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Today's main headlines in the South East.


Jail for the man who left a 17-year-old girl to drown


He is branded "repugnant" by the judge.


A ?200 million investment in Dover's Western Docks,


aimed at keeping the port relevant after Brexit.


We will be live at the port, with the details.


And another bitterly cold they can eat, with warnings owed for ice at


the rush hour tomorrow. A man who left a young woman


to drown in the sea at Ramsgate has been jailed for five


and a half years. Michael Bowditch pleaded guilty


to the manslaughter of Becky Morgan, She was with Bowditch when she fell


from the sea wall in the early hours of May 1 last year, but did not


contact the emergency services for two and a half hours.


Sara Smith reports. Becky Morgan's friends and family


crowded into the court today, to hear a man admit that he had left


the teenager to drown. Exactly what happened to her that


night, they will never know. But they do know that he could


have tried to save her. Most certainly,


he could have helped. There was a lifebuoy


on the side of the harbour arm, quite near to where


Becky went into the water. He had a telephone


on him at the time. The emergency services


could have been alerted. Instead, Michael Bowditch,


who had only met Becky a few hours He would tell police they had been


kissing and mucking around, when she had fallen off


the harbour arm. She had been screaming for help


and saying she could not swim. He later retracted that and said


he could not remember what happened. What is clear is that they had gone


on to the harbour arm just after 2am, when Becky had fallen


into the water. Bowditch only called


the police at five o'clock. where he had been seen


chatting and laughing. A little later, Becky's body


was found, two and a half miles In a statement, Becky's mother said


she felt something bright in her life had died.


A police officer spoke her words. All I can think about is her being


alone, in the dark, in the cold I can imagine that she


was calling for me. Another family member


spoke of their distress. All of us are completely


devastated, to be honest. I know it is real, but I still keep


expecting to hear her voice. I still find it terribly


difficult to believe that this wonderful, vibrant,


intelligent girl is just gone. The judge described Bowditch's


behaviour as "repugnant", to see that Becky was in


trouble, but walk away. He said the fact that,


while she had been sober, he had been drunk and taken cannabis


and cocaine was not an excuse, He sentenced him to


five and a half years. It is being described as the single


biggest investment ever undertaken by the Port of Dover -


the revival of the Western Docks, to create a new cargo


facility and marina. And tonight, a consortium of leading


British and European lenders has agreed a ?200 million package


of loans, to help make It is believed the port handles


about 17% of all UK trade in goods, We can cross to Dover now and speak


to our reporter, Simon Jones. Simon, how significant


is this investment? This has been described as a once in


a generation project. Down here, the Western Docks has been rather


forlorn lover since the four Port closed a number of these as years


ago. This will revitalise it. There will be a new cargo terminal, as


well as other amenities. The port has a huge asset and it will remain


that we are after we leave the European Union. The local MP has


welcomed the Internet investment that says, we need to get on with


it, for this project has taken three years to come to fruition. A local


people see other investment has not done enough for the town only want


to see this project doing that. There are calls this evening


for a rail body to be set up, made up of councils,


businesses and commuters in Sussex, to help decide the way


the Southern service is run. The leader of Brighton


Council wants a new body, A similar scheme for the north


of England has already helped Southern Rail has faced


months of disruption through strike action,


but had been facing strong criticism for delays before


that action started. A man who raped and abused young


children over more than 30 years 80-year-old Mark Humphreys carried


out the offences against children, some as young as three, at address


in Tunbridge Wells and Sleaford. He would give the children biscuits


or milk after abusing them. He was arrested after one


of the victims of his historical offences went


to Kent Police in March 2015. A Kent couple say families


with relatives in care homes should be able to complain about quality


of care, without fear of reprisals. It comes as the Residents


and Relatives Association say they have received a 60% increase


in calls from relatives who say they have been banned


from visiting spouses or, worse still, had their


loved ones evicted. Chrissie Reidy has


tonight's special report. Dorothy was resident at a care home


in Deal for seven years. After her family raised


numerous concerns about the quality of her care,


they say the 96-year-old We should feel free to raise


concerns on our loved one's behalf, without fear of thinking,


"If I say something, are we going to be barred from visiting or,


worse still, being evicted?" The majority of care homes


are privately run and can terminate a contract,


if they cannot provide the level of care


are expected by the family. But some believe banning relatives


or evicting patients It is sometimes about the provider,


about the care staff. This is where communication


breaks down. And one of the main things


about having people actually in a care home is that you have


transparency and you have good The CQC, who regulate care homes,


say it is not in their remit to mediate between families


and the care providers. The Residents Relatives


Association, however, say they have seen a 60% increase


in calls from concerned relatives. They say homes need to be


more open to criticism. If someone's visits are restricted,


there should be very good reasons, like if it is bad for


the resident, in some way. But we have rarely found an example


where it is not the result We contacted the care home today


and he promised to issue a statement But as of yet, we have


not received anything. With people living longer,


families say a more open and transparent complaints process


is needed, but for Dorothy's Over the years, why have so many


artists, writers and thinkers taken to the hills in Sussex


looking for inspiration? It is a question that has


inspired a major show, featuring artworks and treasures


from some of the best-known galleries, famous houses


and museums in Sussex. They were shocking


in their day, before, Modernism provoked people,


challenged the old order, overstepped marks and ignored


boundaries. But the thread which runs


through this show is that all the artists had chosen


to live and work in Sussex. This is not an exhibition full


of picturesque Sussex pictures. In fact, often they are


really quite troubling. And that is something


which distinguishes a lot They often worked in


collectives and communities. Regarded as elitist


and weird, by outsiders, but pretty normal


for artists of today. The exhibition brings


all their work together. In a sense, they really have raided


the Sussex family jewels. There is work here from collections


in Hastings, Brighton The main purpose is to raise


the profile and promote these Like we're doing this


time with the wonderful nine partners from Sussex,


we bring collections into London and curate them for a bespoke show


at the house. The extraordinary houses


is 2 Temple Place, built in the 1890s as the London


offices for William Waldorf Astor, one of then-richest men


in the world and a major benefactor to


Hever Castle in Kent. It is a fascinating


scene-setter for these works by the Bohemians artists


and craftsmen of Sussex. I am hoping people will


come to the exhibition, move around, make up their own


connections between things. The art of Sussex comes to London,


to tell a colourful story. We will have with the national


weather forecast in a moment, but first, we can get the picture


in the South East, Good evening. Another cold day. Some


brightness overnight. Clear skies. Temperatures dropping to below zero.


We are expecting to see some rain first thing tomorrow morning, which


could be problematic. There is a warning out for ice during the rush


hour. By the afternoon, more cloud cover and the chance of some


drizzle, with temperatures reaching 8-9 C. From Freddie into Saturday,


temperatures rarely falling a couple of degrees overnight.


weekend. It's swings and roundabouts, higher temperatures but


some rain as well. Good evening. It's been dry so far


this January but as it draws to a close it looks like we will see some


rain at last. It's been an interesting today a bitterly cold in


Norfolk, way we kept the grey cloud all day and the grey cloud gave a


dusting of snow in places. This is a lovely picture sent in from Sutton


Coldfield. Rob Wales and much of Scotland it's been a beautiful day,


lots of sunshine and temperatures, 13 degrees compared with -2 under


the cloud in East Anglia. Those temperatures are already down to -3


or minus four. It's bitter out there, when


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