10/02/2017 South East Today

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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South East of England.

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The son of a woman who was crushed to death while working at a care


home in Kent says he's relieved that bosses have finally admitted


Joan Daws died five days after she was pinned to the wall


of a lift by a snagged chair at the Laleham Care Home


KCRH Limited has now admitted health and safety breaches -


something Simon Daws, Joan's son, told our reporter


Sara Smith, should never have taken so long.


For 11 years, Joan worked as a carer here,


but in 2013, what should have been a straightforward task,


moving a weighing chair from one floor to another, cost her life.


She became trapped in the old-fashioned lift at


It was later revealed that it hadn't been serviced and didn't


My mum's death could have been avoided by just following


If you have a lift, they're meant to have it inspected.


They will give you recommendations for any safety work that needs to be


If they had put this light sensor in, the accident would never


Today, the home is under new ownership, but the


owners at the time have now pleaded guilty to two health


What this really highlights is that people have


a responsibility not only for the people who use


their services but also to the people they employ.


Joan Dawes died when the handles of the


weighing chair became trapped in the grill style


Colleagues heard her scream that she was unable to breathe.


By the time the fire brigade released her, she


She fell into a coma and died five days later,


suffering asphyxia, brain damage and broken ribs.


The care home's first reaction, he says, was to blame his mum


Now at last they have accepted wrongdoing.


We're now at just over three years where they have


finally pleaded guilty, and I'm glad that we are near


the end of the process, but nothing brings back my mum.


They will be sentenced at Crown Court where


they will be expecting hefty fine.


A man's been arrested after more than ?17,000


worth of fireworks were stolen from a storage


The 26 year old was arrested on suspicion of handling stolen


goods and has now been released on bail.


A Bulgarian gang which smuggled nine illegal immigrants through the Port


of Dover have been jailed for a total of 28 years.


Maidstone Crown Court heard how they used garlic bulbs to put


They hid the migrants - which included a family


from Afghanistan - in special containers inside a van.


The judge called it a "sophisticated, well-organised


Sussex Police are appealing for information after the body


of a man was found inside a house following a fire in St Leonards.


This footage contains flashing images.


Fire crews were called to the property in West Hill Road


The cause of the blaze is currently being treated as unexplained.


East Sussex Fire and rescue were already convincing. Unfortunately,


when they went into the premises they found one deceased male,


identity unknown at this stage. We are following up from there.


Obviously there is a lot of forensic examination to go this time.


Hundreds of drivers in the South East have been flouting


the law by illegally using disabled parking permits - some even


using permits belonging to relatives who have died -


Nationally, more than 2.4 million disabled people


But East Sussex County Council says it believes as many as 1 in 5


And since January last year, more than 300 badges have been


Five days a week, he's on the streets of East Sussex,


a colleague covers Brighton and Hove.


With identification badge on display,


there is nothing secret about these investigation officers.


They probably know more than you think.


From the front of the badge, we can establish a bit of information.


We can establish the sex of that badge-holder, and also the age.


From that, we would also have a look within the vehicle, maybe look at


seating positions, depending on whether it was a male or female,


but we would also look for any signs of disability equipment,


This car caught the inspector's eye this morning.


The interior didn't suggest an elderly


lady driver, but it turned out no offence had been committed.


Some people are repeat offenders, though.


This doctor was recently convicted in court for using his


dead mother's badge, and as he left court,


it turned out he had parked illegally for the court


It is cases like that which have made the two local


councils join Sussex Police to produce a video.


I could be ill for days because somebody has not


They can go five minutes away and walk


The video now forms part of a training course


offered as an alternative to a court appearance, a ?1000 fine and a


On the streets today, full support from the blue


I think it is the best thing, because there are so


many people who are abusing them, and as soon as they get caught it


gives people who need the space more chance.


I have personally seen people going into Tesco and parking in the


disabled bay, getting out of the car and then running into Tesco and I'm


How difficult could it be for you if you can't


Well, if I can't park, I have to go home.


A high percentage are going to be family


members, whether it is with the badge holder's


We may find that people, either through ignorance or lack of


education, are carrying out those errors and we're trying to that out.


Hello, can I have a quick check please?


Other councils and police forces, including Kent and Surrey,


are now considering using the Sussex and Brighton scheme themselves.


That's it from me, your national weather forecast in a moment,


but first let's get the picture in the South East


It is still looking quite wintry through the remainder of tonight and


for the first part of the weekend as well. The Met office has issued a


warning for snowfall across the rest of the region for tonight and


tomorrow. Not all of us will see snow showers but it will be quite


heavy around eastern Kent and at lower levels, mainly falling as snow


-- rain and sleet. With temperatures below freezing, it could be an icy


start to Saturday morning. Looking grey with further showers, and


feeling really cold. Just two or three degrees with a wind chill as


well. Sunday, a similar sort of day, starting with sleet and rain showers


but brightening up by the course of the afternoon. Not quite as cold.


Temperatures at 46 degrees. I'll leave you


exception to that rule probably over the hills where again there could be


a bit of snow, but not accumulating. Another cold


However I paint this weekend's picture, I'll need a palette of


grey. Thereby a a lot of cloud around but I managed to find some


sunshine. I don't know how but there was a couple of hours towards the


south-west in Cornwall, a beautiful day. The south-west saw glimpses of


sunshine. Further east, cloudy, cold and grey with winds off the North


seep and a scattering of wintry showers. Yes, rain sleet and snow, a


dusting at lower levels through the day. It brought this beautiful


picture on the outskirts of Aberdeenshire. But enough