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MPs call on the Government to deal That's all from the


MPs call on the Government to deal with that strike action that is


upcoming and Southern Rail. Tributes are paid to a Kent father


who died after falling from a pram We're live in Sutton


Valence with reaction. MPs call on the Government


to settle the Southern rail crisis ahead of further strike


action next week. And less than two years


after he joined Gillingham, a home defeat seals his fate


as Justin Edinburgh Sussex MPs are calling


on the Government to announce its plan to end the bitter


Southern Rail dispute. Commuters returning to work this


morning after the Christmas break faced delays and disruption


on Southern services, which the operator is blaming


on the overtime ban by drivers There was an encouraging meeting


with the Prime Minister just before the Christmas break, and we were


told that plans would be in place if the strikes had not been resolved. I


have not had any details of what those plans are, and I will be


pushing ministers and the Secretary of State for more information for my


constituents. What is the plan to help my constituents get about their


daily lives? Well, I'm joined now from Lewes


by our reporter, Natalie Graham. but it wasn't a smooth start


to the new year, was it? No, miserable beginning to 2017 for


rail passengers in Sussex. Many of them beginning the New Year as they


ended the last year, and rail replacement buses, operating as


normal now, even though this is not a strike day. The 72 hour strike


that began on New Year's Day has ended, but there was widespread


destruction this morning. -- disruption. That is because of an


overtime ban from union members. They had this meeting before


Christmas, they believe there has been activity behind-the-scenes at


the Department of Transport and number ten over Christmas, but they


were hoping to have something to report to their constituents by now,


a plan of action to show that this will not go on for ever. Passengers


this morning on the Brighton line had a miserable start to the week.


The Government should stop the fare increase until they have sorted out


what is going on here with Southern Rail. It has gone on for too long.


It is ridiculous. The increases are out of keeping with salary increases


and all the rest. It is a pretty awful situation altogether.


And, Natalie, all this on a day that the rail fares increase?


Indeed. They have risen by an average of over 2%. For Southern


passages in particular, especially those affected by the disruption


today, that feels like insult to injury. The Government says it is


necessary to carry out its programme of modernisation, but that is the


modernising process or as the units would have it, changes that are


endangering passenger safety, but are the heart of this dispute. Thank


you. And a reminder that we're hosting


a special Question Time-style debate about the ongoing crisis on


Southern rail services this Sunday, If you live or work in the south


east and want to be in the audience, send an email


to bbcraildebate@bbc.co.uk with your details


and how you've been affected. A man who died after falling


from a flat in St Leonards-on-Sea has been named locally


as 25-year-old Dan Dawson. It's thought he fell from four


storeys up after an incident in the early hours


of New Year's Day. Two men and two women


from St Leonards have been bailed until March after being arrested


on suspicion of murder. Another man from Hertfordshire


has also been bailed. BBC South East has discovered


websites selling fake degrees for universities in the south east,


despite a major crackdown. The Government has shut down more


than 40 sites in 18 months. But a number of sites in the Far


East are still offering certificates for institutions including


the Universities of Sussex, Tributes have been paid


to a Kent man who died during a charity pram


race on New Year's Day. 52-year-old Francis O'Sullivan,


known as Titch, suffered a head


injury after he fell from a pram at the event in Sutton Valence


near Maidstone His sister has described him


as a great brother, dad and uncle. Our reporter, Chrissie Reidy,


is in Sutton Valence now. What's been the reaction


from people you've spoken to? This village is in mourning today.


People have been coming this morning and yesterday, laying flowers to pay


their respects. But it is still very raw and for those residents I spoke


to this morning, this tragedy still is sinking in.


There have been known incidents in There have been known incidents in


the past. -- no incidents. It is a joy, and it was a shock to everyone.


Everyone is in mourning for this chap. We are very, very sad to hear


the news and shocked. It started off as a day of fun, really, and it was


something look forward to buy the whole village.


Chrissie, this annual event has been held there for more than 30 years.


What response has there been from the organisers?


They haven't said anything yet but, as you said, it has been going for


more than 30 years. A well-established charity fundraiser,


they have raised thousands of pounds over the years. One woman who did


not want to appear on camera said it is a very well marshalled event,


safety has always been a priority, there are bales of hay around the


course. She also said she did see him and his crew dressed in RAF


costumes, they saluted as they went past. In her words, they were going


very fast but they looked happy. Of course, he was airlifted to hospital


having suffered a serious head injury. It was confirmed he died at


about 1am this morning. Thank you.


Gillingham have sacked their manager, Justin Edinburgh,


after just under two years with the League One side.


Yesterday's 1-0 defeat at home to Oxford was described


by club chairman Paul Scally as "the final straw".


The Gills have lost 11 of their 25 league matches this season


Meanwhile, there were impressive wins for Brighton, Charlton


and Crawley yesterday, with the Seagulls' victory at Fulham


sending them two points clear at the top of the Championship.


Brighton continued their impressive form in the Championship


is they beat Fulham 2-1 away from home.


and were awarded an early penalty in the 15th minute.


That was saved by the Seagulls' keeper, David Stockdale.


With their tails up, Fulham opened the scoring.


However, the game turned when their opponents levelled


Lewis Dunk then scored Brighton's winner two minutes later.


Charlton Athletic came from behind to beat Bristol Rovers 4-1


Jermaine Easter was handed a 15th-minute opener


Striker Josh Magennis was the star of the show for the Addicks,


Just after it, Jorge Teixeira made it 3-1 for Charlton


who scored his first hat-trick of his career.


And Crawley claimed revenge for their 5-0 thrashing at Yeovil


a month ago with a comfortable home victory over the Glovers.


First half goals came from defender Josh Yorwerth


and striker James Collins from the penalty spot,


which gave the hosts their first points of the festive season.


Well, we are certainly finishing the day on a much cloudier note


It was cold, it was frosty, it was icy,


and some beautiful sunrises as well, as captured


by our weather watcher Kentclouds in Gravesend this morning.


So thank you very much for posting that.


As we head into the afternoon, though,


Some of us have still got a few bright hours ahead of us.


and that will make quite a big difference to temperatures,


getting up to about five or six Celsius.


As we head through tonight, we are holding onto that cloud.


so it's not going to be quite as cold as it was last night.


But with the north-westerly breeze also picking up,


and that will be quite fresh, temperatures getting down


to about two or three degrees Celsius tonight.


For tomorrow, some of that cloud is going to be with us first thing.


We will also see a few outbreaks of rain.


Not for everyone, and it should be fairly light,


but that cloud should break up fairly early on in the day,


and then we have some beautiful winter sunshine on offer.


So a largely fine and dry day for many of us,


with highs or six or seven degrees Celsius.


Thursday morning, though, we can expect a widespread frost.


A very cold start to the day, perhaps some fog patches,


But some beautiful sunshine later on.


Friday, not so much - a bit more cloud around


as a band of rain pushes southwards later on in the day


But that clears in time for the weekend.


So a largely cloudy weekend with still a little chill in the air.


We're back with the evening news from 6:30pm.