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In tonight's South East Today: We'll have more reaction from passengers


here to the news that the Southern rail strike just became


We'll report live from Crowborough Station tonight.


The mother killed by cervical cancer, the age for a test is over


25, she wasn't offered one because she was 24.


After a full day started was a bright afternoon, the fog is back


tomorrow. It's been a day of high drama


and bitter disappointment for rail passengers,


as it became clear that the Southern Rail dispute appears


further than ever tonight Just before half past one this


afternoon, it was announced that members of the drivers union,


Aslef, had astonished their leadership by rejecting a deal


that many thought would bring It means that strikes by the RMT


union, which have been going on since last April,


are now likely to continue. Aslef, the second union involved,


joined the industrial action in December, bringing many services


to a standstill altogether. Two weeks ago, many passengers hoped


Aslef would bow out, after their leadership


announced their deal, but today, their membership


narrowly rejected that deal. Nafisa Sayani has been


following today's developments. After ten months of dispute, 28 days


of strikes, 13 days of talks and 14 days of hope that it might be near


an end tonight the deadlock is more stark than ever. The reaction from


commuters in Brighton. It has been like this for almost one year,


really bad strikes in industrial action and it is unbelievable how


there is still in dispute and no resolution. And disappointed because


I pay a lot of money to travel to brighten every day and I think the


service yet it is ridiculous I have to say. I think it is, what is the


point of going on strike unless you hold out for a what your true


beliefs are and principles? The result was a stunning blow for the


leaders of Aslef, whose members nearly always accept the


recommendations. But this time although it was close. Version 4.1


membership -- 54.1% of the membership through the deal out.


Just over 700 members voted, nearly three quarters of the membership. It


was a vote of loyalty, for the drivers union to the conductor 's


union. Aslef the train drivers obviously share the concerns of our


members, the deal on offer did not guarantee a second safety critical


person or every trading and it was not acceptable. Neither Southern nor


Aslef's leaders were getting interviews, local MPs wear. Unions


must understand the full impact they are having on the people they serve,


the people I represent. Industrial action is not the way to settle the


point at issue. What is at stake is passenger safety and I am persuaded


that when you have long 12 carriage trains and have them increasingly


going through stations that are not staffed though if there is a


accident god forbid that having a second safety critical person on the


train helps save lives and that is the bottom line. In a statement


Southern Rail said they were hugely disappointed by the news. Conductors


have been given hearts, passengers remain caught in the middle.


Well this is shaping up to be one of the most damaging industrial


It's been estimated that existing problems with Southern Rail,


along with the industrial action, has cost the UK economy.


That amounts to ?11 million per day of strike action.


With estimates that more than three hundred thousand South East


commuters have been affected by the on going problems.


This was the reaction of one group today that represents passengers.


Passengers have the with terrible performance, inconvenience to their


lives for months. This look like a resolution had been found buried now


look local a quote the year so it is extremely important that all parties


get back on the table and ensure that a quick resolution is found.


Let's go to Crowborough now for some final thoughts on this


from the railway station there, Brihony, angry passengers,


angry drivers and conductors, where do we go from here?


All interested parties have been issuing statements and once you


start reading them you realise that they don't add very much at all,


southern see the watch to meet Aslef at get back around the table and


agree a way forward and also that they want to understand the issues


that led to the outcome. The RMT said that it wants to get back


around the table but it's strike is still going ahead next Wednesday.


The government which usually stays quite quiet during this ongoing


debate says it wants the unions to work with the members an idyllic and


back. It seems to be the same phrases and arguments and


incomprehension from both sides, and the passengers at the station and


many more that have affected it is the same sense of despair.


Well you've been reacting to this story on email


Alan has been in touch and said the commuters especially in the region


should sue the unions to cover the losses, job losses and the damaged


home life. Brian says I support the drivers, it


does not matter what the second person is called the cutting staff


overtime. And the final from France's says how


can Chris Grayling the Secretary of State for Transport remain in post


when he does nothing. There will be more reaction on BBC


Sussex and Surrey radio. A lorry driver has admitted causing


the death of a pensioner Barbara Phipps, who was


seventy-three, died after being knocked off her bicycle


on the A2 London Road William Magee, who's


from Chelmsford, has pleaded guilty to causing death


by careless driving. He's due to be


sentenced next month. This programme has learned that


a board level meeting was held two weeks ago


at the South East Coast Ambulance Service,


at which an action plan to tackle harassment and bullying


at the troubled Ambulance The revelation comes


after allegations were made of bullying against call centre


staff at the South East Coast Ambulance Trust's centre


in Coxheath, near Maidstone. The family of a kayaker found dead


after going missing at sea say they will be "forever


grateful" to the people Dominic Jackson, who


grew up in Uckfield, disappeared two weeks ago off


the Scottish coast. His family have set up a charity


in his name to promote sea safety. They're raising awareness


about Personal Locator Beacons, which they believe could have saved


Dominic's life. The family of a young mother of four


from Gravesend who died of cervical cancer -


is calling for the screening Sadie Blackston, who was from


Gravesend, had been to her GP several times complaining of pain


and bleeding, but her family says she was never offered a smear test,


because they are only routinely offered after the age of 25,


and she was twenty four. She was only diagnosed


after she collapsed. Her family spoke to our


reporter, Simon Jones. Just a year after being diagnosed


with cancer, Sadie Blackston It has really heartbroken me,


I was there for it all I can't even tell you the pain,


every day I wake up through the days and when I go to sleep,


just, she has taken a massive Currently, women aged


between 25 and 64 are offered regular cervical screening,


the cancer affects more than 3000 women per year,


among them 65 people under 25. Sadie's family believed that had


she been offered the test at a younger age the cancer


could have been prevented. I think it should be offered,


because of the age she was at, it is not just her losing her life


it is also her four children because they have no mum now


So the age should be lowered from 25 But the UK national screening


committee has concluded testing under the age of 25 can do more harm


than good, it can cause too many false positive results leading


to unnecessary treatment. As a charity we are guided by Best


practice, we are guided by research and evidence as the current evidence


shows that in countries where screening is offered


at younger ages there is not much difference in terms of outcomes


of patients saw in the UK we are guided by the evidence


and the evidence says that screening But Sadie's family say that


in her memory the fight goes on. That's it from your news team here.


We had the national weather forecast in the moment but he lives Rachel.


It is a mistake for the start of the day and by the afternoon almost


clear blue skies. Overnight tonight we have a weakening weather front so


it would be wall-to-wall rain but certainly patchy drizzle around for


a time. Where we see clear skies with lighter winds there will be


some mist and fog, again very mild. Look at the overnight temperatures


of seven or 8 degrees. Normally we expect these kind of packages during


the afternoon, very mild nurseries that the day tomorrow and a


nationally -- initially it will be down. The high pressure will build


and be dry with probably a bit more cloud cover around and we had today.


By the afternoon temperatures Whiteley will be in double figures,


reaching heights of around 11 or 12 degrees, again with light south


westerly breezes. Friday entered Saturday stays dry and again very


mild, overnight temperatures of five or 6 degrees. Use


forthcoming weekend. Here is Nick Miller with a resume of the National


weather picture. Hello, rain for some of us today


although it won't make much of a dent in the dry winter so far across


much of the