21/01/2017 South East Today


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Thousands of people have attended a rally in Brighton,


A coalition of groups, including trade unions,


say that public health is not being properly funded.


The protest was attended by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell.


The government says the NHS and Social Care system are facing


Banging the drum for the National Health Service. Over 1000 protesters


took to the streets asking the government to provide more money.


son Jody closing the hospital was in son Jody closing the hospital was in


special measures. It was put on by a lawyer, meaning patient safety is


being put under severe pressure. The government says changes in the


reading NHS is run need to be made. In a statement, East Sussex health


care the Shadow Chancellor joined the


protest is it he once the NHS to get the money they need. Firstly, let us


have a fair taxation plan, stop giving tax cuts to the rich. Invest


in jobs so we can grow the economy. More demonstrations are being


organised for next month. More protests about a health service


reeling under pressure from recent months.


A Kent man is appealing to find a gang of teenagers


who kicked their way into his business and stole


The group smashed down the door of Overbury Property Group,


in Newington, near Sittingbourne, yesterday morning.


They took computer equipment and cash.


You work hard, you have that all the up-to-date equipment


on protected premises. It is just very frustrating.


It seems to be too common these days.


So, we have been putting it out there on social media, so we can


hopefully stop the individuals from doing it again.


Dramatic footage has been released showing a sea rescue,


after a cargo ship collided with a barge, off Folkestone.


The Coastguard Helicopter from Lydd winched 11 crew from the Saga Sky,


after its engine failed and crashed in 80-knot winds in November.


Video foootage has just emerged. The incident is under investigation.


Tennis now and Eastbourne's Johanna Konta has beaten


Caroline Wozniacki, to reach the 4th Round of the Australian Open.


Konta won nine games in a row against the former world number one,


She will now play Russia's Ekaterina Makarova in the last 16.


Football now and, in the Championship,


Brighton and Hove Albion returned to winning ways


against Sheffield Wednesday last night.


Anthony Knockaert opened the scoring in the first half,


before the visitors equalised through a Lewis Dunk own goal.


David Stockdale kept the scores level with this


double save from a penalty, after Glenn Murray was sent


The ten men of Brighton sealed the victory when Knockaert tapped


Elsewhere today, both Crawley Town and Charlton Athletic's


games were postponed, due to frozen pitches.


And in League One, Gillingham drew 2-2 away


We can get the weather now with Elizabeth Rizzini.


You will have noticed how cold it was this morning.


Some rural spots got down as low as minus seven Celsius.


There will be another frost forming overnight. Another cold day to come


tomorrow. Overnight tonight, some cloud around, but not enough to stop


the temperature falling below freezing again, although perhaps not


quite going Saul as last night. Tomorrow, should remain dry.


Temperatures similar to today. Into next week, scheme called and dry.


That is it. We will be back tomorrow evening. From all of us, goodbye for


now. Good evening. It does not get


warmer. If you check the UK as a whole, it has been one of the


coldest days so far. The hard frost to come in areas where it stays


clear, parts of East Anglia, the south-east, fog across Scotland, at


West, a change, showers and parts of Wales and England, some snow on high


ground as well. Meanwhile, down under through the early hours, Andy


Murray will be getting ready for his next match in the Australian


open, sweltering heat, light winds and four Dan Evans later, it will be


pretty hot as well. Got hot back home tomorrow, temperatures close to


freezing and well below in the clear skies. Some places will be lower


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