11/05/2017 South East Today

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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South East of England.

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Today's main headlines in the South East: The Kent murder


victim whose case was mishandled - her family reject an apology


We will not rest until we get justice.


Celebrating a remarkable recovery from cancer -


the seven year old boy who was given a ten percent chance of survival.


And after a pretty humid day with heavy showers tomorrow promises more


on the way of sunny spells but also further rain in the forecast.


The family of a woman who was stabbed to death


in Canterbury last year have received an apology


from the country's top lawyer for the way the case was handled.


The Attorney General says he was "deeply troubled"


by a series of mistakes made by the Crown Prosecution Service


during the sentencing of two women involved in Natasha Sadler's murder.


Her family have rejected the apology - and are now


considering a private prosecution - as Claudia Sermbezis reports.


Samantha Groombridge jailed for 12 weeks, Naomi James -- jailed for 12


months, both women health concealed knife used to kill Joon Sadler 's


daughter. June wanted to appeal the legs of the sentences but did not


know she had only 28 days to do it. She feels let down by the Crown


Prosecution Service and the Attorney General agrees. It is a travesty of


justice. Shocking. Absolutely shocking. Somebody must be made


accountable for this. We will take out a private prosecution. We will


definitely do that. Those two should be behind bars where they belong.


Natasha and a friend were savagely attacked last year. The killer was


this man, foster Christian, who was sentenced to a minimum tariff of 30


years. The two were sentenced last October, November the Crown


sentences were not too lenient but sentences were not too lenient but


did not tell Natasha's family that there was a strict 28 day time limit


to appeal the decision and refer the case to the Attorney General


themselves so by the end of December it would have been too late. In a


letter the Attorney General has said:


it is unusual I think for the attorney to speak in such strong


terms, clearly the family concerned were not well served by the Crown


Prosecution Service and it is appropriate isn't it that he should


apologise on their behalf. Natasha's mother said they will fight on as


best they can. Sorry is just not good enough. It is not. And we want


rest until we get justice. -- and we won't rest until we get justice. The


families are now hoping for a judicial review.


Tributes have been paid to a 1 million man who is body was found.


He was remembered today as he happy young man his smiling nature belied


his predicament. He had come to this place for meals


and two charges phone. When we met him he was such a young happy boy,


21 years old, really happy, always smiling and always positive. Has


badly beaten body was discovered here in woodland on Sunday. He had


only come to this spot around a day or so before his death, choosing to


pit his tenth year presumably for the peace and the tranquillity of


this place provides. Detectives have described the attack on him as


vicious. This woman believe she could have been one of the last


people to see him alive. She said she saw him in the village as she


drove home from a night shift. I said are you OK and he said I am


fine, thank you. He sat up for a second and he stood up straightaway


and I said are you sure, and he said yes, thanks. When you found out that


he had been murdered just a few hours later. Back I am trying my


best to do is give my tears away now but I can't stop crying. I feel


guilty. I should have done something different, maybe, handled it


differently, I should not give up. Because he said I am right, maybe I


had to make sure he was read. Detectives are hunting for clues


that might lead them to his killer. Piers joins us now -


so what more have we learned Detectives are trying to build up a


picture of his life, we know he came here from Rumania in October and


that he has family, we believe his mother lives in the Gravesend area.


He had been working in and around great scent and made them in


warehouses, he had blood times been sleeping rough and he ended up


living in a tent in the novel. Police continue to appeal for


witnesses as they search for a motive for his murder.


A teenager accused of killing his stepfather with a single punch


in a row over pocket money is no longer facing a murder charge.


18-year-old Douglas Herridge is still charged with the manslaughter


of the former national squash champion Colin Payne at their home


The teenager claims he acted in self-defence -


Two leaders of the political party Britain First have been arrested


by Kent Police on suspicion of inciting religious hatred.


Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen were arrested


yesterday evening in the Tonbridge area - in connection with leaflets


and videos posted online which relate to an ongoing trial


Both have been released on bail pending further


A large plinth could soon be built on Hove seafront.


The project - to showcase sculptures by contemporary artists -


has secured ?16,000 from Arts council England.


But the money will only be released if forty thousand pounds can be


Blue Tobin is an eight year old boy from East Kent who's being hailed


When he was two, he was diagnosed with cancer and the known


His family were then told the NHS could offer a very risky,


pioneering treatment - with only a ten percent


Today, he was been declared free of the disease -


It's the sound that says there's no cancer inside his body.


Today seven-year-old Blue Tobin was given the all-clear.


Without the Royal Marsden, without his donor, Andreas,


without the people that raised money for research into these drugs


which saved my son's life, he wouldn't be here today.


But thanks to the wonderful doctors and nurses...


Blue's mother thanks one of the many medics who helped


For her it had been a tortuous journey.


Blue was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer


called myeloid leukaemia when he was two years' old.


The family was told nothing more could be done.


Doctors suggested using two drugs trials in adult cancer,


but never used in a child of Blue's age.


There was only a 10 to 15% chance the drugs would lead to remission.


Blue was well enough to receive a bone marrow transplant.


I cannot remember in 25 years of haematology,


many patients having such a bad leukaemia, who we managed


So many people to thank but how do you thank anybody


Blue will need regular checks on his physical development for years to


come but the fact that he was able to withstand adult cancer treatment


and survive is already helping to save the lives of other young


children. Ian Palmer BBC South


East Today at the royal Now, before next month's


General Election, we're hosting a special Question Time style debate


in St Leonards, near Hastings, on So if you live


or work in the South East, and you'd like to be


in the audience, send an email to SE Vote at bbc.co.uk


with your name, address and daytime phone number


and you could be part Let's move on to the weather. We had


some really heavy downpours and thunderstorms, power cut reported as


well. Much-needed rainfall, modified over the next couple of days. He was


the scene earlier today, taking in the -- taken in secret. Dramatic


shower clouds and earlier this evening. Most of the showers


receives this evening and we lose the risk of thunder and lightning


overnight. For most of us by the time it gets to the early hours of


temperatures around 1215 degrees so temperatures around 1215 degrees so


frost free and not as muddy as it was today but Friday will be another


fairly human feeling day. Some spells of sunshine, again the chance


of the odd shower passing through. In the middle of the day some of the


showers could be heavy and potentially Sunday but most of the


more clearly and cabbages we up to 1718 degrees. A pleasant day on


Friday. It will be largely dry as he moved to do the early hours of


Saturday but then again Saturday could bring us the chance of some


passing showers. We could do with heavy rainfall, that will not be in


the heavy -- in the forecast for the next few days. Temperatures up to 16


or 17 degrees in the sunshine. We will see rain overnight and early on


on Sunday but that it clear towards the east. Sunday will be another dry


day with sunshine but it will feel quite a bit fresher than it has over


degrees or so. I leave you with an degrees or so. I leave you with an


outlook of the weather, here in the south-east that the next few days


and I pass you to We want to see the economy


work for everybody, not Now the weather.


, yes a humid dead. We have had photographs of