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Today's main headlines in the South East: Two centuries


of military tradition under threat claims an MP as a petition's


launched to save a Kent army barracks.


We're live at Invicta Barracks in Maidstone.


Grammar schools may ask parents for hundreds of pounds a year head


teachers warn over concerns about funding changes.


It's been foggy and cloudy but it will be brighter tomorrow.


The Government's been accused of breaking more than two centuries


of military tradition with plans to close a Kent army barracks,


as a petition's launched to try save it by a Conservative MP.


Helen Grant says shutting Invicta Barracks in Maidstone,


would have a detrimental impact on the town.


The Government is aiming to build more than 55,000 homes on former


Hundreds of years of military history is set to come to an end


when the army march out of Maidstone for the final time in


Launching a petition against the closure,


the local MP says it will have a huge impact,


particularly on the Gurkha soldiers who served there.


800 soldiers and their families will have to move.


There will be a huge impact on the town, not just


And there will be a break in 200 years


The barracks were first established in Maidstone


in around 1797, with the threat of Napoleon across the Channel.


The site's been home to the 36 Engineer


Regiment since 1959, but it was announced late last year


It is inefficient and costs ?2.5 billion a


year to maintain and 40% of our built assets are more than


In a statement, the Ministry of Defence said the sale forms part of


a better defence estate strategy and ensure a modern estate fit for


They say there will be better facilities


to train Armed Forces and more stability for those in the military


In Maidstone, not everyone see the logic.


A shame, because it has been here a long time.


I haven't got a clue what will happen to the


I think the Gurkhas are very decent people and well liked here.


The clock is ticking towards closure.


Simon, how likely is Helen Grant's campaign to be successful?


She says she will fight to the end and she plans to give the petition


to the Ministry of Defence by Easter. She doesn't want to see the


barracks along the road here turned into thousands of new houses, but


there is precedent for this. The barracks in Canterbury has been


closed recently and was earmarked for housing. And the barracks in


Dover has also been shut down with houses planned for there also. So


you can see the direction of travel. Tonight she's been boosted by the


former head of barracks here who says the decision to shut it is


unsound. The head teacher of a Kent Grammar


school says they'll be forced to ask parents for a voluntary contribution


of almost ?200 because of Cranbrook School says


it s due to consult It comes as the Grammar School Heads


Association says the changes which are due to take place in 2018


to 2019 will mean 60 grammar schools will gain under the changes,


but 103 will lose money, Our education correspondent,


Bryony MacKenzie, has more. Held up as an example of educational


excellence by the Government, controversially given


the money for expansion, but is the financial rug


being pulled from underneath some of the best performing


schools in the country? We are very perturbed


about the scale of what is proposed. Unfortunately, in order to do some


of the things we've traditionally offered, particularly


on sporting and creative fronts, sometimes in supporting


individual students with needs, we will need parents to help us


with our annual giving Cranbrook will ask


for voluntary amount of According to the Grammar


School Heads Association, 103 of the 163 grammar schools


nationally will lose funding under Eight will lose out in Kent


and four are set to School funding has


become a hot issue. Every secondary headteacher


in west Sussex wrote to their MP asking for


funding shortfalls to be be addressed and warned of shorter


school days and bigger classes. It is not fair, because not


everyone has that money. People work hard to get into grammar


schools and should be Grammar schools have


far fewer disadvantaged children, which is all


funding is formulated. The Department for Education


says the new formula is based on need rather than postcode


and is fairer for all. Claudia Sermbezis has


been following this Claudia, it's difficult to argue


grammar schools need more money if you're comparing them to schools


in disadvantaged areas. And especially because there's only


one pot of money so if grammars want to take more, will they take it from


schools where there may be poorer pupils? Both grammars and


nonselective schools are funded in the same way. The grammar schools


heads Association says there should be minimum funding for everyone. But


many grammar schools are not getting this. Today we spoke to several


headteachers and they say they're getting mixed messages. A lot of


support from Theresa May's government, but when it comes to


core funding, selective and nonselective schools are in the same


boat. Four Kent councils have confirmed


they are to move ahead with a merger plan under what has been hailed


as one of the biggest shake-ups At a specially-convened meeting,


Dover, Canterbury, Thanet and Shepway councils said the merger


would help improve services Critics of the proposal


say council tax bills for some in the new combined


authority could increase. Southeastern train services


will not return to normal for the rest of this week


following yesterday's The track was damaged and around


50 metres of railway Passengers delayed by 30 minutes


or more as a result of the incident can claim double the normal amount


under Delay Repay. Outside of science fiction, time


travel is, of course, impossible - Because photographer


Jonathan Bolland has teamed up with local historian Ed Langridge


to capture a series of startling images that match up pictures


of the town taken 100 years ago A time travel tour


of Tunbridge Wells with early 20th-century photographs


merged with modern day. A couple of my photographs


will show people in Edwardian times, for instance,


walking down the high street and walking past some


cars in modern day. So, it's in the context


of how people's lives have changed in terms of,


say, Only possible because


so much of the town's What resonates is the fact


he hasn't changed. You put that picture


against 100 years ago You've got advertising


signs, yes, but After receiving positive


feedback from the few that were posted online,


Jonathan decided to explore further. You go out and take


the equivalent photograph the site you are and it is a bit of


a transposition in our photographic software to layer the


photographs together. And you take elements out of one


photo and put them on the other. Wandering round the streets


of Tunbridge Wells, it's a chance to You look at the buildings and wonder


who's walked through here. It's gentry who used


to live here, isn't it? And now, you know,


you just can't quite picture it, but to seeit like that,


you can actually see what it was Over 100 years may have


passed since the original photos were taken, but with a little


help, the town's rich heritage has We'll have the national


weather in a moment. First, here's the forecast


for the south-east with Rachel. Good evening. Problems with dense


fog over the last couple of days. Tonight, bitterly cold winds from


the south-east so blustery tonight. Temperatures fall well below


freezing. We should stay fog free. Heading through the day, it will be


blustery. A good deal of sunshine but it stays bitterly cold. Here's


the outlook: take a look at the Outlook towards


the weekend. Good evening. If you think it was


cold today, for many it will be colder still tomorrow. Cold even


when we have the sunshine today. This was one of the wonderful


weather watcher pictures we had sent in from Cornwall. It contrasts with


a cloudy and foggy eastern half of the country, and a bank of cloud.


Still foggy, but it is starting to lift. It is being pushed north and


west, this bank of cloud. That will continue through the night. We will


still have some fog sitting on the hills. Even with the cloud, it will


be a cold night, with temperatures away from the far north and west


falling to freezing. In the countryside,


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