12/05/2017 South East Today

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Schools across Brighton and Hove took their battle


on budget cuts public today, by unfurling banners claiming


they'll have a devastating impact on education in the city.


It's the latest in a series of high-profile Sussex campaigns


calling for more cash for local schools.


# Sending out an SOS, someone has to save our schools #.


Is it another sting in the tail for the government


We're horrified at the cuts that are going to happen


We feel it's going to have a detrimental affect


on my children and all the future children and therefore


We do coding a lot, so that could lead to like, a coding future.


But then if we didn't do that, then one job people wouldn't be


I just think some of those things which are outside of the traditional


national curriculum, like music, art and sports


and computing are really important to the children and those


are the first things, because of the natural


Brighton parents chose the election run-up to launch


This is huge, this is a massive issue for parents.


We are not political, whatever party is in power


after the general election, they are going to need to put more


money into education to reduce these cuts.


But funding issues, well they cross the political divide.


Here's West Sussex Conservative MPs lobbying their own government.


Last year, schools there delivered a petition to Number Ten.


This year heads at every East Sussex School wrote to their MPs.


And in Kent, well, one school decided to ask


We can't make cuts anywhere apart from really staffing at the moment


And as soon as we start to do that, we really start to undo


the structures of the school, we start to make the school much


weaker and obviously we start to make the children's


The Department for Education says school funding is at its highest


level on record at more than ?40 billion.


The stats on the banner are from government data calculated


Parents say this is a distress call for whoever gets


Pupils are flouting school rules on mobile phones,


using them openly in front of teachers and refusing to hand


So says the Head of Walderslade Girls' near Chatham,


who has written a hard hitting letter to parents about


Louise McGowan also says more parents are not supportive,


saying some have "actively fought on behalf of children


against the school", making the job of staff "extremely difficult".


Teachers are not out to get children, they're not their enemies.


Sometimes I do feel they are being painted in a very poor light


The jury in the trial of a teenager accused of killing his stepfather


with a single punch at their home in Dartford, has retired


Douglas Herridge is charged with the manslaughter


of Colin Payne, a former national squash champion.


He was 17 at the time and told the jury he'd been


Detectives investigating the murder of a young man who'd been sleeping


rough near Maidstone have arrested two teenagers.


21-year-old Razvan Sirbu, from Romania, was found dead


Two men, aged 18 and 19, both from the Maidstone area,


Mr Sirbu's mother says he was "full of mercy and empathy


and would always want to help others in need."


A job-seeker from Kent says she's angry and upset after a company


inviting her for interview inadvertently attached e-mail


comments describing her as a "home-educated oddball"


who was worth seeing "if only for a laugh".


Anna Jacobs, from Horsmonden, has turned down the interview


with Tecomak Environmental Services in Tonbridge, describing


their approach as "unprofessional, smug and arrogant".


She's spoken exclusively to our reporter Jon Hunt.


So, this is the e-mail I received from the employer last night.


Anna Jacobs from Horsmonden was excited to be invited


for a job interview, but she wasn't prepared


for the insulting language her prospective employer


I scrolled down and this absolutely awful summary was attached.


I thought, how dare somebody say that about my CV and myself.


You must have been very hurt by that?


I was, I was just absolutely furious.


Below the formal invite to interview, the e-mail


from Tecomak Environmental Services read...


I just think, what employer attaches that to an interview invitation?


You know, that's basically saying it's going to be


a huge waste of time, but let's do it just


for a laugh, let's make up the numbers, sort of thing.


I believe I've got a lot to offer and if that's


all I am to an employer, then please don't invite me


to an interview because it's just wasting everyone's time.


One employment lawyer thinks Miss Jacobs may have


Those who apply for jobs are entitled to be treated with respect


On the face of it, this e-mail does not show that anyone has been


Has it been investigated yet because I was really quite


Anna Jacobs has so far failed to get answers or an apology


The Tonbridge-based company simply says it's investigating thoroughly


and says the comments have been taken of context.


Jon Hunt, in Horsmonden, for BBC South East Today.


Ahead of next month's General Election, we're hosting


a special Question Time style debate in St Leonards, near Hastings, on


If you live or work in the South East, and you'd


like to be in the audience, send an e-mail to SE Vote


at bbc.co.UK with your name, address and daytime phone number,


and you could be part of our election debate.


That's it from me, the national weather forecast in a moment


but first let's get the picture in the South East


One or two scattered showers are lots of sunshine by the afternoon.


On Saturday temperatures will be in the top teams and there will be a


lot of sunshine around and there will be much-needed rain but mostly


that will be Saturday over into Sunday. Towards the hours of


tomorrow morning, outbreaks of rain. Overnight temperatures staying in


double figures. As you start Saturday, initially cloud but by the


afternoon it burns back, lots of sunshine and temperatures in the


mid-to top teams, potentially 20 or 21 degrees. South-westerly winds


making it cooler along the coast but even there, 14 or 15 degrees is your


high. Saturday into Sunday, we see more cloud and eventually breaks


A bit of a mixed bag earlier on today, some of us were cloudy with


rain. This is the view from one of our weather watchers in Cornwall.


But in the Highlands of Scotland, it was completely different, find,


sunny and warm. The satellite and radar picture shows the variety of


weather we have had. It brightened up into the afternoon, early


evening. The north-east of Scotland and England