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People sleeping rough in Brighton could soon be offered the chance


to stay in empty council buildings during freezing weather


It comes as new figures show the city has had the highest


increase in rough sleeping in the country.


And in an almost one in 50, the steepest increase in the country.


The number of people has doubled to almost 150, the steepest increase in


the country. Bedding down and covering up


against the biting January air. Claiming a space in the city


is tough - such is the demand that those sleeping rough


here daren't even move their belongings, but many say


more temporary shelters Temporary solutions are not


necessarily the way forward because it doesn't help the individual


to move forward. In order to establish any kind


of grounds for a future, you have to have a stable base, you


know, and some sense of security. Proposed by the Green Group,


councillors voted unanimously last night


to explore the use of empty council buildings


for homeless shelters. A similar scheme's been rolled out


in Manchester this winter using a former library


and children's home In Brighton, no building has yet


been earmarked for the scheme but the council says


it is open to options. We don't have as a council


lots of vacant buildings, we're obviously going to be putting them


to immediate use for housing, etc. If there's a possibility that there


might be commercial buildings out there that, you never know,


voluntary and charities would be able to work with that commercial


provider and open up so we're Those who spent years


on the streets though say safety in any


new shelter is vital. I tended to avoid them having been


in a few times - they were noisy, violent, really rather


unpleasant, such that actually even the horrors of sleeping rough


were better than some They need to be very


closely supervised. Something the council says it


acknowledges and also says that with new funding from the Government,


it will bring the number of Little comfort, though, for those


making their bed here tonight. Meanwhile concerns about the plight


of rough sleepers have also been raised in Medway


following the deaths The Labour group, supported by local


charities, had suggested opening council shelters as soon


as the temperature drops to freezing, but this was rejected


by a majority vote last night. There is an emergency


refuge which is manned They open up whenever


the temperature is 0 degrees, but as you can feel it


tonight, the temperature is allegedly three degrees but with


the wind chill it's freezing. The leader of Kent's County Council


says, "The Government needs to get its cheque-book out"


as the cost of looking after asylum seeking children after the age of 18


is set to effectively double next year, leading to a ?4


million deficit. Paul Carter says Kent is already


facing a ?2 million shortfall after looking after unaccompanied asylum


seeking children. I've suggested that they vow a bit


of the foreign aid budget. After all, we are supporting people


taking refuge in this country Therefore it shouldn't


fall on the ratepayers, The Home Office should be


reimbursing us in full, and that's what we expect


them to do. A ?6 billion plan to build a second


rail line linking the Sussex coast to London will be pitched


to the the Transport Secretary The Brighton Main Line 2 proposals


would include restoring an old line between Hever and


Uckfield, building 20km of new track around


Lewes and running trains in to Canary Wharf in


London through a tunnel. Plans for two huge communications


masts, one taller than the Shard in London, have been rejected


by Dover councillors. Two separate companies wanted


to build them in Richborough to speed up international


high-frequency financial trading. But the council said


they would have been an eyesore Turner Prize winning artist


Keith Tyson has brought a huge display to Sussex -


both in terms of the size of the artworks,


and their sheer numbers. Called Turn Back Now, it features


twenty years of what he calls studio wall drawings,


inspired by events and happenings. Robin Gibson met him


at the Jerwood Gallery He's an enigmatic figure - happy


to talk about his work, his life and The Jerwood Show


is almost a scrapbook So drawn to this one


because, you know, you've taken on JMW Turner and all sorts


of different styles. Yeah, in there we've got Turner,


personal painting, a Lego thing from my child and this is the boat


in the background of The Simpsons. But this was to do with


the idea of a naval battle He left school at 15 to go


to work in his native Cumbria, where the idea


of a life in art I was in the shipyard for five


years, I wasn't very happy there and I always wanted to go


to art college but I was a working-class guy and they said, no,


you go and learn a trade, so I became a fitter and turner, tried


out nuclear submarines and then I I didn't know I wanted


to be an artist, I just It was a right turn -


he's had critical acclaim, Just look at all of this, every


square inch of wall space covered - the Jerwood has never seen anything


quite like it. You get the real impression


of an artist who is truly prolific. Keith is someone that we have


wanted to work with since before the gallery opened -


he's been on our radar. Sussex-based artist, he won


the Turner prize in 2002 and has had sort of international fame


and exhibitions around Yes, with a home in the Sussex Downs


near Brighton, we can An extraordinary show by an artist


for whom working is breathing - Take your time -


there's a lot to see. Now let's look at the weather


for the weekend in the South East Rachel, it's turning


milder, but wetter. That's right, yes. It will be less


cold but we lose the sunshine, it is wet at times and also very windy. Of


course there will be an icy start, lots of clothes during the


afternoon. Look at these temperatures, overnight lows of six


or 7 degrees, very mild as we start the weekend. Very mild through the


day. For Saturday, a good deal of cloud, rain at times, highs of eight


or 9 degrees, very wet into Sunday. This is


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