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Families of elderly residents at two Sussex care homes say


they are angry and disgusted after being told they're closing.


These are the second and third homes in St Leonards


that the New Century Care company has shut in less than a year,


blaming the national funding climate.


52 residents will be displaced and there's a fear more


care homes are set to close, unless the government invests


home move in the space of the year. home move in the space of the year.


Last March the same company closed the home she used to live in and her


family is disgusted. 95-year-old Alice has dementia and her daughter


says she will struggle with the change. Chicago anything for


herself, everything has to be done for her, she doesn't


going on. -- she can't do anything going on. -- she can't do anything


for herself. She just needs the comfort of home. The care home say:


Linda used to be a manager with the company and says the minimum wage


pension obligations and pressure from the regulator mean homes can


not afford to run on the fees that local authorities are prepared to


put more money into social care, put more money into social care,


that's the bottom line. I think more and more providers would be looking


at the bottom line and thinking, this is just not sustainable.


Challenged about social care funding, the Prime Minister said she


recognised there are pressures and recognised there are


said more money is being made said more money is being made


available. This is an issue that has been backed by governments for too


long, that's what I have setup work to say we need to find a solution so


of our social care provision. In of our social care provision. In


Saint Leonards, relatives tell me finding new homes is already proving


difficult. It's just a shame because there isn't anywhere in Hastings, a


lot of the homes are for, it could be judgmental to her health and it's


very worrying. The county council said it would explore all potential


alternatives to putting the homes and will be making contact with the


families affected. A man's died after being hit


by a car in Swanley. The 29 year old was walking


on Maidstone Road near the junction with Hockenden Lane just after 10


o'clock last night. He was struck by a


silver Renault Clio. Police are appealing for anyone who


saw what happened to contact them. Police and the coastguard have spent


the afternoon searching for a man who jumped off a motorway bridge


into the River Medway. Emergency services were called to


the M2 near Rochester this morning. A helicopter and divers


were involved in the search and the footpath between junctions


two and three was closed The search has been


called off for the night From our point of view, with


temperatures as they are in the water, we have suddenly hours we


think a body can be retrievable and hopefully can carry out


resuscitation. We had gone beyond that time now, so the colleagues


will not carry on the search. Southern rail has called on the RMT


union to suspend tomorrow's strike The operator says 70


percent of its trains will run on Monday and a full


service will resume on Tuesday. The union - which is striking over


the role of the conductor and who operates the doors -


says Southern needs to "engage" with them


to deal with safety issues. The RSPCA say a dog is "lucky to be


alive" after she was thrown over a six foot fence and abandoned


in sub zero temperatures in Kent. The spaniel, thought


to be about a year old, was discovered on Wednesday


surrounded by frozen faeces in She's now recovering at an RSPCA


centre and animal inspectors are trying to find those responsible


plus a new home for her. Football now and Gillingham have


secured their first point of this year with a thrilling draw


against League One The Blades' Billy Sharp opened


the scoring at Bramall Lane. They were later pegged back


by Josh Wright who scored a quick double for the Gills -


his first goals since October - before Kieron Freeman


smashed home the equaliser. It was a very cold start to the day,


and widespread sharp frost, some of our more rural spots were down as


was a bit of talk around but most of was a bit of talk around but most of


us had blue sky and sunshine. us had blue sky and sunshine.


However, the frog is going to make a comeback overnight. Clear skies,


temperatures could drop as low as -5 again. They will be freezing fog


into tomorrow morning. It up weather warning for this blog, it could be


very dense and widespread, slow to lift and click may leading travel


issues. The frog slowly lifting, there could be frightening into the


afternoon, many of us it could rather grey. Martha ground on


Tuesday money, dry and Chile of freezing fog. Already warnings in


place from the Met office. I will concentrate on the fog as we go


through the night. It will become quite dense late on in the night.




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