision in her eye.


She remembers New Year's Eve for the wrong reason.


Celebrating outside a pub, someone threw a beer


The impact fractured her eye socket and blinded


It's awful, not being able to see anything but hearing


everything going on, it's so different.


So much pain for days after that, all the bruising came up


The 24-year-old came to this pub on New Year's Eve to enjoy


Her boyfriend went inside to buy some drinks.


Cora was here just three minutes before the


We were told there was a possibility she


might lose the eye, so we were pleased


when she was told she was


not going to lose the eye, even if there is no sight there,


After the incident, police interviewed a number


Detectives say they want anyone who is there to come forward


I make an appeal to the people involved in this to


come forward and allow us to understand what has gone on so we


can resolve this matter and give justice to the victim.


Cora lives on a houseboat on the peninsula.


Since being blinded in one eye, she has


found it difficult to move around the boat.


It is completely blurred at the moment, I have got nothing


Coping really well with it, a lot better than I


Still learning to get around and do everyday activities like normal,


The 24-year-old will have more surgery on her eye


Her vision will never be the same again.


50 new schools will need to be built in Kent over the next


five years to meet a population boom that requires an additional


Kent County Council say some 47 new schools are needed


across the county and the leaders at the council


But there is a warning that the authority may not meet


demand if planned free schools are not opened on time.


The local authority has the statue duty to make provision of those


places, yet a Whitehall department is predominantly responsible for


delivering those new school places so we don't have the control that we


have had in the past and we have delivered


right number of school places in the right


place at the right time, we


question whether the education funding enters the Whitehall


department with a structured record is capable of delivering at the


right time in the right place and at the same cost.


Simon Jones is at County Hall in Maidstone.


Why is there such a big rise in the number of school places that


Bred the council says over the past few years it is created a new 10,000


places, but if it's going to create another 23000 by 2022, new schools


will be needed, because there has been a big baby boom in the area and


on top of this, London councils are increasingly sending families down


to live here. That has been an influx of families from eastern


Europe and there is a huge house-building programme in the


coming years. The council says if new schools are not built Benny


Mayotte educate children in mobile classrooms. We're the Department for


Education for a comic, but they did not provide one. -- we as the


Department audit aged. In tonight's football,


Brighton have returned to the top of the Championship


with a 1-0 victory over The Seagulls are now two points


clear of Newcastle having played In a moment, the national


weather forecast, but first, let's get


the picture in the South East,


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