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The six-day strike by Southern Rail train drivers


scheduled for next week is cut to three days,


Our reporter is live this lunchtime in Crawley.


Calls by a Kent MP to increase the budget for UK Border Force


by ?250 million to tackle illegal immigration.


of a Kent woman who died during birth continues.


She lost two litres of blood after the Caesarean section.


A six-day strike by drivers on Southern Railway next week


However, the ASLEF union says more strike action's likely


to be scheduled in the bitter dispute over driver-only trains.


Members of Aslef were due to walk out from Monday,


halting services for the entire week.


The strike will now be held over three days -


Also this morning, the ASLEF union has announced three new strike days


Southern says the Union's actions are "a cynical ploy" to minimise


the impact on drivers' pay and maximises misery for commuters.


Sara Smith is at Crawley station this lunchtime.


Why has the union changed these strike dates?


ASLEF told us this morning they were taking a longer term view of the


dispute, that is why they had done it. They say their train company is


posturing rather than negotiating over the driver only trains. The


company said that the drivers had shown pure contempt for the public.


This is as bitter as it ever was. The commuters are not delighted


there will only be three days because there are further three days


at the end of the month. That is on Tuesday the 24th, the Wednesday and


Friday of that week. being made for passengers


this time, isn't there? Because this is a driver strike


rather than a conductor strike, there will be no services at all.


Southern has decided to run 200 buses. They will be coming from a


brightly of stations, not Crawley, but they will not have as much


capacity, so there will be limited space.


A Kent MP is calling on the Government


to increase the UK Border Force budget by ?250 million


to crack down on illegal immigration.


Dover and Deal MP Charlie Elphicke says the money would be used


to tackle "lorry drops" - where migrants pay to be


smuggled into the country in the back of trucks -


and migrants landing undetected on our beaches.


His report cites an investigation where drug drivers were offering a


service to get people into this country in the back of lorries for


several thousand pounds. The Government's terror


tsar is making a point that our border security


needs to be stronger. What this report sets out is how


we can invest ?250 million more in our borders,


paid for by people visiting the UK, to make sure we can invest


in our border security and make our borders


safe and secure. Our political editor, Helen Catt,


is live in Walmer this lunchtime. How exactly is he proposing this


money gets raised? He wants to use Brexit is a money


spinner. The idea is that once the UK has left the EU, we would


introduce a Visa waiver programme like in the US. EU citizens, rather


than applying for a full beta, they pay for a waiver, about ?10, average


to their details before they come here. That would build a database


with a wealth of information and on who is coming here. That would stop


overstaying their visas and it would pay for the system and allow for the


system to be beefed up along the border.


And, Helen, fears have been raised too around a possible security risk


around small boats smuggling people across the Channel?


Of course, we know it has been happening. Here in the autumn, three


suspected migrants were picked up from a dinghy off the coast. An


adviser to the Government on terror law has said he is worried about the


security implications of that, that it could be used by fighters


returning from Syria to land undetected and British beaches and


therefore gain entry to the country. The Home Office, in responding to


this report, has said that it will provide extra officers and


state-of-the-art technology. An inquest into the death of a woman


who suffered a fatal haemorrhage after giving birth at a Kent


hospital continues today. 30-year-old Frances Cappuccini died


at Tunbridge Wells hospital in 2012. Yesterday, her husband told


the inquest how his wife - pleaded with doctors


to save her life. Well, our reporter, Charlie Rose,


has been in court this morning. We've heard from some of the medical


staff who were in theatre, Yes, at the inquest here this


morning, we heard from a number of medical professionals involved in


the care of Frances Cappuccini at the hospital. Among the most


significant of the evidence we heard was that from the registrar Doctor


Gray. She was called into the theatre with the emergency buzzer


was pressed during Frances Cappuccini's Caesarean section,


there was a gush of blood and she had to try and stop it. The court


heard how she managed to do that but there were further complications and


Frances Cappuccini was rushed back into theatre again. Doctor Gray said


that during the examination, she told the hearing she found a piece


of placenta inside Frances Cappuccini at once that had been


removed, that four centimetres of placenta, the bleeding stopped. I


understand from what we have heard, there were further complications?


There were complications with Frances Cappuccini's breathing, the


hearing was told. Also Doctor Gray says that the blood acid levels were


alarmingly high and CO2 retention levels were also high. Frances


Cappuccini went on to have a cardiac arrest. This hearing continues this


afternoon and the inquest is due to last around another nine days. Thank


you. Well, most of us should see some


sunshine over the next few hours, although we are holding


on to a lot of cloud in places. There was some blue sky


this morning, though. This was captured in Seaford


in East Sussex by Popsie's Paradise,


one of our weather watchers. You can see here the cloud


is really trying to steal away, as well as the outbreaks of rain,


but the further west you are, the later you are likely to see


any blue sky. Temperatures up to seven


or eight degrees Celsius. Now, under clear skies tonight,


a very cold night ahead of us. In fact, we're expecting


a widespread frost, fog and even freezing fog,


with temperature dipping down Now, tomorrow morning,


do expect to take a little longer, particularly if you have


to scrape your windscreen So we are looking


at a really beautiful day, Lots of winter sunshine,


but highs of four or five Celsius. So as you are wrapped


up warm enough, it could be a very pleasant day,


followed by a milder weekend. Exasperated commuters,


unhealthily packed trains and companies forced


out of business - has meant misery for hundreds


of thousands of people, and BBC South East is hosting


a special Question Time-style debate about the ongoing


crisis on our railways. This is not a dispute with the


public, this is a dispute with the Government and with this company. It


is a disgrace really. But it has gone on as long as it has. I tried


to empathise with why they are striking. You pay too much for


delays, cancellations and disruption. You deserve better


service. I don't think the Prime Minister has any idea of the level


of suffering and pain the rail passengers and businesses are


suffering. There is only one body responsible for the current strike,


this is a strike from the trade unions.


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Panorama investigates the deadly terrorist attack


and should British tourists have been warned about the risks?


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