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Today's main headlines in the South East:


A man's body has been found after a severe


A man's body has been found after a house fire in Sussex -


A huge rise in the number of people smuggling operations distrupted -


MPs discuss issues uncovered by this programme.


It feels like winter. If you are hoping for a bit of snow, there is


some in the forecast. I will tell you where and when, at the end of


the programme. The body of a man has been


found inside a house Fire crews were called


to the property in West Hill Road in St Leonards just


after 5.30pm this afternoon. The cause of the fire is currently


being treated as unexplained. Our reporter Jon Hunt


is live at the scene. Jon, what more do we know


about the incident? Six fire engines were sent to the


scene along with the police and paramedics and specialist medics


from the heart team. They are sent to deal with hazardous incidents.


Fire crews wearing breathing apparatus were here for around five


hours. But sadly they discovered the body of a man inside the property.


The property has been significantly damaged by fire and smoke. A lot of


damage around the entrance hall. There appears to be smoke damage and


broken windows on the first floor as well. Smoke did spread to a


neighbouring property and residents in that property had to be evacuated


as well. Is there any more information about the cause? The


police say at the moment it is treated as an unexplained fire. The


scene has been secured. I foresee a significant investigation, probably


in the morning, with forensic teams working closely with the fire teams.


Aside from the man who died, police said there had been no other


injuries. The coroner has been informed. Officers are asking for


anything or have any information anything or have any information


about what could have caused this fire. Thank you.


A body has been found by rescuers searching for a Sussex kayaker


Dominic Jackson, originally from Uckfield, was reported


He'd failed to return from a sea kayaking trip off


A kayak believed to belong to him was recovered earlier this week.


A pedestrian's died after being hit by a car on the A27


The driver of the car, a 58-year-old man from Climping,


has been arrested on suspicion of causing death


Despite treatment by paramedics, the 59 year-old victim


The bosses of a care home in Herne Bay have pleaded guilty


to health and safety failings that led to the death


Joan Daws suffered fatal crush injuries after a large chair tipped


against her in a lift at Laleham Residential Home.


The case has been sent to Canterbury Crown


BBC South East Today can exclusively reveal that there's been


a significant spike in the number of people smuggling operations


A 32% jump was revealed at a special meeting


It was prompted by our investigation which discovered smugglers in Paris


getting people to Kent by putting them on lorries owned


Here's our Special Correspondent Colin Campbell.


It was an investigation revealing how Paris has become a hub for


TRANSLATION: They will fit you in a way that even the


We exposed a gang offering us guaranteed passage


to England in the back of trucks, transporting produce for the


Our findings prompted two Kent MPs to


demand a private meeting with Government ministers.


What the BBC did was absolutely fantastic.


That was the sort of evidence I think Border Force need.


They can't be everywhere at all times.


Top marks to the BBC for what they did.


It's been acted upon and let's hope that that is another


route into the country, big smuggling operations,


worth ?5,000 per person, you know, this big money,


The latest figures we have gained show an increase


in the targeting of smuggling gangs by the authorities.


In 2015, 140 smuggling operations were disrupted.


Last year, that figure went up to 185.


We understand the Home Office expects the figure for this


While some consider it positive news, others


believe our fight against smuggling gangs is being hindered.


We would argue they are not succeeding in combating


We're having some success, but the sad reality is we are seeing


increased attempts of getting across the borders.


As we showed last autumn, the demolition of


Calais' migrants camp has resulted in gangs targeting UK-bound vehicles


The Home Office say they are working closely with


their French counterparts to break up the smuggling operations.


Our reporter Peter Whittlesea has been following the story for us.


This programme's investigation prompted the MPs to meet,


do they feel enough is being done to tackle the problem?


They said that from the meeting, the gang we exposed in that report were


actually being looked into by the French authorities. And on this side


of the Channel, the British authorities are trying to see what


they are doing here. British and French governments have said for a


long time, the only way to crack down on people smugglers is joint


cooperation. The Home Office says it is actually happening, hence the


increase in detection rates. But the union that represents border force


workers said that good work could be put in jeopardy because they are


facing 15% cuts. MPs are concerned migrant camps are reforming and


people smugglers are returning. You have been to Calais recently, is


that the situation on the ground? Last week I was in Calais and


charity workers said there are up to 500 migrants who have returned to


the Calais area. The official camp at Dunkirk has increased to 1500


migrants. I spoke to migrants who said there are people smugglers back


in the area touting for business. This is the concern of MPs like


Craig McKinley, his say more camps could crop up and more people


smugglers could be going back to France.


Four years ago Alfie Peak was attacked in Bexhill


after an argument over a bag of chips.


Last October the four men who continued to beat him even


when he was unconscious were jailed for a total of 55 years.


Despite suffering life changing injuries, Alfie and his partner


Bringing joy to a family after so much sadness and tragedy.


He has really giving us something to look forward to.


And a future, really, which is something we kind


Our future had gone, it has been taken.


That is exactly how Alfie described it to me before,


that he felt his life was over, really.


Alfie Peak suffered a catastrophic brain injury after being set


upon outside a takeaway in Bexhill in 2013.


Four men were jailed for the attack in October which left Alfie


Alfie was unconscious on the floor, and he was continued to be beaten


Tanya White has stood by Alfie throughout his long rehabilitation.


He's trying to learn to walk again, the signals from his brain


It has put pressure on the couple, and Tanya admits that there have


been times where she has wondered if she could stick with it.


Everything is really difficult for him.


That has spills out onto all of his family and friends.


Emotionally, really draining and really difficult.


I know you feel that because you can't do all those other


things that it makes you not a very good dad.


But one day you will realise that you are an amazing dad.


The couple say the attackers took everything from them.


But their bubbly new baby boy is making life worth living again.


That's it from me, we'll have the national weather


in a moment, first here's the forecast for the South East


You are quite excited by the talk of snow. I started the programme


talking about the risk of snow tomorrow. Overnight into Saturday is


when you are likely to see the risk. We have showers filtering in just


from the cloud we have had today. The temperatures in our town is


holding up slightly above freezing, but below freezing elsewhere. Watch


out for ice tomorrow morning. There might be a dusting on the ground at


high levels. But it is tomorrow evening when we start to see a risk


of showers coming through. Temperatures struggling tomorrow,


two or three degrees. As we go through tomorrow night, a feature


running in from the North Sea to our part of the world and that is


introducing some showers as it comes in overnight. We are talking about


the risk of snow. Let's have a look at how we start Saturday morning. We


could have, over higher ground, maybe a centimetre or two. They are


hit and miss. As we go through Saturday afternoon, temperatures


struggling again but coming up a little bit. Won't feel any great


shakes, because what is happening through the second half of the


weekend, the wind will pick up and it will feel raw. N'Gales along the


coast on Sunday. Any Outlook, temperatures coming up a little bit,


but it will feel very cold sleet and snow. The outlook, Sunday


will turn a bit less cold again. All the way up seven Celsius.


At this time of year we can often get the weather stories that reflect