20/04/2017 South East Today

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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South East of England.

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That's it from us. They will be continuing coverage throughout the


night Today's main headlines


in the South East... Mr Farage won't stand


in the general election. We're live in Ramsgate


with the details. And the footage released


by a desperate mother who can't cope She says they're being let


down by the system. And it was a frosty start for some


of us, but more clout is building. We learnt tonight that


Nigel Farage won't be standing The South East MEP and former Ukip


leader had suggested he might stand again as a candidate


in the South Thanet constituency - a seat he failed


to win two years ago. He now says won't try to become


a Member of Parliament anywhere - he's going to focus on his role


in Europe instead. Jessica Banham's report contains


some flashing images. It is scenes like these


that we will not be seening When Nigel Farage stood


in South Thanet two years ago, the constituency came under


the spotlight during Tonight on his radio show,


he explained why he would rather focus on his role as an MEP


this time round. I have done it because I genuinely


think I can do more for Brexit leading a group


in the European Parliament than I can as a backbench


MP who probably would Mr Farage has failed to get elected


to Parliament seven times. His first attempt was


in 1994 when he stood It was in 2001 that he was


a candidate for the first time in the South East,


in Bebexhill and Battle. On his second attempt


in South Thanet in 2015, he narrowly lost to the Conservative,


Craig McKinley. Farage made a difference


in the South Thanet last time, and certainly his name recognition


allowed Ukip to run the Tories I think it is going to be


a much more difficult seat for Ukip this time round,


and I think the Conservatives will certainly be much


happier this evening. Mr Farage says he will continue


to support his Ukip colleagues, but the party will now need


to decide who will wear its colours Jessica Banham, BBC


South East Today. Chrissie Reidy is in


Ramsgate for us now. So, what's the reaction


there, Chrissie? Just a few moments ago, one person


here said they think Nigel Farage is far more effective outside


Westminster than in. Others have said they think it is the right


decision. If you does not want to stand, it is wise that he is not


here. But I have to do say that if he had, Ukip would have had a good


chance of winning. I am not surprised at all. I think he has run


his course. I think he thinks so as well. He what he wanted to do was


get the Brexit vote, which he got. Of course, he may not have won here


two years ago, but his presence is guaranteed massive courage. Early


this evening, we spoke to the format you keep -- Ukip leader. It was


right for Nigel Farage to focus on Brussels, he said. Probably worth


mentioning that Nigel Farage will be visiting Thanet, but we understand


it is due early for a social event. Thank you, Chrissie.


The mother of an 11-year-old boy with violent behavioural problems


says her family is in crisis, after his school said


he is too disruptive, and must be taught at home instead.


Holly Batten, from Sedlescombe, says she's desperate for help


with her son Rupert who has Asperger's syndrome.


The family have given us video footage of him when he loses control


to explain how difficult it is for them to cope.


Our education correspondent Bryony Mackenzie has


Rupert's mother Holly has released this footage to show how


children with Asperger's can become anxious and physically violent.


Rupert ended up right on the top gable of the roof and we had


to call the fire brigade round to help him down.


He just had a really bad experience where he was really,


Rupert's behaviour, as a result of his Asperger's,


means he is now not allowed back to his special needs school.


Despite East Sussex County Council funding ?40,000 for his place there,


he is now being offered minimal home tuition.


I do not believe that one hour a day at home is a suitable


Rupert needs to be in a provision that can meet his needs,


and just having one teacher turn up for an hour a day is


The hurry urges get out of control and become monsters in our minds.


Highly intelligent, Rupert himself is aware of his own challenges.


I do not know why, I just felt different.


So you would like to go to a school where you feel happy?


The family want Rupert taken off the school roll and a place,


instead, funded at a school in Hampshire, but it


East Sussex County Council says they always consider a parent's


preferred option for their child, but have to consider how this can be


achieved with efficient use of taxpayers' money.


They say they are consulting with other education providers.


Lots of parents out there are struggling,


and what we are seeing is a lack of provision locally to deal


with the full spectrum of needs that comes with autism.


Tonight, the school says they will give Rupert


2.5-hours-a-day tutoring at home and help find a permanent solution.


We are a family in crisis, definitely.


And at the end of the day, Rupert is the child stuck


in the middle at home with no education.


Bryony Mackenzie, BBC South East Today, Sedlescombe.


The number of rapes reported to Kent and Sussex Police forces last


year have nearly tripled in the last four years.


Figures show that in 2012, just under 1000 reports of rapes


Last year, that number shot up to nearly 25000,


The Kent Police and Crime Commissioner says he still wants


to encourage people to report the crime.


It is a very gruelling process that can take well over a year,


sometimes two years, to get from reporting


through to court, and sometimes, because of that, victims choose not


But my concern is that people are aware that they can come


Brighton and Hove Albion's promotion to the Premier League will be


celebrated with an open-top bus tour through the city.


The council has announced it will take place


The Seagulls' achievement caps a remarkable turnaround


for the club, which almost went out of business 20 years ago


and spent more than a decade without its own ground.


Scenes at the Amex this week when the Seagulls booked their place


Now heads have cleared, the party will soon begin again,


because Brighton and Hove Albion are being honoured with an open-top


It is the tradition for teams winning trophies or getting


promoted, and hopefully the Albion will have the Championship Trophy


to show off, one more win to win the title.


Playing in what is arguably the world's biggest domestic


football competition will bring a cash windfall of around


In Brighton and Hove, people are delighted


the players are being honoured on and off the pitch.


It is wonderful they have been promoted, and I am glad the city


These were the scenes in Brighton when the team won promotion


This was the reception in 2004, and the crowds were just


as big seven years later following promotion


One person who will definitely be at the parade will be Dot Purvis,


who has followed the Albion right around the country.


Yeah, nobody wanted to come, so I went.


At today's press conference at Lancing, I asked Chris Hughton


if he had walked through the city of Brighton since Monday.


My normal routines are very much training ground based and home -


But at some stage I will, but I am very conscious


of the excitement out there and what it means to the city.


So, Chris Hughton and his players will get their chance to say thank


you to the city of Brighton, and the best bit is you have


You have the national weather in a moment. Now for the local weather.


It was very chilly today. But tonight, we are going to see more


cloud around and as that builds, we will see temperatures held up. It


will not be as cold night, and we may see light and scattered showers.


Friday morning, we are looking at eight, nine Celsius. A touch my


older around the coast. Temperatures may stay in double figures. There


will be a fair amount of cloud, but we may see bright spells coming and


going, small chance of an afternoon going, small chance of an afternoon


shower, but most places will miss them and stay dry. Lighter winds


today, so temperatures should reach 14 Celsius, so it should feel


milder. A week weather front is moving its way down and it may bring


more overcast skies on Saturday with patchy and light rain, but for many


places, we would like more than that. It will not be very


significant, it will come and go. Plenty of cloud to the day. Called


north-easterly breeze. To the evening, some will finish on a


brighter note. The clear skies are because our high pressure is


building in, and on Sunday, we will have another school -- cold start to


the day. Take a look at the forecast and the outlook coming you can see


it week for much of the UK and for more


about that and the UK outlook, Helen Willetts.


The sunshine make such a difference this time of year, only 12 or so


degrees under the cloud today but 19 in eastern Scotland not far away


from St Andrews. Also in north-east England, where we had the majority


of the decent sunshine. Even under cloud it was